Countries Acknowledgement of Armenian Genocide

What a bunch of bullshit is such so called public acknowledgements for genocides. There is nothing to acknowledge. There was a genocide. Period.

And then there were the types of people who performed the genocide. Then there were the typed who knew and saw it happen and allowed it to happen. And then there were the types who decided to perform genocides. The last one were the politicians.

Today, those types of politicians are still playing their little, funny games and fooling around with statements and being politically correct. And then there is the cynical villain, a politician with the name of Obama, who is making fun and is playing his word games, not caring at all about the suffering of others, not even caring about anything. He belongs to the same type of politicians, who ordered genocides (or was silently watching), the type without conscious, without scrutiny, without care.

Those types are very much aware that it’s the nature of humans as a race to let genocide happen, as it happened before, and will happen in future. History is full with them.
Those types know how to play the emotions of the masses as a violin player, to manipulate them, to force people to do things they want. They get trained to play like a real actor.

We, as human but race, are not much different as we were 2,000 years ago. Technology is different, but not that different. Medically we might be a bit healthier, we might live a couple of years longer, but our intelligence is the same, and we are still being manipulated by cynical politicians.

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