The Leader for the Country

A real leader is a person, who gives his or her everything for the country he or she serves.
Problems for the country must and will be resolved, one way or the other, no question about that. There is no alternative.

Any other leader is not acceptable. Mistakes are not acceptable. Only positive results count, nothing less is acceptable.

A leader has no personal life, no wife and children, they come after the care of the country, they are secondary, they are not important for the leader.

And then we have Netanyahu. Oof. He managed to produce millions of additional enemies around the world. He managed to damage the relationship with America. He managed to damage diplomatic relations with the majority of the countries in the world.
He managed to ignore the needs for the Israeli population, to increase poverty in Israel, to ignore that 60% of Israeli children are hungry every day.

His many failures causes the risk of international isolation. That means that the Israelis will not have much to eat, no fancy phones, no computers, no jobs, no money. No money for the banks and rent.

No, Netanyahu is only a politician, who really enjoys the power for the sake of power. I don’t think he is bad or evil, but incapable to be a real leader.

He claims that Iran wants to have its atomic bomb. He’s continuously complaining, but does not act. Only empty words.
Bomb the nuclear installations in Iran. Problem solved. Ignore the storm of protests, which will come, but a major security threat is removed.

Another problem with the Palestinians. Show courage and push for peace. If it does not work, try something else. If that does not work, find a way. He’s the leader, it’s his duty. What does Netanyahu do? Nothing. Some empty words. What is the result? More death.

Social problems? Solve them. It’s not too hard to fix them.

What’s happening? Nothing. Some empty words.

Sleeping Beauty Netanyahu
Sleeping Beauty Netanyahu

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  1. But he made Israel safe against terrorists, not? I believe he is the only leader in the world who managed that. So give him some slack. Declare him king!

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