Watch your Governments

color-obama-telepromptIf you walk in a large city in your  country, do you see people begging for money or food? Does your country have many homeless people?

Do you know that if your government really wants, that all homeless people are removed from the streets? Within the week they are in all kind of programs and the majority can return to society as productive citizens?
But your government is not doing anything.

Do you know that homeless people addicted on alcohol, can be ‘cured’ almost instantly? Only with one injection!
But your government is not doing anything.

Do you now, that the average prime minister in a democracy is totally disconnected with the society?

Do you know that your armies manages equipment, which can be used to solve all lack of apartments?
But your government is not doing anything.

Do you know that the ISIS can be destroyed and the slaughter of people stops? The same for 9 other countries in Africa and the Middle East, which are on the brink to be destroyed by extremists, Islamic or not?
But governments do nothing.

In many parliamentary democracies, you really don’t vote your government in power. But in many times, the population might be able to remove their government.
In America, the population votes directly the President. But its very hard to remove him.

Democracies do not tend to start wars and conflicts with near neighbor countries. Democracies also do not tend to start killing their own population.

That said, there are some issues, which are very serious when we are talking about governments. Here they come.

Education is an issue of those in government.
It’s depressing to see when a government of a country is appointing an ambassador in an English speaking country, but does not speak a word of English.
Or they appoint an education minister, who never finished the primary school!
There are uncountable examples like that, including all existing countries in the world.

Lack of experience is damning a country as well. In elections, a candidate tells wonderful stories about something, gets elected and discovers that the situation is totally different.
Or when a western country, trying to fight a war and causes unbelievable mess, causing thousands, even millions of death.
Or what England and France did after the first Word War, dividing the Middle East in areas and countries, cutting off existing peoples and forcing minorities to rule majorities. The problems this is causing after so many years is indescribable.
Or a head of state, who does not understands and trusts its own military. Or the same head of state, who refuses to read security reports.

Those issues in education and experience is a real problem to keep democracies working correctly.

The arguments that head of states and governments have advisors available is not valid. Those advisors do not guarantee any quality in governing. A head of state might use them or not, the final decision is him or her.

Playing politics while governing might look like a basic fact of governing, but it isn’t. An example is interfering by a head of state during a military action, causing at least distraction and frustration, but most likely disaster.

It is about time that the population is checking on their leaders and democracies. We all have Internet after all.

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  1. Yeah. It’s about time that the people, the citizens are stopping those governments with doing nothing and force them to resolve the shit happening in Syria and the rest of the Middle East.

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