Remove the Roots of the Current Evil, Part I

This article will have two parts. The first part (which is this article) is identifying what’s going on and the second part of this article is what needs to be done to ‘remove the roots of the current evil‘.

Each day there are multiple terror attacks, causing many to die and are maimed for life. Streams of refugees are headed to Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Climate changes all over the world are getting more dire and causes hardship. Incompetent governments, especially those in Europe and the US, allowing terrorism, refugees and clime changes to happen without care of the threats to their citizens.

  1. Incompetent and mismanaged governments
  2. Terrorism
  3. Refugees
  4. Climate changes
  5. Education
  6. Incitement and media manipulations


There is already for years a well published, dramatically growing trend that terror occurs all over the world, in almost each country. Thirty years ago, that terror was mainly caused by national terror groups, but now its focus is on Islamic extremists. The reason for those increased Islamic extremist terror attacks is described here in detail. Briefly, it’s a result of a cycle of changes in the Islamic religion we are suffering from, caused by Islam itself, historical western imperialism and radicalization of Muslim and Arab populations in the Middle East. The intensity of the terror has increased over time. The governments of the world – especially the European and US governments – didn’t do anything to stop or restrict the terror, slowly reaching their shores.

That’s a fact. The reasons why they didn’t do anything about this situation until now, is as follows:

  1. They don’t want to repeat the ‘mistakes’ of the last war in Iraq, where a coalition of many countries were invading Iraq to stop a dictator.
  2. They are utterly ignorant about the state of affairs in the Middle East, the Muslim radicalization and Islamic extremism and they still are.

Furthermore, good governments are measured in a scale of efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.

“Doing things, which are against the majority of the public [citizens] (because they think they know better) is not the way to go in a democracy and worse of all, that they [governments] can continue doing so, is the worst thing what can happen.” (Source: My boss at the UN, Prof. Dr. Jim Hendersson)

For example, in the sake of securing the European countries against attacks of terrorists, the governments tends to introduce (or reenact) freedom limited restrictions, like closing off borders, restricting the media, increase monitoring of all citizens, etc. That might work in totalitarian regimes, but in democracies it’s a straight disaster!


Some say, terrorism is a symptom. Maybe this is true, but the fact is that people are slaughtered because of terrorism.

Terror attacks from 1970 until 2014. Source: Global Terrorism Database
Terror attacks from 1970 until 2014. Source: Global Terrorism Database

Studying the terrorism, its sources, origin and the current terrorists (Islamic extremists) and their preferred targets (citizens), I would say that I agree more with the statement that terror is the means of certain extremist groups and countries. This was the case in the 1960s and 1970s and today its still the same. The differences are:

  1. The number of actual terror attacks have been rising sharply
  2. Terrorists were dominantly nationalists before, but now they are Islamic extremists
  3. The number of casualties were never as high as today
  4. The number of countries involved in terrorism (as terrorist nation and/or victim) has risen dramatically too

Terrorism flourished for for years unopposed until it hit the US with the infamous 9/11 attacks. The world under leadership of the US hit back and destroyed several countries in the campaign of ‘fighting evil’ and the ‘three axis of evil’. That led to the sharp increase of Islamic extremism in nightmarish circumstances. When US military killed scores of Islamic extremists in Iraq, new ones kept on coming. When the current President Obama ignorantly decided to remove the US military presence from Iraq, the country was soon overwhelmed and overrun by Islamic extremists and ISIS was born between them. He forgot to mention the fact that nation building (started by his predecessor) is a multi-year project and when you pull out of the country during that process, the whole thing collapses.

Organizations like ISIS can’t exist and flourish without support. And with support I don’t mean only weapons, intelligence, people, money, etc., but the actual real support of the people in Syria, Iraq, the Middle East, the world and even more importantly, the streets of all cities in the world.

Why are people helping the ISIS
Why are people helping the ISIS

Read here about the actual number of people supporting ISIS all over the world. We are talking about 11.5% of Arabs (or more then 42 million people)! That support is not absolute, full support to the ISIS in it’s most extreme way, but the fact that they supporting ISIS is enough. Now, the most interesting thing is why they want to support the ISIS.

  1. 14% of the support for ISIS was because of religious reasons (5,880,000 people)
  2. 11% because of propaganda (4,620,000 people)
  3. 11% because of the money (4,620,000 people)
  4. 7% because of the justice and security the ISIS give people (2,940,000 people)
  5. 5% because they agree directly with the ISIS (2,100,000 people)
  6. 5% because they fight Assad (2,100,000 people)
  7. 5% because of fear against ISIS (2,100,000 people)
  8. 5% because of criminology (2,100,000 people)
  9. 4% because of strength and courage of ISIS (1,680,000 people)
  10. 3% because they give into ISIS (1,260,000 people)
  11. 8% because they don’t know (3,360,000 people)
  12. 1% didn’t want to answer (420,000 people)
  13. 15% because of combinations of the above (6,300,000 people)

Many people are claiming that the ISIS hasn’t anything to do with Islam. That’s an ignorant statement, blindly aping others with a political agenda. And it’s also easy to proof that ISIS indeed has everything to do with Islam.

Islam has two main sacred texts: the Koran and the Hadith (or Hadeeth). These books teach and illustrate Islamic beliefs, values, and practices. They are also important historical documents, which tell the story of the origins of the Islamic faith.

  1. The Koran is the sacred text of Islam and the highest authority in both religious and legal matters. Muslims believe the Koran to be a flawless record of the angel Gabriel’s revelations to Muhammad from 610 until his death in 632 AD. It is also believed to be a perfect copy of a heavenly Koran that has existed eternally.
  2. The Hadith is a record of the words and deeds of the Muhammad, his family, and his companions. Although not regarded as the spoken Word of God like the Koran, Hadith is an important source of doctrine, law, and practice.

And the problem is mainly (but not exclusively) in the Hadith. ISIS is living, acting, fighting exactly as the doctrine of Hadith, where the Islamic Law and practice is written down. That’s the real reason and connection between ISIS and Islam.

Support terrorists in Syria and Iraq
Support terrorists in Syria and Iraq

But ISIS is not the only terror group, which receives support. There is the Nusrah Front, Hezbollah, Syrian Opposition Coalition, Al-Quds force, Al-Qaida and many more.

The problem with terror and Islam is not that the minority of the Muslims is supporting terror, no, the problem is that the minority of the Muslims all over the world counts millions of people and that causes hardship, death and destruction.


Streams of refugees are coming from Africa and the Middle East towards the north; Europe. The United Nations is doing its humane work, but at the same time triggering more people flying their native countries and hope for a better life. Living in a refugee camp is many times better then living in their native countries, where they get slaughtered or starved to death. The core of the refugee problems are as follows:

  1. The fear of being slaughtered by their governments, violence, Islamic extremism and genocide
  2. Hunger because their lands are destroyed by violence and war and because of climate changes
  3. Being used as weapons or as a strategy to overrun European or western societies, like what happens in Syria and Afghanistan


At the end of 2014, there were 19.5 million refugees worldwide 14.4 million under UNHCR’s mandate, plus 5.1 million Palestinian refugees under UNRWA’s mandate. The 14.4 million refugees under UNHCR’s mandate were around 2.7 million more than at the end of 2013 (+23%), the highest level since 1995. Among them, Syrian refugees became the largest refugee group in 2014 (3.9 million, 1.55 million more than the previous year), overtaking Afghan refugees (2.6 million), who had been the largest refugee group for three decades. As of February 2015, Turkey has become world’s biggest refugee hosting country having 2.2 million Syrian and 300.000 Iraqi refugees and had spent more than US$7.6 billion on direct assistance to refugees. Pakistan is second, hosting 1.6 million Afghan refugees. According to the UNHCR there are 200,000 to 500,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and only 32,355 of them are registered.

Climate changes

Climate changes were already here on earth millions of years ago … always were there and are still here. The rate and intensity of those climate changes are decreased after all those millions of years, but they still do happen. Many in society are claiming that climate changes are caused by humans, but that’s incorrect when you think logical and look at the rate of natural disasters happened all over the word. Then you can see a different picture then you hear from those people promoting fear and disconcert. Many of those people are political motivated individuals with a certain agenda for political blocks in the African and Middle Eastern governments.

But climate changes do appear and they indeed influence the weather and in this way the natives of certain areas in the world are suffering of drought, storms and other natural disasters (just like millions of years ago). But to be more clear about climate change, the following:

  1. Long term natural climate change (like the next coming ice-time)
  2. Climate changes caused by human interaction (like global warming)
  3. Man made clime changes (deforesting of jungles and forests, over-mining, etc.)

That climate change is happening is proven, statistically. And that research has shown in what direction the world will change into … again.

Ice age vs early holocene vs modern times
Ice age vs early Holocene vs modern times (source)

This is what Wikipedia has to say about climate change:

Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period of time (i.e., decades to millions of years). Climate change may refer to a change in average weather conditions, or in the time variation of weather around longer-term average conditions (i.e., more or fewer extreme weather events). Climate change is caused by factors such as biotic processes, variations in solar radiation received by Earth, plate tectonics, and volcanic eruptions. Certain human activities have also been identified as significant causes of recent [certain] climate change, often referred to as “global warming”.


The sorry state of education all around the world is the most worrisome aspect and causes the future generations to suffer and this is an actual threat to all of us. Education has changed over time in Europe and the US, and not to speak about the education in Muslim and Arab countries.

Not only has the quality go down (i.e. 20% of the pupils don’t learn the basic education in the UK), but education is poisoned with propaganda, manipulation, history-falsification and political brainwashing. It’s the worst what can happen with education.

The education is especially there as an indoctrination weapon instead of where education is actually designed to be used for. Whole populations are falsification the history by rewriting it according their own political purposes. The current leadership are not educated enough to handle the problems in the world, because those people have no idea what’s going on. For example, President Obama came into power and was rather ignorant about the state of affairs in the world and learned by error-and-trial. That cost the US and the world terrible and resulted in additional suffering, death, genocide and terror.

In the UK, 20% of the pupils in British schools leave without acquiring basic skills, according to a new report commissioned by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The OECD’s Pisa test was designed to determine the quality of education in general and was used to test the basic quality of education in 76 countries. Here is the top 20 countries as result of that test.

1 Singapore
2 Hong Kong
3 South Korea
4 Japan
5 Taiwan
6 Finland
7 Estonia
8 Switzerland
9 Netherlands
10 Canada
11 Poland
12 Vietnam
13 Germany
14 Australia
15 Ireland
16 Belgium
17 New Zealand
18 Slovenia
19 Austria
20 United Kingdom

Global and local media

Globalization in the world happened for years already, making the distance between the people living on the North pole and Antarctica smaller. Any thing what happened in a small settlement in Chili would be known by a person living in the jungle in Brazil within minutes. Media, like newspapers, TV and Internet are the means of the globalization and that has grown already over the years to the extreme.

Certain parties, like the Islamic extremism, are using the media to promote their purpose in certain predesignated media campaigns of lies, manipulations and cheating, together with political campaigns in the United Nations and many western countries, combined with indoctrination and violence. And with Islamic extremism I don’t mean only groups like ISIS, but it’s already for years official policy of many Islamic states all over the world. They are fighting for world domination after all. Several studies are being made and they found relations between conflicts and the use of media.

Social media networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and the hundreds of them more are being misused and abused by criminal vested interests to spread global disharmony.

And it’s not only terror organizations like ISIS which is abusing the media with their kind of media coverage, the worse offenders are the governments and religious institutions all around the world. For example the President for the Palestinian Authority, President Abbas, is using the media to incite! His incitement led to the increase of the so called ‘stabbing terror‘ and caused a few death with the Israeli citizens and scores of death of the Palestinians.

There are ‘new’ type of ‘soldiers‘ or ‘fighters‘ being used and currently trained to manipulate the world population with the help of the social media. You see them all in action in the online news media on the Internet in discussion sections of the articles.

We continue with part II of this article soon.

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