Armenian Genocides

Basically, 1.5 million Armenians were systematically killed. The genocide was executed in two phases:
1. Armenian men were conscripted as unarmed workforce and forced to work to death.
2. The next phase was taking all Armenian women and children and force them to march in the desert without water or food.

It must be noted, that not only Armenians were systematically killed, also Chechens, Turks, Russians and many others.

The second phase of the genocide was witnessed by many international diplomats, and detailed documented. Everyone knew about the genocides, from all countries in Europe, Russia and the US.

During the second genocide, the authorities organized ‘events’ for the invited VIPs and diplomats. Those events were mass rape, torture, and special shows of slaughter of children.

The women and children were driven into the desert, surrounded by soldiers and followed by the diplomats and government VIPs. During the evening, soldiers, VIPs and diplomats ate, while women and children watched hungry. During the nights, women and children were taken and raped. The army took few women and those were gang raped.
Ten thousand women and children were separated and killed by farmers and workers, while the VIPs and diplomates were looking, drinking tea and eating cakes.

Their detailed reports, including photos and diagrams were submitted to all governments in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and nobody did anything, nobody said anything, except the Nazis.

Again, the passivism allowed to Ottoman, later the Turks to kill and torture 1.5 million people.
I’m not sure what was worse. The men who decided, the men who executed, or the men who witnessed the barbaric slaughter.

The world points fingers at Turkey as the guilty one of the genocide. I point the finger at all of them to allow the Turks and Ottoman to slaughter the people.

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