Leadership Problems

The White House has a problem in leadership. Honestly, the whole federal government has that problem. And who is the head of the federal government? President Obama is head of the federal government.

His tenure is full with embarrassing blunders, and they are continuously repeated.

An example? The fence climbers of the white house. Repeatedly, individuals trying successfully climb the fences surrounding the white house and the secret service had mixed results into stopping them.
Yes, they are able to stop those fence climbers, but only barely.
To make a long story short, Obama is not able to stop those events. Or with other words, he’s not able to keep his own family safe!
Instead of blaming someone, he simply could change the fence, so that it will be unclimbable. So simple.
If I would be his wife, I would move out of there, because it’s not safe there at the white house and with her incompetent husband. And take the children into safety too.

But it’s not only the problem of keeping his wife, his children and himself safe, but also the country and the federal government. Blunder after blunder, repeatedly occurring during his presidency. His disability of showing real leadership. He tends to use dirty politics to force an issue of organization. It shows that he is afraid…  and incompetent.

But Obama is not the only one with the problem. Also Netanyahu from Israel has that problem.
How strange it might sounds, both men have things in common. Both of them use words and postures, but no deeds. Both of them talk bull, and don’t act.

Even that the Likud has won the elections, Netanyahu is still busy to form a government. He wasted the period of 28 days with talking and dirty politics, and now he needs more time. How long does it take to form a government? His political block has the majority in the Israeli senate and normally it’s easy and quick to form a government.
Unless you negotiate with carbon copies of himself, performing dirty politics, backstabbing betrayers of their voters and their country.
They are only interested in themselves and getting power at any costs and trying to keep it.

Netanyahu spent a big part of his time in office warning everyone about Iran. But those were only words, no deeds. He knows that he has covert international support if he would take out the nuclear installations in Iran. The Americans sold him the bunker bombs a time ago already.

If you see Obama strutting through the white house, knowing it’s only bluster, I must smile.
If I see Netanyahu strutting around in Israel, knowing it’s only bluster, I must smile too. Those two men are so alike.

I personally think that Netanyahu is mostly bluff. Obama though is pure incompetence.

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