Shameless western People without Mercy

Politics is the practice to influence people. More specifically, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance and organized control over a state.

And there are many ways to do that. But some people are misusing politics. I’m referring to the shadow wars or what many call the proxy wars.

A proxy war is choosing a ‘champion’, and let him or her do the fighting. For example, the Iranians are using Islamic extremists in Yemen to bring down the government and take over the country. The Iranians don’t care about the suffering of the local citizens, or how much destruction takes place. They are only interested in the results. They are shameless and without mercy.

President Obama is doing this as well. He is using Iran to fight ISIS, who in its turn fights the proxy war in preference of Obama…  for a certain price. Iran has proxies in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Only in Iraq, Iran’s proxies fights the ISIS together with the Iraqi army. That’s fine with Obama.
In Syria, the proxy fights against Sunni Islamic extremists and in support for Assad. Obama is not happy with the support for Assad, but is silent about it in public.
The buildup of proxy army in Lebanon has nothing to do with ISIS or Assad or Islamic extremists. In reality it’s the buildup of forces threatening Israel. As long as they are silent, Obama stays silent about it too.

Then we have Yemen. In the media, they call it proxy wars, but that is not true.
Iran started the whole mess with using the local Islamic extremists to fight the proxy wars for them. Iran sent military units to support them. Then ISIS showed up, and started to fight anyone not Sunni. The Americans were forced to flee in shame, while the Russian intelligence compound was looking gleefully at the American embarrassment.
Then the Saudis became involved directly with bombing campaigns and Saudi special forces were directly fighting anyone Shi’ite. Then the Egyptians became involved with their navy and special forces. Then the Moroccans became involved. The Iranians were and are sending army units, also navy units. After a short exchange with the Egyptian navy, they fled. Now the Iranian navy near Yemen get enforcements, but the Egyptians too. The Russian intelligence presence was bombed by the Saudis. The US military is supplying military support for Saudi forces.

This whole mess in Yemen is started as a proxy war, but now several countries are directly involved and it threaten to become an all out shooting war with many countries involved and has multiple sides.

Obama’s role in the mess of Yemen has several aspects. Yemen was once an ally of the US. Obama was confident…  and blind. He doesn’t read his daily intelligence reports, which reported the increased presence of Iranian army units, the Russian intelligence center and the threats of Islamic extremists. Before he knew it, the US was kicked out of Yemen. It took him weeks to recover from the shock!

Now he is trying to have his own proxy in Yemen in the form of Saudi Arabia.
The result is of course irritation of his new, big, fat friend Iran! Iran intensifies their cursing towards Obama and America and threaten to kill Obama’s brainchild, the nuclear agreement with Iran.
Obama has a temper and threatens with bombing Iranian nuclear installations. The Iranians know he is bluffing as usual, he doesn’t have the stones to do that.

In the meanwhile, the usual victims, the Yemen citizens, are imprisoned, tortured, murdered, raped, sold and killed, while the survivors are fleeing their houses and cities, looking for mercy and help, which they don’t get.

They are the victims of merciless, scruples men.

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