The Price to Pay for the Muslims

America is suffering under tornadoes, terrible, devastating storms, and its people are living on the streets. The country is breaking apart, being destroyed by huge tidal waves and tsunamis. All of that because ‘Allah’ has said so.

That’s what many Muslims believe.

If you ask how they know what Allah just said, they say because “… Allah said so“. Or more accurately, their media are claiming this.

LincolnWhen they look at an old picture of Abraham Lincoln, their first reaction is immediately exclaiming “He’s evil!“. They have no idea who the man is, never heard about Abraham Lincoln, but because the man in the picture doesn’t look pretty.

They curse Obama, curse Israel, believe it to be ruled by devils. They condemn homosexuality, same sex marriage as evil. They condemn the free press, miniskirts, tight t-shirts and other liberal behavior of the people of the west.
They gleefully laugh at the cartoons of holy figures and religions, until they see cartoons about Islam and then scream bloody hell, doom and murder.

They wish for bad luck and death to the west, to be utterly destroyed. They gleefully jeer when they see images of natural destruction and death western people, or any people for that matter as long as they are not Arabs.

That’s Muslims for you, Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Lebanese, Syrians, Libyans, etc. That’s Muslim extremists for you! That’s also many mainstream Muslims as well, that’s truly what they believe and say.

When you confront some of those Muslims, they fall silent. When you show them that they are lied to, they don’t say a word. When you show them that Muslims are slaughtering Muslims, they keep silence. The next day they see a couple of manipulated videos and doctored photos in the Arab press, the whole show restarts again.

Then they condemn Christianity, they claim it’s all lies. The Jesus Christ is not Christian, but Muslim. They confuse Abraham as Muslim and they claim that Islam exists for millions of years. They claim it’s forbidden to listen to anything different then Islam and only Muslims are good and the rest is pure evil. They believe astronomy as evil, because it’s forbidden. They believe Buddhism and Hindu is the darkest of all evil. They can’t listen to music, because it’s forbidden. They believe that they need to beat a woman, because she deserves it (because she’s a woman). Each Muslim man who doesn’t do that, is probably sick or there is something wrong with him or he’s not a real Muslim.

They further claim that ISIS is not Islamic. But they say the same as ISIS is saying, except ISIS is actually implementing what they say.

When the west helps the Muslims clean up their mess, the Muslims curse them, wishing them harm and doom .

Muslim activistsThis propaganda and brainwashing is common in the Arab world. The majority is influenced by it, some stronger then the rest, but it’s a fact. It’s even encouraged to lie and cheat and they will do that then; it’s fun! If you remove all the propaganda and  the loud, blaring hysteria, you see normal families and communities, just like the rest of the world. They share the same dreams, the have the same needs and many struggle to live their lives.

They live in unstable countries under dictatorial regimes, with large families spread throughout the Middle East and Africa, their histories filled with oppression, flight and violence. Many are misplaced, forcefully moved or hoodwinked by inhuman leaders or warlords. Many in Europe lives close together in types of gethos or communities as you will and the incitement continues.

Their society is extremely male dominated, there is bad and incomplete taunted education, they are constantly brainwashed by the so called Muslim media.

Many women live under the most suppressing environment possible, producing as much as children as possible, if they like it or not. Any protests of the women are brutally oppressed, rape is common.
Any free will of women are denied, males decide everything.

Drugs are common between those Muslim males in Europe, as are certain pills to increase their stamina, because they believe that raping their wives for hours defines their manhood.
They don’t care of the effect of their torture, and try to live their lives like kings.

This is the more traditional life of Muslims in many parts of the Middle East and Africa, but in Europe too. With the Internet, the smart phones, they discover a total different world. And they do anything to condemn it, to label that strange world as evil, but they use it with pleasure to spread the incitement to the extreme. It’s not only ISIS who is using the social networks, but the mainstream Muslims too.

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  1. That’s so true. I spoke with many Palestinians because of my work with some of them. None of the Palestinians come from Israel or Gaza or the West Bank. Not many Palestinians are coming from the Palestinian areas, but they all come from all the Middle East.
    And if you hear them cursing us, you would not believe it. The funny thing is the women are the worst in their cursing. They become blue in their faces and scream like fish wives. It’s unbelievable and this article is indeed true.

    1. Yes, I heard them too. I went to their newspapers and used Google translation to see what they were writing. They were saying that the jews were satan and devils and it was the duty to kill them all. They also were raging against america, because they were claiming that the us were stealing from them.

  2. What I don’t understand is why we allow them to do that. I think that everyone knows what they are saying.

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