Lying Politicians and Presidents

What do we get from Obama?
What do we get from Obama?

The President of the United States Obama is a dishonest man, who prefers to play politics above governing a country. There are 87 countries in the world, which have higher death because of gun violence then the United States. The majority of those countries have laws where it’s forbidden to buy or sell guns or even any weapon. He knows that, but still he is telling the world how bad the United States is with so many death and what a bad situation it is. It’s simply not true and he manipulates the truth with the obvious intention to create new laws, which will not approve anything and are not needed, while the real problems of the United States fester.

Madam Clinton is not much better. In the United States there are real problems and they need to be resolved. Also she doesn’t want that and she apes President Obama telling that the guns need to be more restricted. The same as Obama, also a manipulator.Manipulator

The other Presidential candidates are not much better.Here it looks like that those gentlemen and ladies are desperately unprepared for the job.

Obama Treason
Obama Treason

The real problem for the United States are the many death because of drug use (the US has the third largest number of death because of drugs in the world). Another problem this country has is the mounting depth. Thanks to President Obama, the National Depth has doubled since he came to power. Another problem is the number of suicides of people in the US, especially for the young people. The US ranks 47 as list of countries with suicides; the worst country is Guyana, North and South Korea. Those are the real national problems. Then there is that attitude problem of the US, especially for the President. Nothing wrong with a certain attitude, but political correctness can be limiting and that’s dangerous. For example, refusing to label the social trend Islamic Extremism as … well … Islamic Extremism is very disturbing and bad for the US.c3410-cartoon_obama26sheikh1_xlarge

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