Mass Shootings in the US

Mass shooting in the US for 2013-2015

Some people are wondering what’s going on with the mass-shootings in the US. Is it so bad? Let’s see at the numbers. In 2013, there were 364 mass-shooting attacks, in 2014 there were 336 death and in 2015 there were 353 death, totally 1,053, 1,347 death and 3,821 wounded. We have an average of 351 attacks per year with 449 death and 1,274 wounded per year.

Because the year 2015 is still not over, the number of mass shooting attacks might go up!

  Death Wounded Attacks
2013 502 1270 364
2014 383 1239 336
2015 462 1312 353
Mass shooting in the US for 2013-2015 death and wounded
Mass shooting in the US for 2013-2015 death and wounded



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