Baghdad Bob or our favorite bashing partner, President Obama

Poor President Obama. All he wanted was to be a transformational figure. Instead, he’ll be merely a transitional one or outright a failure in person, his policies, his self-denial and his typical views. But events this week will likely mean serious setbacks to him and Hillery Clinton and make the American political landscape more … extreme?

Failures as a leader of the US and the ‘Free West’


He never ended the Iraq war, of course; he simply tried to end US involvement in it. And he failed. Speaking of wars – how’s post-Khadafy Libya? In a word, terrible. And it’s not just about Benghazi. The resulting anarchy from the president’s half-hearted regime-decapitation there left Libya as a source of weapons for other conflicts, such as the one in Mali, and as a place to incubate a range of terrorists — including ISIS.

That’s two strikes in one shot against Obama’s foreign policy: one for his attempt to contain ISIS, which has now expanded to Sirte, and another for his war in Libya.

The Middle East, North Africa and even crucial parts of Central Asia are in turmoil. True, Obama might not have singlehandedly ignited the multi-continent dumpster fire that’s raging. But he certainly hasn’t put it out, either. That’ll be someone else’s job. And if these hotspots do ever cool, it won’t be because of Obama.

Oh, and where was our commander in chief this week as the fire raged? In Paris, working to sign a climate-change deal that won’t change the trajectory of the climate one bit. He wants this to be his legacy, but anything the countries agree to won’t be revolutionary — or even enforceable.

Even his biggest legacy item, ObamaCare, is less than meets the eye in terms of “transformation.” First of all, it’s sputtering toward a death spiral that virtually ensures the next president, regardless of party, will make changes — and treat the program as a work in progress, at best.

And second, and more important, the growth in health insurance coverage in 2014 thanks to ObamaCare was mostly due to the expansion of Medicaid — an existing, and terrible, government program for the poor.

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