Hypocrites are denouncing Trump extreme Statements?

Donald Trump got again the media attention in the United States, and now also from all over the world. His statements about disallowing Muslims into the United States are unusual and shocking indeed. Is he a villain, a mischief-maker, an extremist? Why are there so many people pleased with his remarks? And more telling, why hasn’t he disappeared from the list of Presidential hopefuls? He’s still there and he still makes those ‘interesting’ statements!

The West has rarely seemed more weak or divided than in the past few years, with the latest muted reaction of President Obama and the usual platitudes from all sides about how the Islamic State isn’t genuinely Islamic, which isn’t a view shared by all of the world’s Muslims. In a poll conducted in Saudi Arabia last year, 92 per cent of respondents believed ‘IS conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law’. In another poll, 11.5% of all Muslims over the world are supporting the ideology of the Extreme Islam. And don’t tell me that those polls are not serious polls, they are.

When I try to swap the picture and see what the world is saying about America, I would be shocked too, if I didn’t see and hear this already for uncountable times over the years … it makes Donald Trump look like a peace loving dove. They are cursing America, they are wishing America all the bad things possible. Many Muslim and Arab politicians are publicly wishing “Death to America!”. They curse the President and call him a devil, a demon, Satan. They compare him with Hitler. If an American would walk on their streets, he or she would not be safe and very likely would be attacked!

And finally, what would happen when the public in the United States would vote for Donald Trump as the next President? Those ignorants, who stated that Trump is not welcome in their country would or swallow their words or face the harsh consequences.

Personally I think that Donald Trump is a person, who is using those shocking remarks to stay in the race. A person like him as President is a bad deal for America and the rest of the world. His remarks are not realistic and he can’t make them implemented in America, because the American constitution will not allow that. Also I think that he’s wrong. Muslims are not terrorists, neither Christians or any other religious group.

But … Islam is in the process of change, that can’t be denied. As a side result of that change, it produces Islamic extremists.

Then we have the developing situation in the Middle East, which influences everything in the world and that situation isn’t only radicalizing the Muslims, but the western public as well. Don’t forget that.

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