‘Everyone Condemns Trump for his ‘Bar Muslims entering the US’. But what does the US say?

A real media storm is raging all over America and it reached the world too. Especially the UK is quite vicious in their language. If you read those newspapers and “all the people in the world”, including those in America, you would say that Donald Trump has said something very wrong (and that’s an understatement). Everyone seems to be convinced that the man is worse then a criminal, he’s a racist, he’s worse then Voldemort, a figure from the Harry Potter universe. He’s worse than bad, he’s evil and the rhetoric goes on and on.

But suddenly there is a poll, which tells what the US voters are thinking. And don’t forget, those voters are in charge of who’s in office and who’s not. It doesn’t matter what they say, but what matters is what their voters are thinking.

Voters supporting Trumps ban on Muslims entering US (held on 10 Dec 2015)
Voters supporting Trumps ban on Muslims entering US (held on 10 Dec 2015)

What the h*ll! More then 60% of the the Republicans are supporting Trump’s statement to ban Muslims entering the US! And what’s also surprising, almost 20% of the Democrats! We are talking about almost 35% of all voters support his idea.

Republican primary election poll of 9 December 2015
Republican primary election poll of 9 December 2015

The next poll tells when there are elections being held with the Republicans, Trump would be selected as the one going against the Democrats in the Presidential elections! And we are not talking about a little advance, but big time.

What does that mean? What does that tell?

The difference of what almost all leaders say and a large part of what the US voters tell that there is a difference between what leaders are saying and what a large part of the people are thinking. Not? I wonder if they realize how much they are detached from their voters? I also wonder if the representatives of the US public understand what’s really going on in America?

And then another point for those democratic elected leaders. They are voted into office because of the American public. They suppose to present their needs and wants, but they obviously failed to realize what’s going on with their people.

Again, I personally think that those remarks and statements from Donald Trump are too much, too extreme and he will never be able to get that implemented. And barring the Muslims coming to the US might do more harm then good and it will not stop the threat of the Islamic extremists. If the Republican party is banning Trump or not, he will go into the elections as an independent. The question is if the American public, not those squealing so called leaders, will vote him President. And about foreign leaders who are rashly criticizing and bashing Trump, be careful what you say. Trump has a long memory and if he’s president … well, I think that the Islamic extremists will not be the biggest problem in the world anymore.

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