Trump in Triumph over the clueless ‘Leaders’

Trump in Triumph over the clueless Leaders
Trump in Triumph over the clueless Leaders

There is a serious situation there, which is not mentioned at all at the moment in the media and the so called specialists and analysts. There is a distance between the voters and their representatives. In the US this is demonstrated with the reactions of media and leaders and the US voters about Trump’s (outrageous) remarks ….

In France there seems to be a trend, which strongly shows a political shift to (extreme) right (in regional elections). I wonder how much the UK politicians and voters understand each other as well. The same with other countries in Europe, like Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and even Germany.

When you talk with people on the streets, and see what they say in the social media, and read the remarks from people under the articles in news websites, I’m not surprised at all, but honestly I would never have dreamed that there is support for something so drastic as refusing Muslims coming to the US. The mainstream media is – as usual – ignoring those voices of discontent about the ‘liberal’ policies and continue their normal ways in bashing the conservatives and hailing President Obama.

After the polls showing that a very important part of the population in the US is agreeing with Trump’s remarks, and read the newspapers on the Internet and read about mainstream politicians continuing bashing Donald Trump, I wonder if those politicians aren’t digging their own political graves!

Let’s assume that the Republican leadership doesn’t ban Donald Trump from the party. But what does that say about the Republicans? That they support Trump’s remarks? Or that they are more political minded and will admit that there is a large group of voters who prefers more aggressive policy against Islamic extremists and that there is a connection between Islamic extremists and Islam, as the name already indicates.

Or let’s assume that the Republican leadership will ban Donald Trump, what will happen then? Trump already warned that if that would happen, he will continue as an independent candidate for President.

No, I don’t think that anyone can stop Donald Trump to be a candidate to the Presidential elections in 2016. The only one who can stop such a thing is Donald Trump himself.

Let’s assume that Trump is in the race as a Presidential candidate. He’s likely to compete with Hillery Clinton in the race to the White House. At this moment, according polls, it’s not likely he will win this elections against Hillery Clinton. But … it means that there is a strong shift to the political right of the population and what will Hillery Clinton do or say to cover that? And there is one last thing, which is very important. If there is only one terror attack before the moment the next President is chosen, Donald Trump will be elected as President with a large majority.

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0 thoughts on “Trump in Triumph over the clueless ‘Leaders’”

  1. You’ve that right, man. Everywhere I go, Obama is bashed. At the workplace, at cafes, at dancings, in the trains and buses, on the streets, during gatherings, everywhere I hear those remarks for years and it only becomes stronger by the day.
    I personally think it’s the results of the lukewarm response of Obama against the ISIS. If he would give a real impression to fight them in real, this would never have happened. So, if anyone wants to blame, blame the one who caused all of this. And that’s not Trump, but Obama.
    Trump likes to present himself as the boy of the streets and people like that.

    1. I agree with that. If you don’t believe what people are writing in remarks under the article of the internet newspapers, take a look at yourself. Even ‘liberal’ or left wing newspapers are having those remarks.
      Good article, good thinking.

      1. That’s why fellow billionaire and TV reality star Mark Cuban was dead on when he said: “I don’t care what his actual positions are. … I don’t care if he says the wrong thing. He says what’s on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. This is more important than anything any candidate has done in years.”

  2. Former East Europe, Russia and China like him. That says something not? If Trump would win, we eat caviar and Chinese Rice table.

  3. What would happen when he gets elected as President. What do you think he’s going to do? Do you have any idea what he will do?
    I man he can’t get away with banning all muslims from the us with the senate and so.

    1. I’s going to build walls in the south. Then he’s looking at the north, Canada and will likely build a wall there too. Then he will try to kick out the illegals and might very well succeed.
      And when he tries to ban the Muslims, that will result in an amazing show and see who will win: the Senate or Trump.
      Oh, and he’ll do something restricting about Internet too and NSA will be back into business and the military will have their toys back.
      We will have warm relations between the US and Russia and the Chinese will be invited to replace the Arab investments. Let’s see what more.
      Oh, he will have fights with the Europeans and will win them too, because of the ultra-right in Europe, so he can find friends and enemies there.
      What’s more. Ah. Israel will have some problems here. Trump might come waltzing in and force the whole thing, if they like it or not. If the Palestinians protest, then they will get damaged.
      And then we have the ISIS and the extremists. We will see more military actions and shows of more bombs, and the citizens will be suffering from that, because ‘Political correct’ will not go with Trump. I think he will make deals with Russia and China about Syria and the ISIS. Our B-52 bombers will go into action again.
      What’s more? Ah, ObamaCare will be thrown out.
      That’s it, I think.

      1. I forgot. The UN will get some problems when Trump comes marching in. With his beautiful remarks he will shock all those geezers there straight fro their chairs, especially the Arabs. And the Arabs will get their thing too, especially Saudi Arabia. If I was them, start paying Trump some billions before Trump sets his eyes on them.
        Then we have the Russians and the Chinese he seems to like and admires. He will have great times with them and the chance of a war – like a WW3 type of war – will be minimal to none. But the Arabs will get it straight on their heads. If he would be chosen, I would not put my money on them.

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