Competence or Incompetence?

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In Israel, an older man, originally from Russia, immigrated years ago, is working as a street sweeper in Tel Aviv. The extraordinary thing about this man is that he’s a Professor in History… in Russia. In Israel his papers were rejected with a sneer.

In the Israeli high-tech many people are working in fancy buildings with amazing salaries. You can divide those people in two groups: the management and the actual specialists, who are doing the actual work.
The management consists largely out of Israelis, educated in Israel. They are also incompetent and professionally ignorant.
The actual specialists are all foreigners and Israelis educated outside Israel. They are very competent.
IT projects in Israel, only 2% succeeds, according the Israeli National Bank reports for the last 20 years. With that management, it isn’t surprising, not?

The knowledgeable Israeli academical community consists out of Israelis, which are educated outside Israel. The rest are political assigned positions, the so called fillers.

In the classical cultural world, like ballet, Russian immigrants rule. That world requires education to function of course. No Israelis.

In Israeli chess, only Russian immigrants rule. No Israelis.

In Israeli hospitals, patients learn to rely on Russian or foreign immigrated nurses and doctors, unless they want to suffer or die or lose limbs. All of the successful doctors are Israelis, Arabs and others, educated outside Israel.

I make it quicker for you without going into other long details and thousands of examples.
All extraordinary people, working in positions demanding education, are foreigners, Arabs or Israelis, educated outside Israel.

Construction work in Israel is the same. High skilled workers are Arabs or foreigners. No Israelis are working there.
All the people working in hotels are Arabs or foreigners. No Israelis.
All the people working in specialized hospitals, like mental institutions, old people care, etc. are Russian immigrants, Arabs, foreigners, but no Israelis.

You might ask or wonder where the Israeli educated people are working? I can tell that. They are filling the overloaded, huge ministries, the army, the local city governments, social welfare, the middle management positions, banks, union, etc. Some call them paper pushers. Others call them the simple administrative functions.

Those paper pushers can work, if they are properly motivated. In 2008, Israel witnessed the tragically death of two homeless people in winter. A week later, there were no homeless people in Israel.
Now the situation is worse, but the paper pushers are not motivated anymore.

In Tel Aviv, thousands are moving on the streets. But statistics shows only 213 homeless people. Never mind of the hundreds of homeless people in only one major street. Never mind that the police of Tel Aviv have actual accurate statistics.
What do you expect, they are paper pushers after all. Push the reality away.

Two years ago, there were about 3,500 people homeless in Tel Aviv. The paper pushers decided only 213 homeless. Homeless shelters could house about 70 homeless. Problem solved, push it away. Now there are about 7,000 homeless roaming the streets in Tel Aviv.
The paper pushers are holding to the number 213.
In any park in Tel Aviv you see the homeless. In any major street you see them begging for money.
Homeless families can be found in parks near the main train station in Tel Aviv. There are new parks occupied in the satellite cities of Tel Aviv like Holon and Bat Yam and Rishon.

But there is hope! Hope for the homeless, for the poor, for the pensioners, for the mental disabled. The hope are the bottles. If they can collect them, they can cash them at specific stores. The problem is that there are too many people collecting them. If a person wants to earn 200 shekels ($50) more, then they need to spend 10 hours a day, 30 days a month in looking for bottles. For the smokers, that means three packs of cigarettes.

Thank god for initiatives from concerned citizens and foreign organizations. They created a network of soup kitchens, where the homeless people may eat. But what happens? The biggest visitors if those soup kitchens are the poor and pensioners. The homeless people prefer to eat from garbage containers.

In the Israeli society, there are several subcultures existing. One of those subcultures are the runaways, mostly kids from the age eight or older. They are victims of abuse or family conflicts and they live on the streets. The sleep in squads, old, abandoned houses throughout Tel Aviv for years. They are dressed excellently, stolen from the shops. Most of them manage to have the newest smartphones and they manage.
The paper pushers don’t know of their existence.
But the social services visits parks, offering free tea and coffee and snacks and trying to engage them into talks. Then the social workers pack up their things and drive away, letting the kids live their educational-less life.
The police had detailed information about all of them. But they don’t share the statistics for some reason.
Each summer, thousands are joining the runaways, and each winter most of them return to their families, but not all of them. Hundreds stay behind.

Normal families in Israel are worrying about what is to come. Their rent or mortgage is rising dramatically, the price of food increases sharply, traveling is becoming unplayable, and the minus at the banks are staggering, their loans seriously threatening their existence. The debts with telephone companies is a constant problem. There is not enough money to feed their children or themselves. Hunger is an unwelcome, daily companion.

But they watch their plasma TVs (from the banks) and listen to Netanyahu drivel about Iran and the threatened security of Israel and the bad Arabs. They watch the newest shiny airplanes Israel has bought, the newest fanciest tanks, smooth looking submarines and ships, their military in new uniforms, marching like little tin soldiers…
They are reading their newspapers, with screaming headlines about how threatened Israel is and how much weapons, airplanes, ships the Israeli army needs to buy now to avoid being attacked!
The Israeli politicians claim that they can easily attack Iran… but they don’t. They don’t want.
Their problems with the bank is pressing. The bills are arriving in a faster paste, but there is not enough money. They don’t have enough money for the next month rent! Maybe they can borrow some money from someone?

95% of Israeli families are having large debt at the banks. 60% of the Israeli children are regularly hungry each day.

Hundreds of billions are spent each year on a none existing threat.
If Israel, god forbid, might reach peace with the Palestinians and Arabs, how can they continue to fool their own population?

No western country would accept this from their government. Why? Their population is at least properly educated and recognize what the government tries to do.
They don’t live in a wet dream.
They don’t believe in that pure blood nonsense.

And when you listen to the politicians, they tell about Israeli accomplishments, how strong the army is, how good Israel for all the Jews is. They want that all the Jews living around the world come to live in Israel.

And what are the incompetents doing? They believe the drivel, the nonsense, they believe a crook on his or her word.
Well, it’s somehow logical, not? They are incompetent after all.

But not all is bad, it’s also funny. I remember when Sharon sent a new Ambassador to England, who spoke only Arabic, French and Hebrew.
Or the time that they replaced the beach guards with people who couldn’t swim. Or assigning Lieberman as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Or the glorious Israeli army, who was defending Israel by bombing Gaza and ran out of ammunition.

Or the more tragically lies. Politicians making the speeches about the fallen soldiers during the existence of Israel. Many of the killed soldiers were the result of incompetence of politicians, who didn’t do their job or simply caused undue conflict.

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