Obama interferes with News and Investigations about Terror

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There are very strong signs that the White House was and is strongly interfering in running terror investigations. It’s the little things, like the unusual oddities in the San Bernardino attack. The attack of a Muslim student who stabbed four people last month, was a very clear case of Islamic terrorism, but ‘suddenly’ it was forcefully labeled as domestic terrorism. Homeland Security Civil Rights Division said that tracking certain  groups and individuals was ‘problematic’ because they were Islamic groups … Obama forced his issue and investigations and monitoring programs were forcefully shutdown.

The California college student who stabbed four people last month in a campus spree that ended when he was killed by campus police was described by his roommate as “an extreme Muslim” and carried a manifesto and a photocopy of an ISIS flag — more than enough to convince John Price he was a terrorist. Yet, more than a month after the Nov. 4 attack at University of California Merced, local and federal authorities continue to insist that Faisal Mohammad, 18, carried out the vicious attack because he’d been banished from a study group (source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(All sources).

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Seal of the White House Office of Homeland Security, which was formed by executive order on October 8, 2001,http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2001/10/20011008-2.html and later grew into the United States Department of Homeland Security. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the founding members of the Department of Homeland Security claims he could have prevented the San Bernardino terror attack if the government had not shut down a surveillance program he was developing three years ago. Fox News’ Trace Gallagher reported that “about a year into that investigation, they got a visit from the State Department and the Homeland Security Civil Rights Division who said that tracking these groups and individuals was ‘problematic’ because they were Islamic groups. Haney says his investigation was shut down, and 67 of his records deleted — among them, an investigation into an organization with ties to the mosque in Riverside that San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook attended.” The whistleblower told Megyn Kelly Thursday night that as part of his investigation, he was looking into an Islamic movement known as Tablighi Jamaat that was part of a larger group called Deobandi, which was infiltrating radical Islamists into the U.S. (source)(source)(source)(source)(source).

A source told Jack Murphy of SOFREP that the FBI instantly believed the shooting, which left 14 dead, to be a clear act of terrorism. The White House, however, didn’t feel the same way and quickly moved in to squash the terror classification (source)(source)(source). The President calls this interfering a Public Relations strategy.


The strange behavior of the Council for American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR is questionable. CAIR has excellent relations with President Obama and the role of CAIR in the investigations of the San Bernardino terror attack is highly suspicious. CAIR officials initially said it was a case of workplace violence that had nothing to do with Islam. All of this was said before the FBI even ruled the crime to be an act of terrorism. Since the attack, CAIR has continued its odd behavior, representing Farook’s family and also running interference between the FBI and several Muslim witnesses. “CAIR, a turnstile for terrorist suspects and convicts of its own, including a former communications officer from its Washington headquarters now serving time in federal prison, is helping the Muslim family lawyer up and doing damage control on their behalf in the media,” observed Investors.com.

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