Passivity is a Curse

On broad daylight on a public beach, full of people, a girl of 13 was drugged and gang raped by six men. Everyone saw it, nobody did anything, nobody interfered.

An Arab father was beating his eleven year old son in front of a store in Texas. Nobody interfered; there were at least forty witnesses. The boy died several hours later.

A young woman was drowning in a pond. The bystanders were making videos and photos with their smart phones of the dreadful drama enfolding in front of them until she died. Nobody interfered.

A group of Islamic extremists kidnapped women and children. They gang raped everyone, and nobody interfered.

A group of Islamic extremists stormed villages, killed men, raped the women and children. They continued doing this until the number of killed men increased the one and half million. Everyone knew, nobody interfered.

Islamic extremists are attacking countries, destabilize it, and start a killing spray on its citizens. Everyone knows it, sees it, but nobody stops it. This continues with more and more countries by the day. Nobody seems to care.

A Syrian President is killing more then 300,000 citizens of his country. Everyone knows it, nobody interferes. They have even a system in its place, which count each death. Sadistic? Yeah! But nobody seems to care. And then there are those millions of refugees from Syria!

How longer the passivity continues, how more countries are destroyed, civilians raped and murdered and the tempo of that rampage is simply increasing.

The fault is not the governments, but its people. When they start to protest, the rampage will be ended very soon.
If they don’t, they might be the next victim. Serves them right. Passivity is terrible, it’s a crime.

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