Obama: The clown is lazy, an idiot and a liar

  • Putin is strong. Obama is weak.
  • Putin is a doer. Obama is a talker.
  • Putin fixes. Obama ruins.
  • Putin is a leader. Obama isn’t
  • Barack Obama loves to act like a clown – U.S. President Barack Obama started to laugh when asked by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart who the U.S. is bombing in the Middle East
  • Barack Obama is lazy – During his presidency, Obama spent more than 1,100 hours on the golf course
  • Barack Obama is an idiot – Obama linked the spread of terrorism to climate change.
  • Barack Obama is a liar – Together with [German Chancellor] Merkel and [Turkish President] Erdogan, Germans called Obama the liar of the year

Obama is a shmoe

This is what you can read and see happening in Russia about President Obama. He’s seen as the weakest leader of the United States and the Russians have loads of fun with that. And it’s  not only Russia, but in the Middle East and China the same. In Arabic and Muslim countries he is portrayed as a demon or devil, in China it’s more like in Russia, but not so openly.

The horns of Obama
The horns of Obama

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