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Create your website for your special project

You have a great idea and you want to earn money with it. That idea will be so great, you will become rich with that. Or what about people who think of themselves as business people with golden ideas. And all those ideas are Internet based. They think they only need a website and it will sell automatically and that’s it! And the majority fails. But what does it take to do such thing like that? This is an article about what people must consider before they can make this a reality with the help of the Internet and the steps they need to take before the actual work starts.

You want to Host your Website? Look out!

Blogs are popular and part of the social media. Everyone can create a blog and write there what they want. But not only blogs, also companies need websites, and organizations, institutions, governments, action groups, political parties, newspapers, and any individual wants to have a website. But all of that have something in common: they need a website. That website is stored and maintained on a server and that means that everyone needs to have a hosting account in order to host the website. And here the problems start. You are limited with maximum 17,647 page views per day.

The Donald Trump, Evil Reincarnation Himself

Everyone who’s reading the mainstream media in the Internet gets the strong impression that Donald Trump is a really bad person and Hillary Clinton not. This is an understatement as ever. You don’t believe me? Do you want to see the proof with your own eyes? Go to (aggregation of news of multiple sources) and read only the headlines about the American elections. Even when new revelations are coming in the open about criminal probes and investigations from the FBI against Hillary Clinton, there is still a very strange negativity of the news coverage of the mainstream media. And it doesn’t end with the negative coverage, no, not at all. They are using tactics to manipulate facts, vicious attacks on Trump’s character, straight out lying, cheating and much more to brush Donald Trump with the brush of tarnished evil. Ann Coulter on Breitbart wrote an interesting piece about those investigations and I could not help to expand on that.

Are Election Polls Reliable?

A poll is nothing more than an attempt to predict an outcome based on what a relatively small sample of people say they are going to do. To suggest that they could be off by more than the statistical margin of error is just wishful thinking. Is that true? No. The polling industry is in the problems, because populations are simply getting sick of answering multiple times questions from pollsters. That’s why. So, does that mean that polls are or are not reliable?

UPDATED: Clinton versus Trump, Globalism versus Nationalism

The US Elections 2016 are becoming more dramatic by the hour. Each time new revelations are published about each candidate, muddling the actual elections and give preference for mudslinging, accusations, media manipulations, falsification of election data and polls, unprecedented interference of the current President, fraud, drop of confidence in the US government, unpopular politicians, conspiracies, corruption, manipulation, defect mainstream media and so much more. One Presidential candidate is under suspicion of Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Bribery, Pay for Play,Illegal Use of a Nonprofit Organization, Racketeering and Fraud! If Hillary Clinton gets elected as the next President, those voters need to wait for a very long time before they have their president. And they take also the risk that this President will go to jail and dragging America further in the slumps and be the biggest embarrassment in the world.

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Corruption in America

A staggering 75 percent of Americans say that “corruption is widespread throughout the government.” The number saying the government is corrupt is up dramatically, almost 10 points, since Barack Obama took office. In this stage it doesn’t matter if they are right to worry or not. It’s about the perception of the majority of the American people. And this isn’t just the cynicism of technophile citizens in the developed world. There Has Never Been A Time, However, When The Government Of The United States Was So Perversely And Systematically Dedicated To Special Interests, Earmarks, Side Deals, Log-Rolling, Vote-Trading, And Sweetheart Deals.

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