Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons

by Sergei Dragonovich

December 2002

Atomic explosion
Atomic explosion

In December 2002, the United States formally accused Iran of researching and developing Nuclear weapons. Iran vehemently denied that they were pursuing the development of nuclear weapons but are developing nuclear technology for peaceful non-military applications.

Even though Iran denied they were pursuing nuclear weapons, Israel and Saudi Arabia’s intelligence services knew otherwise and were selling the fact to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Meanwhile, the United States was gearing up for a major military action elsewhere in the Persian Gulf in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom with upwards of 100,000 ground troops, the USAF in Saudi Arabia for Southern Watch and in Turkey for Northern Watch. It appeared, much to the delight of Saudi Arabia and Israel, that the U.S. War Machine as aiming its sights at Saddam Hussein and Iraq.


On March 19th 2003 the United States formally began air strikes on Iraq, and the U.S. – Iraq war – Operation Iraqi Freedom – began. 2 months later while the United States War Machine was rolling through Iraq spreading Freedom, Iran proposed :

1. Relief of all U.S. sanctions on Iran
2. Cooperation to stabilize Iraq
3. Full transparency over Iran’s nuclear program, including the Additional Protocol
4. Cooperation against terrorist organizations, particularly the Mujahedin-e Khalq and al-Qaeda
5. Iran’s acceptance of the Arab League’s 2002 “land for peace” declaration on Israel/Palestine
6. Iran’s full access to peaceful nuclear technology, as well as chemical and bio-technology

In theory, if the West agrees, Iran too would meet the preceding points. But just 6 weeks after Iran makes the proposal, the United Nations reports that “Iran failed to report certain nuclear materials and activities” and requests “co-operative actions” from the country.”

After negotiations with Iran and the US on language in the IAEA document, the IAEA declares that Iran has submitted a “comprehensive” declaration of its nuclear program. In November 11, 2003 The IAEA reports that Iran had many breaches and failures to comply with its safeguards agreement, including a “policy of concealment” from the IAEA, but also states that there is “no evidence” that Iran is attempting to build an atomic bomb.

On November 13, 2003, the United States claims that the IAEA conclusion of “no evidence” is “impossible to believe.” This is important date to note.
First Nuclear Test
On December 26, 2003, at 01:56am Iran local time, an ‘earthquake’ that the United States Geological Society (USGS) reports at a magnitude of 6.6 on the Richter scale. This was actually Iran’s first nuclear test and was done underground with a capacity of 1 kt. This was a success in two ways – the United States even believed it was earthquake and Iran detonated its first nuclear weapon – it finally had the military might to take on Israel or the United States – and neither country would dare attack them now.

The United States Geological Society (USGS) is widely considered to be the authority worldwide on earthquakes and when the USGS reports on earthquakes, the world believes that its ‘an earthquake.’

It is interesting to note that an underground nuclear test, will produce a earthquake like effect and register that same on the Richter scale.

30,000 Iranian citizens died in the first nuclear test so that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard can have nuclear weapons.


On May 28, 2004 another nuclear test was conducted underground and code named Māzandarān. This nuclear test registered at 6.3 on the Richter scale as reported by the USGS that an earthquake occurred near Māzandarān.

Just 2 weeks later, Kamal Kharrazi, Iran’s foreign minister, responding to demands that Iran halt its nuclear program, says: “We won’t accept any new obligations. Iran has a high technical capability and has to be recognized by the international community as a member of the nuclear club. This is an irreversible path.”
More Nuclear Tests
Iran has made 10 nuclear tests in the 10 years since the United States in 2002. All tests have coincided with major earthquakes in Iran and over 31,000 people have died in Iran as a result of these tests.

Tests have been made as recent as Aug 11, 2012. And on the following dates as well:
Jun 15, 2011.
Dec 20, 2010.
Aug 27, 2010.
Sep 10, 2008.
March 31, 2006.
November 27, 2005.
February 22, 2005.

Iran is ready of a war with Israel and the United States, and is waiting to be attack so that it can respond with nuclear weapons.

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