The Next President of the United States … Welcome Sir or Madame

If we listen to Trump,you might get worried, because he doesn’t sound like a normal Presidential candidate. If you listen to Hillery Clinton, she does exactly sound like one. During the current, ongoing elections, the trash-talk went up and even became popular, and scandal after scandal were announced and broadcasted about both candidates, and the funny thing is … they are still in the race. Both of them are or masochists, fools, idealists, or all of them combined. Who is foolish enough to become the President of the United States?

According the media, both candidates are very unpopular.

Donald TrumpTrump is unpopular, because of his (bizarre, unrealistic) statements like barring the US for all Muslims, bashing Mexicans and Hispanics, bashing public figures and in return he was bashed, cursed and threatened by many public and VIP figures in the US and the rest of the world.

Hillery Clinton
Hillery Clinton

The other candidate, Hillery Clinton, is bashed by – of course Trump and his supporters – but is under scrutiny of the media and the US authorities because of his shadowy constructs and some revealed skeletons from her closets. She is widely seen as unreliable, cheating and telling lies.

All of that is true.

Let’s say that Trump is becoming the next American President. Do you think that he is able to block the entrance of all Muslims to the United States? Or give Japan and Korea nuclear weapons? Or take an American army and rush to Iraq and Syria and “… show them the American way …”? Or maybe grab China by its virtual throat and squeeze a better trade deal? Or force Mexico to pay for his new Trump wall in the south of the US? That said, he was reasonable successful making those statements and became well known throughout the world and of course in America! When Trump speaks, everyone shuts up and takes notice! That success resulted in a graveyard of Presidential candidates!

Well … let me answer this with a couple of words: “… and there is the Senate, which consists out of …“.

But, on the other side, we have in the past Presidents, which got around this little thing called Senate!

Those distinguished gentlemen all made use of their Presidential veto power and pushed straight through the democratically system their little ‘things’, which they claimed to be very important.

Well, some people say that in the US the President is not elected, but selected. Democracy is nice and all, but the reality is different.

What Presidential candidates may promise and swear is different when they finally manage to become the president. Suddenly, everything is different and do you know what you see? Each day in office as the President of the United States means five years of their lives. I mean all of them age before anyone’s eyes.

And then they will discover how powerless the man or woman in the office of the world’s most powerful position is.

We are talking about freedom, freedom of press, while the whole system of the media is already rigged and divided into political and economical camps. They are writing thousands of articles full of lies, half truths and political tainted content.

Globalization might sounds good,but it means that the whole world knows what kind of underwear the President is wearing and worse … any beep from the White House is echoing throughout the world. If the President farts in public, the Eskimos knows about it … except maybe the smell.

Any statement from the President is incitement … for someone in the world. You can’t speak about virtually anything without insulting someone.

cropped-e1eb2-isisheadsinsyria1.jpgWhat is peace for one, is suppression of the other. What is extremism for some, is freedom fighters for the other. Extremism with the Muslims and Christians are bad for the populations all over the world, but it is a sign of change. Terrorism is also bad, but that’s a tool for extremism.

The President of the United States is also spreading political violence and extremism and terrorism, the same as extremists like ISIS and their like are spreading. The only difference is its presentation. One is using their “Holy” Islamic warriors to do the beheadings and killings, the other is using the remotely controlled drones, and another is using barrel bombs, chemical weapons and another high-tech rockets.

Dark humor- we always say no genocide, no atrocities
Dark humor- we always say no genocide, no atrocities

Massive human suffering is back again, and again the numbers who are massacred are reaching terrible heights … again.

A thousand years ago, between a 60-90 million people died by the Mongolian hordes, invading China, Middle East and Eastern Europe, was the first mass killing in Human History with millions of death. It cut the then World Population in half.d1a17-mongol01

Then the events surrounding the first World War, where tens of millions died in slaughter and disease.

Then some upstarts like Nazi Germany and Imperialistic Japan, which resulted ‘only’ in 50-60 million people to die in massacres, killings and battle death. And then, not to forget Mr. Stalin, our best Russian friend, who managed to slaughter directly and indirectly between the 50-85 million Russians.

ww3-denmark-threatened-with-russias-nuclear-weapons-if-the-danes-join-nato_s-missile-defense-shield-665x385[1]The good news is that we have nuclear weapons. If someone would attack us, we can counter attack and kill them … as well. Yes, we would be death, but the knowledge that they also die will make us feel much better of course. And that we manage to kill billions is the fruit on the cake, because nobody managed to kill so many before in the history of humankind before.

Okay, that statement is a bit sarcastic … but true. This deterrence is working … until now. But when the world allows lunatics, extremists, extremist countries, and other idiots to have nuclear weapons, all bets are off. The chance that some idiot is launching a nuclear attack is becoming more and more actual!

980ba-obama-playing-nuclear-golf-77907740145_xlargeWhat’s amazing is that the current nuclear powers are allowing a lunatic developing a nuclear weapon, while they have the ability and power to stop such foolishness and show the world’s lunatics what will happen with them when they try. Look at our dear President Obama and North Korea! But what is really happening? The current President Obama allows the North Koreans to develop and have nuclear weapons, he allows the Iranians to develop their nuclear weapons in ten years (while they already have some nuclear weapons), and the funny thing is that those countries are talking openly about using them.

The Russians are also in this mess and supporting those countries and even try to help them getting those weapons developed! Let’s hope this will not bite them in their behinds, not? Everyone would be sad if Russian is turning into a nuclear waste dump. The same with China, the economical world power, with similar intentions as the capitalistic, ignorant, colonial powers hundred years ago.

That, my dear reader, is waiting for the next President of the United States.

Isolationism is fine for a country, but in combination with globalization it will never work. If the US truly thinks that this work, they will wake up one day in the middle of a Nuclear mess.

Make America Great Again” doesn’t mean Isolationism, in the contrary. The foreign policies by the current President Obama, who claims that their America’ best interests is best served by keeping the affairs of other countries at a distance caused a general meltdown of Africa and the Middle East, and threatening Word War like scenarios popping up in Asia. He is directly responsible for the suffering of millions of people all around the world and causing dangerous situations to develop, which will reach soon the shores of America. From all the presidents in the American history, he’s without any doubt the worse president. And the fool is strutting through the White House likes he owns the whole thing.

Those poor sods, who are elected or selected to become the President of the United States, have to deal with all this mess and thousands of other unnamed, unpleasant issues.

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