Murderer Hillary Clinton? – REWRITE-2, November 2016

Hillary Clinton wants to be the president
Hillary Clinton wants to be the president, whatever it takes

Update/Edit November 2016 – I’ve updated this document with more suspicious death (from 63 to 117 cases), connected to the Clintons and their administration and lately with the elections of Hillary Clinton.

This article is not much of an article; it’s more like a list of people, who had two things in common: they are all connected with the Clintons and they are dead. Also I must tell, that this list is not complete, it looks like it’s only a tip of the iceberg. The cynical under us might not be surprised, because there are similar lists online for each president, yes, even President Obama.

The content of this article is based on the many lists out there in the Internet, connecting the Clintons with people mentioned in those lists. I created this list of 117 people, who are indeed death (except one) and I’ve verified that. The question is of course, is this true? Or is this article and those lists out there nothing more then a hoax or fake? Here follows the actual facts I can state about those lists and some questions you can answer yourself, and then I let you continue reading this original article:

  1. All people mentioned in this list are indeed dead (except one, but he’s in hiding after multiple attempts of killing him).
  2. All people mentioned in this list are indeed connected with the Clintons in one or the other way.
  3. Most of the people in this list died under strange, suspicious circumstances.
  4. There is no proof that the Clintons are involved in their death.
  5. Is the contents of such list like this enough reason for a prosecutor to start an investigation?
  6. If Hillary Clinton becomes the next President, the chance that this list will dramatically become bigger is very likely. Are you maybe the next victim if your work is related with the Clintons!?

Are Hillary and Bill Clinton murderers? The internet is full with articles about the Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Body Count Lists and if you read them, even a bit of it, the connection between those people who died (in many cases mysteriously) and the Clinton’s is more then suspicious. Here is a list with 63 people who died, which were all connected with the Clintons, who were a direct or indirect threat to them. Many of them were witnesses to all kind of scandals connected to the ex-President and the First Lady, and some of them were witnesses of terrible scenes at the White House, involving Hillary Clinton.

  1. Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice – Justice Scalia was a major thorn in many sides. He opposed Obamacare, thought global warming was a fraud, supported individual gun rights, and mostly to the point, was involved with Senate leval discussions on how to arrest Hillary Clinton for massive corruption and possible espionage.At the time of his death, Scalia was set to vote to overturn affirmative action. Scalia died at Cibolo Creek Ranch on February 12th. His body was found by the ranch owner, lying on the top of the undisturbed bed covers, with a pillow over his face! Despite the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, no autopsy was performed and Scalia was immediately embalmed. Scalia is added to the Clinton Dead Bodies list based on the following leaked email exchange between Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta and DC lobbyist Steve Elmendorf, dated just three days prior to Scalia’s suspicious death.

    Scalia is added to the Clinton Dead Bodies list based on the following leaked email exchange between Hillary's campaign chairman John Podesta and DC lobbyist Steve Elmendorf, dated just three days prior to Scalia's suspicious death
    Scalia is added to the Clinton Dead Bodies list based on the following leaked email exchange between Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta and DC lobbyist Steve Elmendorf, dated just three days prior to Scalia’s suspicious death
  2. John Jones, Julian Assange’s lawyer, he died in April 18, 2016 – John Jones, QC, was killed when struck by a commuter train on his way to work. The police immediately declared the death as non-suspicious. The Q.C. initially said it was not suicide. Great Britain has the highest per-capita presence of surveillance cameras of any nation in the world, yet no video has been forthcoming as to just how Jones wound up in front of that train. John Jones was working to prevent the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States. Assange and WikiLeaks have produced some of the most damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s scandals.
  3. Berta Caceres, Human Rights Activist – Killed while sleeping in her home in La Esperanza, Honduras. Berta Caceres had named Hillary Clinton as responsible for the Honduran coup which toppled democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya. Since the coup, Honduras has become one of the most violent places in the world. Growing awareness of Hillary’s role in Honduras became a serious liability during Hillary’s 2016 campaign.
  4. Tom Schweich, Waco Investigator and candidate for governor, died February 26, 2013 – Schweich served as Chief of Staff for former U.S. Senator John Danforth’s investigation of the federal government’s actions in connection with the 1993 FBI siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. He had announced his candidacy for governor just one month before his death, and was found with a gunshot wound to the left temple. Tom Schweich was right-handed. One month later, his media director, Robert “Spence” Jackson, was found dead of a similar wound.
  5. Walter Scheib, Clinton White House Chef – Walter Scheib was hired by the Clinton White House and continued to serve the Bush administration. He was reported missing by his family when he failed to return from a hike. His body was found more than one and as half miles off of the trail he was supposed to be on, at the bottom of a river. No official cause of death has been released.
  6. Seth Rich, died July 10, 2016 – DNC staffer Seth Rich – DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered near his affluent neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Rich was shot in the back at 4:15 a.m. while he walked home from his girlfriend’s apartment. Rich previously worked on the failed U.S. Senate campaign of Nebraska businessman Scott Kleeb, whose clean-energy business had come under investigation after losing $300,000 in 2010 and another $300,000 in 2011 despite having been subsidized by the Clinton Global Initiative.
  7. Mary Mahoney – A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown. The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House. Mary’s two associates, Aaron Goodrich, 18 and Emory Evans, 25, were taken to a room and shot. Mary herself had five bullets in her, from at least two different guns, most likely with silencers. A total of ten shots were fired; none of them heard by neighbors in the densely populated Georgetown section. Mary was shot in the chest, her face, and in the back of the head. Someone wanted her very dead. Or to send a message. Even though more than $4000 remained in the store, the police have categorized the triple murder as a robbery, even as they acknowledge the “execution style” killings.
  8. Lieutenant General David J. McCloud – Commander of Alaskan Command, 11th Air Force, and the Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command Region, headquartered at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. On July 26, 1998, McCloud died when his YAK-54 aerobatic plane crashed, allegedly from sabotage. McCloud was one of several flag officers (including Admiral Boorda) who had assembled evidence against President Bill Clinton, leading to his arrest.
  9. Christine M. Mirzayan, White House Intern – On August 1, 1998, yet another young female government intern with the initial “M”, Christine M. Mirzayan, was murdered, beaten to death with a heavy object near Georgetown University. Eventually, Mike Isikoff’s “former White House staffer” finally surfaced and its NOT Mary Mahoney, or Christine M. Mirzayan, but Monica Lewinsky. If the killing of Mary Mahoney and Christine M. Mirzayan was to silence a “bimbo eruption”, they got the wrong woman!
  10. James McDougal – Clinton’s convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.
  11. Mary Mohane – former White House intern gunned down in a coffee shop. Nothing was taken. It was suspected that she was about to testify about sexual harassment at the White House.
  12. Paul Tulley – Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock, September 1992… Described by Clinton as a “Dear friend and trusted advisor.”
  13. James Bunch – Died from a gunshot suicide. It was reported that he had a “Black Book” of people which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas.
  14. James Wilson – Was found dead in May 1993 from an apparent hanging suicide. He was reported to have ties to Whitewater.
  15. Danny Casolaro – Investigative reporter. Investigating Mena Airport and Arkansas Development Finance Authority. Casolaro apparently stumbled over the existence of a vast network of government operatives and politicians all linked together by the vast wealth acquired from the selling of CIA cocaine in the US and was working on a book exposing the government-sanctioned drug running when he was found in a bathtub in a hotel room, his wrists both deeply slashed in a manner that the pathologist declared did not appear to have been done by Danny himself. In particular, the deep cuts severed the tendons of the fingers, which would have made it impossible for Danny to slash his other wrist with the now useless hand.
  16. Barry Seal – Drug running pilot out of Mena, Arkansas, death was no accident.
  17. Johnny Lawhorn Jr. – Mechanic, found a check made out to Bill Clinton in the trunk of a car left at his repair shop. He was found dead after his car had hit a utility pole.
  18. Keith Coney – Died when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck, July 1988. Information on the Ive/Henri case
  19. Keith McMaskle – Died stabbed 113 times, Nov, 1988. Information on the Ive/Henri case
  20. William Colby, Director of Central Intelligence (ret) – Colby at 76 was still a world-traveler and consultant to many corporations. He recently became an editor of an important financial newsletter, “Strategic Investment,” which covered the Vince Foster “suicide” in detail. Its editors hired three renowned handwriting experts to investigate Foster’s suicide note, which hadn’t been found when his briefcase was first searched, but later materialized, torn into pieces, with no fingerprints on any of the pieces. Upon comparing this document with others of Foster’s writings, these experts declared it was a forgery, and a not very good one at that.
  21. Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations – Boorda supposedly went home for lunch and decided to shoot himself in the chest twice, using two guns, rather than be interviewed by Newsweek magazine that afternoon. Explanations for Boorda’s suicide focused on a claim that he was embarrassed over two “Valor” pins he was not authorized to wear. Former CNO Admiral Elmo Zumwalt said on the May 17 Larry King Live show that Admiral Boorda was not only authorized to wear the “V” on his medals, but that had personally authorized him to do so when he was serving as Commander Naval Forces Vietnam. When it turned out that Boorda was entitled to those decorations, blame shifted to stresses over the down sizing of the Navy, and even (Washington Times) the adverse affect that feminism was having on the Navy’s morale. Boorda supposedly left two suicide notes, neither of which was released.
  22. Eric Butera – An informant who came forward offering information regarding the murder of White House intern Mary Mahoney. He was then sent into a known crack house to make an undercover buy for the police and was beaten to death. His mother was awarded $100 million in compensation, but a Federal Judge later slashed it to just $1 million.
  23. Caetano Carani – Witness to a shooting near the White House. Suffered an unknown infection just before he was to testify. Death attributed to “apparent” food poisoning.
  24. Robert Bates – Barry Seal’s aircraft mechanic at Mena. Robert Bates supposedly died of an “overdose of mouthwash”. Regarded by local authorities as an obvious homicide.
  25. Richard Winters – A suspect in the Ives / Henry deaths. He was killed in a set-up robbery July 1989. Information on the Ive/Henri case
  26. Molly Macauly – World-renowned “space economist” Molly Macauly was brutally murdered in Baltimore park.
  27. John Ashe – The former President of the UN General Assembly was awaiting trial on bribery charges when he turned up dead in June, apparently having crushed his own windpipe while lifting weights in his home…
  28. Victor Thorn – Independent Journalist, died August 1, 2016 – Found dead of a gunshot on top of a mountain near his home, Thorn has been a thorn in the side of the Clintons for decades, writing books and articles for American Free Press that exposed many of the Clintons’ dark secrets, including the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas. While officially declared a suicide, it is worth noting that Victor Thorn was at the height of his success, with a long line of successful books, including Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House and the Hillary (And Bill) trilogy, which were strong sellers. The trilogy had just been purchased for translation and foreign distribution. Prominent CLINTON Critic VICTOR THORN Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide On His Birthday
  29. Charles Ruff, Clinton lawyer – Charles Ruff was one of Clinton’s attorneys during the impeachment trial and was known to have inside information on the White House emails scandal as well. Original reports were that he died in an accident in his home although no details were given. Then the report changed to claim that he was found in his bedroom unconscious, then declared dead on arrival at the hospital. The authorities will provide no details other than the usual (and quite premature) assurances that there was no foul play involved.
  30. Seth Rich-Still – Seth Conrad Rich was shot several times in the back a block from his home in D.C.’s neighborhood of Bloomingdale. The police declared it a robbery gone bad, but nothing had been taken; Seth still had his wallet, watch, and cell phone. No Clues in Murder of DNC’s Seth Rich, As Conspiracy Theories Thicken
  31. Joe Montano – Served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee before Debbie Wasserman Schultz and was an aide to Hillary’s running-mate, Tim Kaine, reportedly died of a heart attack in July 2016 after the Wikileaks DNC email dump. Montano was only 47. – Filipino American activist and aide to Sen. Kaine, dies at 47
  32. Shawn Lucas – On July 3 2016, attorney Shawn Lucas, 38, helped serve the DNC with a lawsuit claiming then-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton.” The complaint was served before Wasserman Schultz resigned amid the Wikileaks email scandal on July 24. Less than one month after he helped serve the lawsuit, Lucas’ girlfriend found him dead in his bathroom. Death of DNC Lawsuit Processor Shawn Lucas Adds to Seth Rich Conspiracy Theories
  33. Vincent Foster – former White House Counsel, found dead of a gunshot wound to the head and ruled a suicide. He had significant knowledge of the Clintons’ financial affairs and was a business partner with Hillary. If the Clintons are guilty of the crimes they are accused of by Larry, Vincent Foster would have detailed knowledge of those crimes.
  34. Terrance Yeakey, First police officer to arrive at the Murrah Building following the OK City bombing – Terrance Yeakey had collected together a vast amount of hard data on the bombing of the Murrah building. Terrance Yeakey’s patrol car was found abandoned along a dirt road, the front seat covered with blood. Officer Yeakey himself was found a short distance away, with 11 cut wounds on both arms and two in his throat, plus a gunshot through the head. No gun was ever found, and the death was declared a suicide. His material on the OK City bombing was never found following his death. His life had been threatened.
  35. C. Victor Raiser, II – former National Finance Co-Chairman of Clinton for President, and Montgomery Raiser, his son. Both died in a suspicious private plane crash in Alaska. No cause determined. Raiser was considered to be a major player on the Clinton team.
  36. Paul Tully – DNC Political Director, was found dead in a Little Rock hotel room. No cause was ever determined and no autopsy was allowed. Tully was a key member of the damage control squad and came up with some of the Clinton strategies.
  37. Ed Willey – Clinton fund raiser. Found in the woods in Virginia with a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. In her book alleging a campaign of slander and intimidation orchestrated chiefly by Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Willey pointed a finger of suspicion at the former first couple for the death of her husband, Ed Willey, who was believed to have killed himself.
  38. Hershell Friday – Attorney and Clinton fund raiser died March 1, 1994 when his plane exploded.
  39. Jerry Parks – former security team member for Governor Clinton. Prior to his death he had compiled an extensive file on Clinton’s activities. His family had reported being followed and his home broken into just before being gunned down at a deserted intersection.
  40. John Wilson – former Washington D.C. council member. Had ties to Whitewater. Died of a very suspicious hanging suicide.
  41. Kathy Ferguson – former wife of Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson, the co-defendant with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Found dead in her living room of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Interestingly, her packed suitcases seemed to indicate she was about to go somewhere.
  42. Bill Shelton – Arkansas state trooper and fiance of Kathy Ferguson. Allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself at her grave.
  43. Gandy Baugh – attorney for Dan Lasater in a financial misconduct case. Supposedly jumped out the window of a tall building to commit suicide.
  44. Dr. Donald Rogers – dentist. Killed in a suspicious plane crash on his way to an interview with reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard to reveal information about Clinton.
  45. Stanley Huggins – lawyer investigating Madison Guaranty. Suicide. His extensive report has never been released. He had recently left the law firm in Little Rock where Hillary Clinton worked and set up a small office in Memphis.
  46. Florence Martin – Accountant for the CIA and had information on the Barry Seal case. Three gunshot wounds to the head.
  47. Suzanne Coleman – reportedly had an affair with Clinton. Was seven months pregnant at the time she was found dead of a gun shot wound to the back of the head, ruled suicide. No autopsy allowed. Was 7 months pregnant at time of her death. She had told friends it was Bill Clinton’s child.
  48. Gordon Matteson, Clinton associate – Shot in the head. Declared a suicide.
  49. Michael Hastings, Journalist for Rolling Stone, died at June 18, 2013 – Michael Hastings died in a highly suspicious single-car accident. He had told friends that he was afraid for his life following stories he had written which were critical of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. One of the emails leaked during the 2016 Democratic Convention confirmed that Hillary had received Hastings’ damning investigative report of the attack on the Benghazi consulate 5 months before his death.
  50. Paula Grober – Clinton’s interpreter for the deaf. Died in a one-car accident with no known witnesses. Her body was thrown 33 feet from the car, indicating a very high speed. A very attractive women, Paula traveled extensively with Clinton from 1978 until her death. Clinton, through a spokesman, called Grober’s death “a great personal loss.” He also said, “Hillary and I extend our sincere sympathy to Paula’s family. I had the privilege of working with her over many years.”
  51. Paul Wilcher – attorney investigating corruption. He had investigated federal elections, drug and gun smuggling through Mena, the Waco incident, and had just delivered a lengthy report to Janet Reno. He died in his home of unknown causes.
  52. Jon Parnell Walker – RTC investigator who mysteriously fell to his death from an apartment balcony. Jon Parnell Walker fell to his death from the top of the Lincoln Towers building in Arlington, Virginia. On July 10, 1994, Connecticut’s The Day newspaper reported, “In March 1992, Walker, and investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), had contacted the Kansas City RTC regional office for information concerning possible ties between Whitewater Development, Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan [above] and the Clintons.”
  53. Ron Brown – former DNS Chairman, Commerce Secretary. Reported to have died in a plane crash, but new evidence reveals he may have been shot in the head. He was being investigated by a special investigator and was about to be indicted with 54 others. He spoke publicly of his willingness to “make a deal” with the prosecutors to save himself a few days before the fatal trip. He was not supposed to be on the flight but was asked to go at the last minute. (This count does not include the other business leaders and other passengers who died on this government-sponsored trade mission.)
  54. Barbara Wise – Commerce Department secretary. Worked with Ron Brown and John Huang and had extensive knowledge of their activities. Found dead in her locked office the day after Thanksgiving. It was ruled a suicide. Interestingly, she was found partially clothed, bruised, and in a pool of blood.
  55. Charles Meissner – Assistant Secretary of Commerce. John Huang was given a special security clearance by Meissner. Shortly thereafter, he died in the crash of a small plane.
  56. James “Dewey” Milam, Witness to Mena drug operation and Henry/Ives murders – Milam was decapitated. Clinton’s notorious state Medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, initially ruled death due to an ulcer, claiming that the victim’s small dog had eaten the head, which was later recovered from a trash bin several blocks away.
  57. Ron Miller, Witness – Ron Miller, investigated by authorities over the sale of his company, Gage Corp. to Dynamic Energy Resources, Inc. was the man who tape recorded Gene and Nora Lum and turned those tapes (and other records) over to congressional oversight investigators. The Lums were sentenced to prison for campaign finance violations, using “straw donors” to conceal the size of their contributions to various candidates. Indeed, Dynamic Energy Resources, Inc. had hired Ron Brown’s son Michael solely for the purpose of funneling $60,000 through him to the Commerce Secretary, according to Nolanda Hill’s testimony. Reportedly a healthy man, Ron suddenly took ill on October 3rd, and steadily worsened until his death 9 days later. (This pattern fits Ricin poisoning.) Owing to the strangeness of the illness, doctors at the Integris Baptist Medical Center referred the matter to the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office. The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office promptly ran tests on samples of Ron Miller’s blood, but has refused to release the results or even to confirm that the tests were ever completed.
  58. John Millis, Staff Director of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Committee – Millis had just helped the HPSCI complete it’s “investigation” into alleged CIA cocaine smuggling which predictably (given that Millis was himself a long time CIA agent) concluded that the CIA was innocent of all allegations of wrongdoing. Fairfax, Virginia police were tipped off by an anonymous phone call claiming that “a man” was threatening suicide in a motel room. Police arrived to find Millis dead of a gunshot wound. As was the case with Vincent Foster and Sandy Hume, the death was immediately declared a suicide.
  59. Charles Wilbourne Miller, Vice President and Board Member for Alltel – Alltel was the computer company that wrote the White House “Big Brother” computer system. Found shot to death with two guns. Multiple shots had been fired. Declared a suicide.
  60. Gary Webb, Journalist, died December 10, 2004 – Webb, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, exposed CIA drug trafficking operations in a series of books and reports for the San Jose Mercury News. He was found dead on Friday morning in what the police said was an apparent suicide. Webb had been shot in the head TWICE!
  61. Maynard Webb, Mena airport witness – Maynard Webb had stumbled on several aircraft whose tail numbers were being changed on a regular basis. Was about to go public when he walked headfirst into a spinning propeller.
  62. Russel Welch – Infected with military grade anthrax September 21, 1991 after reporting on the mena drug smuggling operation.
  63. Alan G. Whicher, Oversaw Clinton’s Secret Service detail – In October 1994 Whicher was transferred to the Secret Service field office in the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Whatever warning was given to the BATF agents in that building did not reach Alan Whicher, whom died in the bomb blast.
  64. Calvin Walraven, Drug witness – 24 year old Walraven was a key witness in Jocelyn Elder’s son’s drug case. Ten days after Elder’s son was convicted of trafficking in cocaine, Walraven was found dead in his apartment with a gunshot blast to the head. Tim Hover, a Little Rock police spokesman said no foul play was suspected.
  65. Don Henry – seventeen-year-old boy who apparently saw something related to drugs in Mena by accident late at night. Officially ruled an accidental death on the train tracks, but evidence shows they died before being placed on the tracks – one of a crushed skull and the other of a knife wound in the back.
  66. Kevin Ives – seventeen-year-old boy who apparently saw something related to drugs in Mena by accident late at night. Officially ruled an accidental death on the train tracks, but evidence shows they died before being placed on the tracks – one of a crushed skull and the other of a knife wound in the back.
  67. Keith Koney – had information on the Ives and Henry deaths. Died in a motorcycle accident with reports of a high-speed car chased involved.
  68. Keith McKaskle – had information on the Ives and Henry deaths. Stabbed to death.
  69. Gregory Collins – had information on the Ives and Henry deaths. Gunshot wound to the head.
  70. Jeff Rhodes – had information on the Ives and Henry and McKaskle deaths. Tortured, mutilated, shot, body burned in a dumpster.
  71. James Milan – had information on the Ives and Henry deaths. He was decapitated. The coroner ruled death due to natural causes.
  72. Jordan Kettleson – had information on the Ives and Henry deaths. Found shot in the front seat of his pick up truck.
  73. Dr. Stanley Heard – Chair, National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee. He personally treated Clinton’s mother, stepfather, and brother. His personal small plane developed problems so he rented another. Fire broke out in flight and he crashed.
  74. Johnny Franklin Lawhon, Jr., Witness – In the spring of 1997, a tornado ripped through some junked cars at Johnny’s transmission and opened up the trunk of a car that proved to have a box of Whitewater records in it, including a copy of a $27,000 cashiers check drawn on Madison and payable to Bill Clinton. Johnny Franklin Lawhon, Sr. realized what he was looking at and turned the box of documents over to the FBI. According to police, Lawhon Jr. (the son) and a friend hit a telephone pole at a high rate of speed after their car had become airborne and left the road. They had driven less than 1/4 of a mile at the time of the accident. This manner of death is similar to the single vehicle accidents that killed Paula Grober, and Neil Moody.
  75. Tony Moser, Anti-Corruption Journalist – Tony Moser, a critic of the Arkansas Democratic Party political machine, was killed as he crossed a street in Pine Bluff 10 days after being named a columnist for the Democrat-Gazette newspaper and two days after writing an article which exposed the looting of programs designed to obtain money from “Dead beat” parents to then give to their children.
  76. Neil Moody – Following Vincent Foster’s murder, Lisa Foster married James Moody, a judge in Arkansas, on Jan 1, 1996. Near the time Susan McDougal first went to jail for contempt, Judge Moody’s son, Neil died in a car crash. There were other reports that Neil Moody had discovered something very unsettling among his stepmother’s private papers and was threatening to go public with it just prior to the beginning of the Democratic National Convention. He was alleged to have been talking to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post about a blockbuster story. Witnesses said they saw Neil Moody sitting in his car arguing with another person just prior to HIS CAR SUDDENLY SPEEDING OFF OUT OF CONTROL AND HITTING A BRICK WALL.
  77. Steve Dickson – attorney for Heard. Died in same plane crash.
  78. John Hillier – video journalist and investigator. He helped to produce the documentaries “Circle of Power,” and “The Clinton Chronicles.” He mysteriously died in a dentist’s chair for no apparent reason.
  79. Sandy Hume, Journalist – On Sunday, February 22nd, 1998, Sandy Hume, the 28-year-old son of journalist Britt Hume, was reportedly found dead in his Arlington, Virginia home. Aside from the statement that this was an “apparent” suicide, there remains in place a total media blackout on this story, possibly out of concern that the actual facts will not withstand public scrutiny. Indeed, it was reported in Associated Press that the Arlington Police were not responding to any inquiries. Hume was a reporter for The Hill magazine, newspaper about Congress for Congress, and had broken a major story in 1997 regarding the friction between House Speaker Newt Gingrich and a faction led by Representative Paxon (who announced his resignation just 24 hours after Hume’s death).
  80. Maj. Gen. William Robertson – former Clinton bodyguard who is dead.
  81. Col. William Densberger – former Clinton bodyguard who is dead.
  82. Col. Robert Kelly – former Clinton bodyguard who is dead.
  83. Spec. Gary Rhodes – former Clinton bodyguard who is dead.
  84. Steve Willis – former Clinton bodyguard; “executed” by gunfire in the Waco, Texas assault on the Branch Davidians. – All four were examined by a “private doctor” and died from nearly identical wounds to the left temple, so-called execution style.
  85. Robert Williams – former Clinton bodyguard; “executed” by gunfire in the Waco, Texas assault on the Branch Davidians. – All four were examined by a “private doctor” and died from nearly identical wounds to the left temple, so-called execution style.
  86. Conway LeBleu – former Clinton bodyguard; “executed” by gunfire in the Waco, Texas assault on the Branch Davidians. – All four were examined by a “private doctor” and died from nearly identical wounds to the left temple, so-called execution style.
  87. Todd McKeehan – former Clinton bodyguard; “executed” by gunfire in the Waco, Texas assault on the Branch Davidians. – All four were examined by a “private doctor” and died from nearly identical wounds to the left temple, so-called execution style.
  88. Sgt. Brian Haney – former Clinton bodyguard who is dead.
  89. Sgt. Tim Sabel – former Clinton bodyguard who is dead.
  90. Maj.William Barkley – former Clinton bodyguard who is dead.
  91. Capt. Scott Reynolds – former Clinton bodyguard who is dead.
  92. Gary Johnson, witness – Beaten near death and left for dead. Someone in the Clinton organization sent 3 goons to beat up and almost murder Gary Johnson, who was Gennifer Flowers’ neighbor. Gary Johnson had a security camera installed at his condominium and by chance he had many tapes of Bill entering Gennifer’s condominium while governor and married to Hillary). Gary’s tapes were taken.
  93. Dennis Patrick – had millions of dollars laundered through his account at Lasater & Co. without his knowledge. There have been several attempts on his life, all unsuccessful.
  94. David Drye – Died 8/1999. Pat Matrisciana, owner of “Jeremiah Films” (which produces such vides as The Clinton Chronicles), and David Drye planned a trip to Washington DC by Private plane. At the last second, pat had to cancel and David left without him, dying when the plane crashed.
  95. L.J. Davis – reporter. While investigating the Clinton scandals he was attacked in his hotel room and his notes were taken. He survived.
  96. Larry Nichols – former marketing director of ADFA. Responsible for bringing forth more evidence and witnesses on Clinton corruption than any other source. Very public about his claims against Clinton. He has suffered six beatings, arrest on trumped up charges, and a near arrest.
  97. Paul Olson, Federal witness in investigations to drug money corruption in Chicago politics – Paul had just finished 2 days of FBI interviews when his plane ride home crashed, killing Paul and 130 others. The Sept. 15, 1994 Tempe Tribune newspaper reported that the FBI suspected that a bomb had brought down the airplane.
  98. Aldo Franscoia, Secret Service Agent
  99. Cpt. Kevin N. Earnest, Aircraft Commander
  100. Cpt. Kimberly Jo Wielhouwer, Pilot
  101. 2Lt. Benjamin T. Hall, Navigator
  102. SSgt. Michael J. SmithJr., Loadmaster
  103. Sr. Airman Rick L. Merritt, Flight Engineer
  104. SSgt. Michael R. York, Loadmaster
  105. Sr. Airman Billy R. Ogston, Crew Chief
  106. Airman Thomas A. Stevens, Loadmaster.
  107. Cpl Eric S. Fox, Crewman for Marine One, the Presidential Helicopter. – Shot in the head, and declared a suicide.
  108. Daniel A. Dutko, C-chairman of Leadership 2000 – Daniel A. Dutko, 54, was the co-chairman of Leadership 2000, the Democratic National Committee’s main fund-raising effort. He held many other high-level political positions, including vice chairman of finance for Clinton-Gore in 1995; finance chairman of the 53rd inaugural ball; and vice chairman of finance for the DNC in 1996 (when the Chinese money poured in). Attributed to a bicycle accident in which it’s claimed he struck his head on the concrete twice. (source)
  109. Carlos Ghigliotti, Thermal Imaging Expert – Carlos Ghigliotti: 42, was found dead in his home just outside of Washington D.C. There was no sign of a break-in or struggle at the firm of Infrared Technology where the badly decomposed body of Ghigliotti was found. Ghigliotti had not been seen for several weeks. Ghigliotti, a thermal imaging analyst hired by the House Government Reform Committee to review tape of the siege at Waco, Texas, said he determined the FBI fired shots on April 19, 1993. The FBI has explained the light bursts on infrared footage as reflections of sun rays on shards of glass or other debris that littered the scene.
  110. Duane Garrett – According to Garrett’s lawyer, Garrett was under investigation for defrauding investors in Garrett’s failed sports memorabilia venture. There was talk of a deal to evade prosecution. On July 26th, Garrett canceled an afternoon meeting with his lawyer because he had to meet some people at the San Francisco airport.
  111. Judi Gibbs – Judi Gibbs (along with her sister Sharon) appeared in the December 1979 issue of Penthouse, and later worked at a bordello in Fordyce, near Mena, Arkansas which also ran a blackmail operation with photos taken of the customers with their girls. According to the Gibbs family, Bill Clinton was a regular customer of Judi, and there were photos of him having sex with her that threatened his Presidential campaign!
  112. Gareth Williams – Gareth Williams, an MI6 spy who wored on both sides of the Atlantic, engaged in some unauthorized hacking by breaking into Bill Clinton’s database of friends and connections, ostensibly to give to a friend in the media. This breach caused a diplomatic nightmare for MI6’s new director, Sir John Sawers.
  113. John Augustus Wilson – Wilson claimed to have info on Whitewater, a political controversy that began with the real estate dealings of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates, Jim and Susan McDougal in the Whitewater Development Corporation, a failed business venture in the 1970s and 1980s, and was willing to talk. Found hanged. Declared a suicide.
  114. Jim Wilhite – Died in a one-person skiing accident. – Wilhite had extensive ties with Clinton and Mack McLarty, with whom he visited by telephone just hours before his death.
  115. Theodore Williams – A passing car hit the brother of Presidential Secretary Betty Currie after his own car had somehow run off the road. Bill Clinton called Monica Lewinsky at 2:00 AM the next morning to tell her of the death and alert Monica that her name appeared on the Paula Jones witness list. Betty’s brother had also been beaten shortly before Betty Currie testified in a previous matter.
  116. John Hillyer, NBC and freelance cameraman – Hillyer passed away in a Dentist’s office from unknown causes, despite being very health-conscious and in good physical condition. Declared a heart attack. Was working on an investigation into Mena and assisted with the “Circle of Power,” and “Clinton Chronicles.” Some time after his passing, his widow recalled her husband saying he felt he could be in danger.
  117. Col. James Sabow – Supposedly about to blow the whistle on drug running activity taking place on the naval base where he was stationed, Col. James Sabow was found by his wife in the backyard of their home with his head blown off with a shotgun. The Navy ruled it a suicide. In all, more than 40 deaths by individuals concerned with drug traffic on military bases have been declared as suicides despite evidence that murder was involved.

0 thoughts on “Murderer Hillary Clinton? – REWRITE-2, November 2016”

  1. It’s not only that this woman is suspected of professional misconduct, but the woman and her husband are likely to be directly or indirectly involved in murders! And that would mean that such tainted person can become the next president!?
    And knowing the history of the Clintons, I’m sure that is she is chosen as president, the scandals will continue and indictments are on the horizon.

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