UPDATED: Clinton versus Trump, Globalism versus Nationalism

Inauguration day as president in 2017
Inauguration day as president in 2017

The US Elections 2016 are becoming more dramatic by the hour. Each time new revelations are published about each candidate, muddling the actual elections and give preference for mudslinging, accusations, media manipulations, falsification of election data and polls, unprecedented interference of the current President, fraud, drop of confidence in the US government, unpopular politicians, conspiracies, corruption, manipulation, defect mainstream media and so much more. One Presidential candidate is under suspicion of Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Bribery, Pay for Play,Illegal Use of a Nonprofit Organization, Racketeering and Fraud!

But if you actually look at those accusations objectively, you will see some interesting facts.


Donald Trump
Donald Trump and the media

Accusations against Donald Trump are many, the main one is that he has no filter. He blurs out all kind of shocking statements, which aren’t based on reality. This helped him go through the Republican primaries, but it also brought extreme unpopularity and he opened himself up against character attacks from his opponents. In general, people think that Trump is racist (25%) and does not have the right experience to be president (20%). He has repeatedly stoked racial and ethnic tensions, from referring to undocumented Mexican immigrants as “rapists” during the speech to launch his campaign, to calling for a ban on allowing Muslims into the country following the attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando. People don’t trust Trump (16%).

Clinton and the WikiLeaks revelations
Clinton and the WikiLeaks revelations

Hillary Clinton’s accusations are many times more then with Trump, and they cover almost 30 years of accusations, even when most of them are not proven (yet). Clinton doesn’t have the problem of a lacking filter and she doesn’t hit the public with all kind of half-crazy statements, but her problem is that the American people get the impression that she sees herself above the law and her past is full of scandals. People don’t trust Hillary Clinton (47%) and 39% thinks that she’s corrupt.

Compare what people think about both candidates:

  1. Don’t trust, Clinton (47%) and Trump (16%)
  2. Is corrupt, Clinton (39%) and Trump (11%)
  3. Lies, Clinton (33%) and Trump (12%)
  4. Out of touch with people, Clinton (12%) and Trump (11%)
  5. Not the same values, Clinton (10%) and Trump (0%)
  6. Is sexist, Clinton (0%) and Trump (11%)
  7. Extreme political views, Clinton (0%) and Trump (12%)
  8. Not experienced for the job, Clinton (0%) and Trump (11%)


Summarizing, the following:

  1. The majority of the American people doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton (46%)
  2. The majority of the American people thinks that Hillary Clinton is corrupt (39%)
  3. The majority of the American people thinks that Hillary Clinton lies (12%)
  4. The majority of the American people thinks that Hillary Clinton is out of touch with the American people (12%)
  5. The majority of the American people can’t find the same values with Hillary Clinton (10%).
  6. The majority of the American people thinks that Donald Trump is a sexist (11%)
  7. The majority of the American people thinks that Donald Trump has extreme political views (12%)
  8. The majority of the American people thinks that Donald Trump has no experience to do a job as a President (11%)
Email server scandals
Email server scandals

With the latest revelations (October/November 2016), the FBI reopened their previously closed investigation about the unsecured email server used by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State and continued using it after that. The FBI also started multiple investigations about suspicions of serious and criminal wrong-doings between Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.inauguration-day-as-president-1-clinton

That said, there is also the serious case if the American voters are electing Hillary Clinton in office as President of the United States. They will have to wait for a very long time before she can function as a President, because she is under criminal investigation! That is, if there is no criminal proof of wrong doings.

That means that Hillary Clinton is investigated for Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Bribery, Pay for Play,Illegal Use of a Nonprofit Organization, Racketeering and Fraud (source)!

What do both candidates actually stand for?

Hillary Clinton’s top 10 campaign promises (source)

  1. For families making less than $125,000 a year, we will eliminate tuition for in-state students at public colleges.
  2. Pass comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship that keeps families together.
  3. Build on Obamacare success to bring the promise of affordable health care to more people and make a ‘public option’ possible.
  4. We will do everything we can to overturn Citizens United.
  5. Fighting for equal pay.
  6. Will not raise middle-class taxes.
  7. Say no to attacks on working families and no to bad trade deals and unfair trade practices, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  8. We’re going to increase the federal minimum wage.
  9. As president, Hillary will expand background checks to more gun sales.
  10. Clinton would increase federal infrastructure funding by $275 billion over a five-year period.


Donald Trump’s top 10 campaign promises (source)

  1. ‘Build a wall’ — and make Mexico pay for it
  2. Temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States
  3. ‘Bring manufacturing (jobs) back’
  4. Impose tariffs on goods made in China and Mexico
  5. Renegotiate or withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership
  6. ‘Full repeal of Obamacare’ and replace it with a market-based alternative
  7. Renegotiate the Iran deal
  8. Leave Social Security as is
  9. Cut taxes
  10. ‘Bomb’ and/or ‘take the oil’ from ISIS


Both candidates made much more campaign promises, like Donald Trump had promised to find an independent prosecutor to investigate the Clinton’s for wrongdoings and Hillary Clinton offers high-quality preschool, for free, but here are the top 10.

Nobody and everybody has some issues of all the proposed campaign promises. All of them are bad and good, all of them can’t and can be implemented, etc.

Both of the candidates have a political program and both candidates indicated that this is what they want to implement (and more of course). In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with their program, it’s a program for politicians and the American voter has the ability to select a candidate as he or she sees fit.

Note Hillary Clinton also has stated multiple times that she wants to continue as President Obama was/is performing during his tenure as President the last 8 years.


If you want to a label Donald Trump as candidate, his policies are based on Nationalism (devotion and loyalty to one’s own country; patriotism). If you want to label Hillary Clinton as candidate, her policies are based on Globalism (a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence). It’s up to the voters to make that choice. Is it?

Attempted hijackings of the American Elections 2016

Since months there are rumors flying everywhere that “the Russians” hacked several computer systems, connected with the election candidates and the Republican’s and Democrat’s computer systems. Those rumors are exactly that, rumors; it’s not proven at all that the “Russians” were behind the ‘hacks’.

That said, think about those serious accusations. When a foreign country is attacking American computers, that’s an act of war.

President Obama threatened “the Russians” with retaliation with the intent to hack Russian computer systems (without actual proof). That is an act of war! Highly irresponsible and foolish.

Another rumor is that Wikileaks is hacking the computers or using the illegal retrieved emails and documents (from “the Russians”) and publishes it on the Internet for everyone to see and to retrieve. WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library and specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption. See for more what Wikileaks actually is, click here.

What is a fact is that Wikileaks releases on a daily basis sets of emails, which are originated from senior officials (working with Hillary Clinton) and members of the Clinton election team. They show everyone corruption, attempts to rig elections, manipulating media, officials and candidates and cheating.

Since the American Revolution, election fraud has been attempted by every major political party, with frequent intraparty allegations. It’s a tradition. With the American Elections 2016, this tampering is still very true, as you can read here. Normally, one of the ways of guarding of vote tampering and election fraud is the media, who suppose to investigate each report of tampering. This does not happen in the current elections at all, seeing the news media is itself involved in tampering of information and that in public for all to see. The electronic processing of votes, and the electronic representation of polls are clouded in the dark, so that nobody knows if their votes are indeed counted as is intended by the voter.

When once voter tampering was the blatant misuse of authority, now it’s hidden in voting machines and systems

There is another extreme happening during the current elections of 2016, and that’s the openly political preference of the mainstream media. It’s not only that this happens, but it happens so obviously with proof of underhanded deals and arrangements.

Look at a site like news.google.com and what’s everyone’s impression? Screaming headlines about Donald Trump and very positive headlines about Hillary Clinton.

Mainstream MediaThere is the complete collapse of the mainstream journalism in the United States as we know it. The insane frenzy trying to destroy Donald Trump is not limited to the Clinton campaign and the current President Obama. It goes much further then that, it’s the unbelievable partisanship by the elite media, which unlike anything seen by anyone in America.

When you take a look at the largest broadcast networks – CBS, NBC and ABC – and the major newspapers like New York Times and Washington Post, they have dropped all the pretense of fair play. Their fierce determination to keep the Republicans and Trump out of the end game and become President of the United States has no precedent. No foreign enemy, no terror group, no criminal gang has suffered the daily terror of the beatings of the media that Trump does (source).

This blatant misuse of the media is also proven in the emails between the Clinton election team members and the media, where both sides were discussing ways to whitewash Hillary Clinton’s problems and to manipulate media against Donald Trump.

What difference does it make?
What difference does it make?

The next point of trying to hijack the elections are the legal problems of Hillary Clinton. Both candidates are accused of bad things, but only accusations against Hillary Clinton seems to be enough to have her soon to be accused of Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Bribery, Pay for Play,Illegal Use of a Nonprofit Organization, Racketeering and Fraud.

Do you want examples?

  • There are discrepancies between donor accounts and the Clinton Foundation’s books
  • Violating tax laws without penalty and as only person in America, allowing her to refiling the paperwork, years after the fact
  • The influence-peddling allegations against the Clinton Foundation, which points very obviously at pay-for-play
  • There are already FBI investigations for some time about the bribery allegations against the Clinton Foundation, like with Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and his wife
  • Hillary Clinton held back documents she didn’t want Congress to see. She subverted the Freedom of Information Act. Withholding thousands of documents on her private computer is Obstruction of Justice
  • The number of false statements under oath surrounding Hillary Clinton is huge. We are not talking about a couple of violations, but thousands of them.

The problem with those accusations are that it corrupts the highest position in America, the position of the President of the United States. Also it compromises the elections. The American elections know two main- and third party candidates, but with those allegations against Hillary Clinton, she actually compromises and corrupt the US elections 2016!

The Obama Connection

Media and Obama preference
Media and Obama preference

And then we have the role of the current President Obama and the elections. Certain important aspects of his Presidency are more then suspect.

His strange preference of Islam is … well, strange. His many times ‘published opinions’ are not based on facts and more importantly, not supported by the view of the world and his American citizens.

Which religion is a threat
Which religion is a threat

Whatever President Obama is claiming, the population at large sees Islam as a threat, while President Obama is claiming that Islam is a religion of love.

Obama is one of the few leaders who claim that Islam is a religion of peace and love and currently the only one who still does.

What is also suspicious is his view on extreme Islam. He refuses to see it like that and he refuses even to use the words “extreme Islam” and he forced the American government and officials not to use that word as well! That’s again unprecedented. For example, ISIS (or as he calls it: ISIL) is a dead cult or a group of extremists, according Obama.

Why are people helping the ISIS
Why are people helping the ISIS. 14% means 224 million Muslims!

But again, that’s not what people think and the facts on the ground say otherwise. But even when confronted with the hard facts and proof, Obama insist that the ISIS is only a group of extremists and that it has nothing to do with Islam.

Because of his strange behavior, his hesitation in addressing the threat to the world and Syria, the Middle East is on fire.

Deaths from Terrorism 2000-2014 branded and why
Deaths from Terrorism 2000-2014 branded and why

President Obama had the ability to stop the civil war in Syria, but he choose to distance himself from it (and embarrassed himself and America all over the world). Since that moment, the Syrian civil war really started and the destruction, killings, genocides, murder, torture increased multiple times out of control.

Violent Extremism or simply ISIS and Islamic Extremism
Violent Extremism or simply ISIS and Islamic Extremism

The growth of Islamic extremism grew explosively in Afghanistan, Asia, Middle East and Africa unopposed. Millions of people started a flood of refugees, which are still threaten to overrun Europe and risk the collapse of the EC. Britain already broke with the EC.

Male refugees arriving
Male refugees arriving

President Obama and Hillary Clinton want to accept hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees (Christian refugees are not considered for an unknown reason) into America (without or incomplete background checks), while news reports from Europe show serious incidents with the refugees with mass rapes and terror, and the suspicions of infiltration of ISIS within the refugees.

Obama interference with FBI investigations about Hillary Clinton?
Obama interference with FBI investigations about Hillary Clinton?

And then we have President Obama’s strange connection with the Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. There is no actual proof, but there is the strong suspicion that the FBI probe about the use of the email server by Hillary Clinton was influenced by politics from President Obama, the State Department and of course people connected with Hillary Clinton. The FBI started this process under leadership of FBI Director James B. Comey. But that investigation was limited in scope and the limitations were forced by James B. Comey. In July, FBI Director James B. Comey released Hillary Clinton with only a slap on her wrist.

Email server scandal, round 2
Email server scandal, round 2

This was reversed by the same FBI Director James B. Comey at the end of October 2016 and Hillary Clinton is again under investigation of criminal wrong doing. But that’s not all, the investigation has expanded and includes now the Clinton Foundation.

Anthony Weiner
Anthony Weiner

Hillary Clinton and President Obama were not happy with this unprecedented move from FBI Director Comey. It took a long time before the FBI received the court order to start investigating the new proof (the 600K+ emails).

The Clinton team responded after the shock was processed with denial and counter attack, as they usually do with their interconnected media war machines.

Inauguration day as President
Inauguration day as President

And the other serious consequence of these investigations against Hillary Clinton is that if she gets elected as President, those voters need to wait for a very long time before they have their president. And they take also the risk that this President will go to jail and dragging America further in the slumps and be the biggest embarrassment in the world.

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