The Donald Trump, Evil Reincarnation Himself

Donald, Hillary and Bill
Donald, Hillary and Bill

Everyone who’s reading the mainstream media in the Internet gets the strong impression that Donald Trump is a really bad person and Hillary Clinton not. This is an understatement as ever. You don’t believe me? Do you want to see the proof with your own eyes? Go to (aggregation of news of multiple sources) and read only the headlines about the American elections.

Even when new revelations are coming in the open about criminal probes and investigations from the FBI against Hillary Clinton, there is still a very strange negativity of the news coverage of the mainstream media. And it doesn’t end with the negative coverage, no, not at all. They are using tactics to manipulate facts, vicious attacks on Trump’s character, straight out lying, cheating and much more to brush Donald Trump with the brush of tarnished evil.

Anthony Weiner
Anthony Weiner

The strategy of the Clinton election machine is deny, deny and deny and immediately counter attack with the same, but opposite.

When Trump says the Bill is a sexual predator, they counter attack that Trump is a sexual predator. When Trump says that the Clinton Foundation is corrupt, they counter attack immediately that the Trump Foundation is corrupt. When Trump tells about the incompetence of Hillary Clinton in office, the Clinton war machine claims Trump is incompetent, and so go on and on. The Clinton elections machine act like a five year old child.

Ann Coulter on Breitbart wrote an interesting piece about those accusations and I could not help to expand on that.

Let us take a look at the accusations against Donald Trump.

Grab a woman’s p*ssy23Trump

The video, where Trump said on a secretly recorded tape that celebrities can do anything — even grab a woman’s p*ssy.

  1. Hillary Clinton was so happy to have the support of Madonna, who offered a blowjob to anyone who voted for Clinton.636118607633877302-clinton-boardroom-cartoon
  2. Did anyone ever listen to the songs Beyonce is singing? Hillary Clinton with Beyonce singing in a duet “… curvalicious, p*ssy served delicious …” ((slang) curvalicious=a girl who has luscious curves in all the right places; more cushion for the pushin. (not to be confused with a fatty))
  3. Vernon Jordan (American business executive and civil rights activist) and Bill Clinton golfing together and talking about … p*ssy, according Mike Wallace from the CBS.
  4. The Democrat Teddy Kennedy ran for President after he killed a girl (after he grabbed her “p*ssy”).

Trump is a serious (sexual) predatorFunny-Hillary-Clinton-And-Donald-Trump-Merged-Together-Photoshop-Image

  1. The poor New York Times invested so much time and money to investigate Trump and his treatment of women. And you know what? They didn’t find one single thing about Donald Trump!
    Actually that’s a big compliment of that man, because if they would investigate any random male, I’m not so sure what they would dig up. But if they would investigate any random male in a position of power, I suspect they would come up with many incidents concerning (abuse of) women.
  2. And I don’t need to mention Bill Clinton with his serial preying on anyone who’s female! His misuse of his position of power and misuse it immediately. And his partner, his wife or whatever she is to him working as his fixer (Fixer=A person who uses influence or makes arrangements for another, especially by improper or unlawful means).
  3. For many years now there are strong rumors that the Clintons were letting people ‘disappear’. Many people, who had dealings for (or against) the Clintons ended dead by suicide, freak accidents or sudden disasters. The number of ‘disappearing people’ became so high, that people published lists of those disappearances, which actually were never investigated by authorities as I know, but others did. Read this article here. Funny-Hillary-Clinton-With-Scary-Face-Image
  4. And then there are those woman who ‘suddenly‘ came forward with accusations of Trump groping and raping them (many years ago and they came forward only after the video). And the word ‘suddenly’ is obvious. All their claims were badly prepared and obvious lies, as each accusation was easily repelled.
  5. Together with the appearing video where everyone could hear Trump using the word p*ssy and the other accusation claiming that Trump is nothing else then a sexual predator, the timing of those allegations is suspect and points to one of the many accusations against Trump without any basis. It’s simply mudslinging and demonizing his character, nothing more.
  6. The mainstream media were overwhelming every reader with articles full with accusations how much Trump was a bad, evil and disgusting predator and a danger for any woman, while not saying a word about Bill Clinton, who’s actions had proven without any doubt that he was a predator.
  7. Trump calling Miss Universe fat! Oh my! What a crime. But what the truth is that he saved her position as Miss Universe!
  8. Miss Universe’s name is Alicia Machado from Venezuela, who’s accused of driving the getaway car in an attempted murder; threatening to kill a federal judge; and being the baby mama to drug cartel kingpin Gerardo Alvarez-Vazquez. She is Hillary’s model immigrant. Good thing for Hillary is she get votes, a public figure supporting her, but on the other side we have America funding the huge bills for Machado & co for the rest of their lives in America.

Charity preludes5Trump

Hillary Clinton is a great philanthropist. With her Clinton Foundation she’s doing so much good for the poor and uneducated and women, not to forget the countries hit by disasters. True. But that you can’t say about Trump. Or me, or the total majority of the human kind on this earth, and neither can you say that for the rich and politicians. And doing your charity thing is not a requirement to become President? But don’t worry, neither is Hillary Clinton.

  1. Hillary Clinton ‘gave‘ exactly 6% of all the money she had received from normal people all over the world, organizations, countries, dictators, enemy states, sinister figures in international crime, thieves, robbers, politically tainted money and other criminals and the rest of the money (94%) she kept as her stash fund.
  2. For Hillary Clinton, charity means tax deduction with the IRS. Clinton's sickness
  3. True charity is helping out people without expecting anything back and be quiet about it. For example, Trump spent time and money saving a Georgia family farm from foreclosure in the 1980s. Another example? Millions of Christians in America are giving money and resources to the poor without expectations to get something out of it. So do the Muslims.
  4. That Clinton’s charity empire is currently under investigation by the FBI of fraud, corruption and ‘Pay-To-Play’ schemes. It might be one gigantic scam.crowds-for-hillery-clinton

Trump’s failure as a businessmanDonald Trump

  1. Trump is a businessman and one of his business methods is buying, creating and helping to create businesses, improve them and sell them again for profit. 10% of those ventures failed and 90% succeeded and he earned good money with it and helped many American workers. It’s good business practice. The Clinton election war machines of course published that (10% failed ventures) data and ‘forgot’ the mention the rest. Talking about taking things out of context.
  2. The Clintons worked a few days in their lives, and what they did ended up in utterly failure (Whitewater Development Corp). That business venue ripped off scores of ordinary Americans and a dozen prominent Arkansans went to prison connected with the financial transactions involving Whitewater and of course the Clintons.Clinton
  3. Whitewater was a huge part of the Clintons get-rich-quick scams, swindle the elderly, retirees and working-class Americans for the money-hungry Clintons. More than half of Whitewater’s customers lost their entire investment straight into the pockets of the Clintons.
  4. Trump is not a politician, but a builder. Well, I don’t believe that he ever built anything with his own hands, but he was the man behind the building ventures. And that makes him a perfect candidate for President of the United States. You can’t say the same for the Clintons.

Trump University was a scam10Trump

  1. Look at the number of graduates from the Trump University. I did. We are talking about 12,121 graduates.
  2. But the Clinton elections war machine managed to find a couple of disgruntled students, who helped a class-action lawsuit against the Trump University. I give a month salary that the Trump University will go free without any guilt. That case will be thrown out.Clinton
  3. The mainstream media were of course on the case and blackened the Trump University for the sake of partisan politics and not for the sake of future students and education in general.

Trump with the nuclear codes! Oh my! What a disaster that will be!21Trump

In the contrary what Hillary Clinton claims, she is a walking disaster of someone with those codes handy and in a position to use that terrible, all-destructive power what those codes represent.

  1. Did you ever watch Clinton when she is under stress? Straight in front of the cameras, live in front of TV? Her rolling of her eyes, sweating, the fury visible on her face, her eyes burning of hate and furious rage?
  2. There are so many witness accounts of so many different people, who had business with the Hillary Clinton, who were victims and witnesses of Hillary’s rage with throwing bibles, cursing them, calling them names, which would allow a sailor to blush!Funny-Hillary-Clinton-With-Fangs-Picture
  3. That same Hillary Clinton, making remarks “go to war with Russia”, retaliate immediately, enforce a no-fly zone in Syria (even go so far as shooting down any airplane, including that of Russia).
  4. The same Hillary Clinton, who’s using Russia as a scapegoat to move media attention from her schemes and accusing them of crimes (which is not proven and also not very likely).
  5. With hew unprotected email server, which she deliberately kept unprotected, doing her business as Secretary of State! And of course continuing doing her Clinton Foundation scam, together with her husband Bill Clinton.
  6. And then we have the other side, Donald Trump, who stood firm and uncompromised under the unprecedented onslaught of the mainstream media, proved in front of the world that he could stand and hold a storm. Such a man is indeed worthy to handle the nuclear codes (hopefully he will never use those codes).

Trump’s temperament will get us into World War III15Trump

  1. Hillary viciousness led to the death of Moammar Gadhafi. The strange thing about that man is that in the end of his life, he removed the nuclear weapons and stopped his research, and he supported the fight against terrorists and had his own way to control his populations in Libya.
  2. Hillary’s temperament forced the issue and she had him killed! Half in hysterics, she went in front of the TV and said “We came. We saw. He died.”. Can you imagine, leaders all over the world, doing their own business in their own countries, might be end up as Moammar Gadhafi. Actually, not only the leaders of the world, but normal American citizens too, looking to the Clinton’s body-count lists. Funny-Dracula-Hillary-Clinton-Face-Photoshop-Image
  3. With her vicious temper, she caused directly and indirectly the events of the Muslim Brotherhood, the murder of Americans in Benghazi, Libya a failed state, the invasion of ISIS, thousands of people died of violence and millions of refugees pouring into Western Europe.

Trump is a racist because of his plan to stop and even to remove Muslims and Mexicans from America.8Trump

  1. What Donald Trump actually said was his plan to remove Muslim jihadists, Mexican drug dealers and rapists from America. It’s a simple question of taking some words from Trump speeches and pump it in the mainstream media as if they would be true.

    Hillary Clinton wants to be the president
    Hillary Clinton wants to be the president
  2. Clinton doesn’t have any problems with her own words, because that is something she would do if it would make her a profit. But what she stands for is asking the poor blacks to vote for her, and as rewards she would let the Muslims and Mexicans to take their jobs. It’s a perfect scam, a perfect scheme, she can use for her next schemes.

Trump is undermining the democracy in America by claiming that the elections are rigged.1Trump

  1. One of the unwritten ‘secrets’ in any American election is that each American election is rigged. While in the beginning the rigging was on a more limited scale, but with the use of voting boxes, those scale went sky-high.
  2. Hillary Clinton seem to ‘forget’ this statement almost immediately, because now she claims that Russia is rigging the elections. American’s dearest President, the worst ever in American history, also claimed (at first) that Trump is doing the democracy in America a disservice, while later he admits rigging the elections is likely true.

    Clinton and the WikiLeaks revelations
    Clinton and the WikiLeaks revelations
  3. The mainstream media, together with the Clinton elections war machine are continuing with the brainwashing of the public in stating that Trump’s supporters are behaving extraordinary aggressive, while in reality the Democrat’s hired tugs are performing the aggression. Their payment is (a blowjob of Madonna, (joking, but she announced in public for each Democrat voter)) $1,500 in cash and an iPhone.

Trump is stupid, not intelligent, a very limited attention span and don’t know anything about politics13Trump

  1. Trump only wants “right outcome for America: limits on immigration, fair trade deals, the elimination of Wall Street tax breaks and no more pointless Middle East wars“(sic).
  2. Clinton’s campaign is totally organized and scripted from the beginning till the end … by others. When she is giving a speech, with her earpiece, she is saying what her earpiece is dictating.
  3. When she’s is confronted with unknowns (not prepared issues), she is coughing, looking bewildered and at the end coming up with none-answers, meaningless words.
  4. She is using cheats to come through personal confrontations with Donald Trump during the debates (she got a copy of all the questions beforehand). Clinton
  5. Her attention span is extremely limited. And her knowledge in politics is also suspect, seeing what she has accomplished as a politician over the last 30 years, I would say that the facts show how bad of a politician she actually is.
  6. With the same coin, I can say that the Democrats have a very short attention span, not enough knowledge of the American history and politics and are limited in their perception by voting for a person like Hillary Clinton and allowing such person to continue as a candidate.
  7. Also I get the strong indication that the real thing about the elections is totally forgotten and pushed somewhere down the heap of b*llshit and drama. Read the ‘Clinton versus Trump, Globalism versus Nationalism’.

Trump has personal baggage26Trump

  1. There is not one single person in America, who has no personal baggage. Not one single one. Everyone did something in their lives where they are not proud of and can be ashamed for that. I remember my pastor saying that the first true innocent man can throw the stone. In America, there is nobody like that, neither anyone in the world. Clinton
  2. That claim from the Clinton elections war machine is so unbelievable, I can’t find any words to describe this ridiculous statement.
  3. Every person in the shoes of Trump currently would be torn to shreds by the Clinton’s war machine.


The Quatro, who fights to become President
The Quarto, who fights to become President

Trump is not a perfect person, but so is everyone else. With the enormous cruel and violent, unprecedented personal attacks on his character, his person, his family, friends, voters and fans, he stood strong and steadfast (as was his family, friends and fans). Only that fact proofs to me and many others, that Donald Trump is more then good material for being a president.

If I would be an American citizen, I would definitely vote for him. Objectively speaking, the American people has a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. That’s limited, but it’s all their democratic republic has to offer.

Many people seem to forget what a democratic republic is. It’s a country that is both a republic and a democracy. It is one where ultimate authority and power is derived from the citizens, and the government itself is run through elected officials. One of the citizens is going to be President, but he or she must realize that he or she is nothing else then a servant of the American people. The people always come first, not some globalization scheme.

The Trio, who wants to be the next President
The Trio, who wants to be the next President

And as the final note, when you vote in Hillary Clinton as the next President, you get three presidents for the price of one: Hillary Clinton, the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, the President of the United States and the continuation of the policies of Obama, the President of the United States.

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