The New America Under Threat

It has been a while that President Trump is elected. He’s in office for more then a year and what did we see? Improvement.

On the other side we have the so called losers of the election, Hillary Clinton. And what did we see? A sour loser.

So far so good. President Trump represents the Republicans and what did we see? A bunch of people, who act like children, divided hopelessly in almost everything and really not productive.

At the other side we have the Democrats. And what did we see about the Democrats? Totally focused on the destruction of the United States of America as a means to get rid of President Trump.

And then we have America. What did we see? Huge improvements in commerce, huge improvement in jobs, money, better economical future for all Americans. We also see the separation of America between what’s currently America and the leftists. We also see the excessive war going on between America and the political left, the so called mainstream media, the legal system, and anything what the left can control, not to forget the many foreign leaders, particular in Europe.

Lisa Benson / Victorville Daily Press

And then we have the actual issue, the immigration. This is the huge threat, and the most important thing the Democrats have to safeguard their future for … ever.

The issue of immigration, commerce, the USA will be decided in the upcoming midterm elections (2018), which will repaint the power in the senate and house

If the Democrats, lefties and the Liberals would win their battle about immigration, the so called open borders policies, then it would change the demographic makeup of the United States of America dramatically. And guess what? The Democrats are really hoping to have them as their future votes. If they succeed, the President Trump will be the last Republican President and the current majority of the Republicans in the house and senate will be diminished and gone for ever.

And I’m talking about the expected backslash of the economy, which will reverse its gain, neither the freedom of expression, the radical politicization of the federal institutions like the CIA and FBI, the drowning of the Whites, the indoctrination and brainwashing of the educational systems, the diminished military and of course the path the United States will direct itself in the international world.

If the democrats lose, it will take them many years to recover. Depending on the productivity, focus and ability of the Republicans, they can make an enormous difference for America itself and the world. They have the potential to become again a real superpower, a stabilizing power worldwide, avoiding wars, conflicts and disasters, gain and growth of terrorism and that’s only the international platform. Nationally, they have the potential to make America really great again, even beyond that.

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