The Trump Revolution 2016, 2017, 2018 and Counting

The American President is a very unpopular President, a man who lies, creates (concentration) camps for refugees, rips families apart, discriminates against Blacks, Arabs, suppressor of Muslims, breaks his own laws, suspends crucial federal law, politicizes federal institutions, misuse of federal agencies to target other political activists, spies on political opponents, suppresses evidence of wrong doing, whole series of international disasters and mismanagement, trying to play ‘general’ by micromanaging military campaigns, trying to involve America with the biggest, most expensive scam ever created in the history of the world, the so called environment trap-scam, making suspicious deals with worse then criminals, helped to fail Libya, helped to increase the power of ISIS by mismanagement, blundering and underestimation, created the biggest joke-agreement with the Iranians, robbed the American people by forcing everyone to pay killing taxes (without getting anything back), giving billions of dollars away for free, and the list goes on. Well. It’s all true and people assume of course that this is our President Trump … but they assume wrongly … that would be the previous President Obama ‘impressive’ legacy.

There are some exceptions with this Obama; it’s not all that bad with this man. He was popular, he strutted through the White House and smiled, like a wise father telling his slightly annoying children to do better … and got away with it. The biggest con-artist ever! That he indeed was. And he also got away with robbing the American people with trillions after trillions of dollars in exchange for his schemes.

But thanks for the American constitution, he’s gone now. His ‘god-child’ Hillary Clinton, was defeated by the current President Trump, with his obnoxious way of communicating with the American people … and the people all over the world.

The populist President, the President for the common man (and woman of course) is here to stay, undefeated, standing tall and strong. His words sends the financial markets up or down, making countries shake and every person on earth takes notice, melting the brains of the liberals, socialists, communists and the members of the Democrat party in the US. Only his presence was enough to push the American economy forward in November/December 2016 before he did or could do anything; he was not even in function that time!

Obama fun in Russia
Obama fun in Russia

Foreign leaders were getting nervous, warily and suddenly very cautious. Gone was the sneering at the American leadership, gone was the laughter and ridicule, replaced by … silence … for now. A very nervous silence and they aren’t laughing anymore, no ridicule of the American leadership anymore, afraid that they might trigger President Trump.

President Trump! The shock! The suspense! The drama, righteous and furious anger bordering to hate. People went to bed and their last thought was about Trump. When they woke up … you guessed it already … they thought about Trump. It’s quite unhealthy you know, not even his wife is doing that, assuming that she shares his bed. I bet that Trump is more known then any superstar in Hollywood, or any great statesman or scientist or singer or actress or boyfriend or even parents or wive or husband.

The most typical reaction of people somewhere in the world is the reaction of the Palestinian people in Israel and Gaza. If you drop the word ‘Trump’ in public, they start a long series of cursing words and other creative profanities (like they do that by default to any American president), but when you tell them what Trump has done for the common man in America, they all fall silent. They know and they understand; it’s the impression of power, which Obama totally lacked and never understood. When I did something like that during the tenure of Obama, they continued to curse and call him the devil or Satan. After Obama’s speech in Cairo, the Arabs on the street started to call him – next to Satan and devilsnake. It seems that they could perfectly read the man from that distance.

Did you notice that I didn’t mention the media, or the mainstream media or its alternative forms of the media? That’s because I didn’t … yet. Well, here it goes:

The mainstream media is the fifth column in my opinion. A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation.

And that’s exactly what the mainstream media is doing. They, together with the Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists are all banding together in the form of political campaigns with as purpose to bring down President Trump in any way, by any means. They undermine the whole American population from within, in favor of the democrats. Such campaign is not bound to the massive one-sided reporting of everything what the President does, it’s the undermining of the efforts of the current government, like the President’s administration and cabinet, the alternative forms of the media, the Republican party and the voters for President Trump. They are willingly even to go so far, that they like to promote violence against anyone remotely connected to President Trump. And the mainstream media is not alone, there is also the so called deep state, the second 5th column group.

And guess what?

After all that mess, the drama, the constant attacks on anything the President does and say, the constant negative press, the books written about him painting him so negatively, the American population response as follows: 69 percent say the economy is strong v 31 percent who think it’s weak under Trump.

Or this one: 68 percent say that their personal financial situation is improving or staying the same v 26 percent who say theirs is getting worse under Trump.

Here’s another one: 58 percent say they approve of the job Trump is doing on “stimulating jobs” and 57 percent approve of the job he’s doing on the economy.

But that is not all what’s going on. It’s the collapse of the democrats. “Republicans are racist and homophobic morons”, according the dems, and lately they claim that “Republicans are also Nazis, baby killers, etc.”. That has kept Democrat voters in line for a while now, but cracks appear in the steep walls of the Democrats. Many Republicans and the President Trump laugh at their insults, and just get stronger.  Suddenly, another Trump success.  The Democrat line is breaking.  The American minorities are starting to break free.

President Trump’s achievements on jobs and security are improving the lives of every single Democrat identity voting bloc.  A small, but increasingly significant number are noticing.  With gains on the economy and foreign affairs, President Trump is slowly chipping away at the Democrat Party’s foundations.  The white working class already belongs to Trump. Fed up blacks, Hispanics, millennials and gays are starting to follow.

Minorities notice more money in their paychecks. They notice when they get off food stamps and the unemployment line.  They notice when they move from flipping hamburgers to a high-paying construction or assembly-line jobs.  Securing our border, supporting cops, defeating ISIS in Syria, pressuring North Korea to get rid of their nukes — ordinary people get that we are safer than we were under Obama. Democrats can scream as loud as they want, but they cannot drown out reality.

And then we have the #WalkAway movement. Where fed-up Democrats are walking or running away from the party, swearing to vote for Republicans. Trump is gaining inside Democrat strongholds.  He is reaching women and non-whites.  A Harvard/Harriss poll shows a 10-point upswing among Hispanic voters.  He has made a four-point gain among Democrats. Millennials are telling Reuter/Ipsos pollsters that they are going to vote Republican in the mid-terms.  In 2016, white millennials supported Democrats for Congress by a whopping 47 to 33 percent.  No more.  Millennial support for Democrats has fallen by almost 10 percent.  This is seriously bad news for Democrats.

President Trump’s approval among black men doubled, to 22 percent, and among all blacks, to over 16 percent. Trump promised blacks that if they gave him a chance, they would see real economic progress and he has delivered, big time.  Blacks are working more than ever, many at better jobs. According to a June 2018 Rasmussen poll, twice as many black voters will now admit they are better off under President Trump.

From immigration to everything, Democrats are just a disaster.  They’re anti-American, anti-common sense, rational — anything good, they’re against it.

And then we have Mexico. The biggest winner in Mexico’s elections are the socialists and Andrés Manuel López-Obrador. The biggest loser is the Democrat’s party in America. Why?

AMLO and the American Democrats favor heavy on social spending, forced unionization of workers, political patronage, Chicago-style political muscle, and loyalty to the ideals of the Socialist International.  It’s what most socialists do until they run out of Other People’s Money, look at Venezuela, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, East-Germany, Hungary, North Korea, etc. with the exception of a few, like China.

Democrats have staked their future on uneducated, needy illegals forming the base for their continued existence and (permanent) dominion over the Republicans.  In Mexico, it’s the same thing. AMLO’s social spending policies are very likely to draw Mexicans illegally here in the U.S. back to Mexico and decreasing the stream of illegals to the US.  If such Mexican has the choice of taking welfare benefits in the US or welfare benefits in Mexico, it’s likely they’ll go for them in Mexico, where the language is the same, the ICE isn’t looking for you, and you know your way around the culture.

That’s again bad news for the Democrats.

And more problems for AMLO in Mexico:

Demographically Mexico has problems too, just like the US and Europe: the median age is rising in Mexico and the population growth has gone flat. Streams of Mexicans flying to the US is after all not such good idea for Mexico.

And finally, to make things worse for the Democrats in America, we have part of AMLO’s speech:

And soon, very soon – after the victory of our movement – we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.” (source).

He wants to ship illegals from other countries through Mexico to the U.S. That would irritate the Republicans, making sure to come to the midterm elections and vote Republican. As I said, more bad news for the Democrats.

Finally some words about the Republicans and the GOP. What are they going to do after winning the midterm elections? are they going to support President Trump’s policies or not?


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