Are the UN, EU and NATO threatened?

The article “Bono warns that existence of UN, EU and NATO are threatened” (July 3, 2018) tells that there is worry that those institutions are threatened to be damaged, under attack, dismantled or radically changed (source). In this article, Bono, the Irish rock star, is warning the world about the existential threat of the UN, EU and NATO. Even that he didn’t name President Trump by name, it’s obvious that he blames him.

In this article he goes on with the following:

… the EU, NATO and the Group of Seven major industrialized nations have also been threatened.”

Let’s see if that is the case.

  • The UN. The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945. It is currently made up of 193 Member States. The mission and work of the United Nations are guided by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter.
    • The UN is infested with group/block-diplomacy, where certain political blocks are doing anything to hurt the other political blocks. It’s now reduced to one huge, expensive bickering collection of impotent ‘diplomats’.
  • The EU. The fundamental purposes of the European Union are to promote greater social, political and economic harmony among the nations of Western Europe. The EU reasons that nations whose economies are interdependent are less likely to engage in conflict.
    • What has America to do with the EU? How can America threat the EU? America is not in Europe. I think that our left-wing Bozo means the rise of populism, he of course blames on President Trump.
  • The NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 29 North American and European countries.
    • The NATO has 29 North American and European countries, and America is one of the them. One of the most important requirements of the existence of NATO is of course the military resources in order to defend itself in case of an attack. And here lays the problem; the majority of the 29 countries don’t offer enough military resources to the NATO. President Trump pushed and pressured the NATO to offer the military resources (read here money to spend on them), and the majority of those countries ignored him.
    • It’s not the situation that they don’t have the money, they have. You can see it with their announcement of an additional international army, which really cost much more then their 2% fee for the NATO.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but when President Trump is saying something he means it. After almost two years that he’s in power, at least that’s clear.

If the President says that the majority of the member states in the NATO are not doing their duty, and actually breaking the intergovernmental military alliance by not paying their dues, and he’s right. The next step is of course fixing it. But that does not seem to happen (France has announced to fix it, but France is the only one); they ignore the remarks of the President.

The EU. It’s the business of the western European countries to do their business as they like it. What has President Trump to do with that? For him it is live and let live and he really doesn’t plan or want to interfere with that. But he has a problem with the fact that the EU is doing business with the USA, which is not fair or equal. They charge taxes from products from America and they demand that the Americans don’t charge taxes from products from the EU. When the President protests, they are surprised and act like they are hurt. Does the EU really think that the USA are idiots?

The UN. The problem America has with the UN (and the majority of the world population) is that the UN is evolved into something totally different then it originally intended was. The UN is now an enormous administrative center, where countries are organized in ‘voting’ blocks, to manipulate the organization to support certain political goals. It’s virtually impossible to have the UN do something constructive, like taking care of the refugee problem, the many wars in the Middle East, the hunger problem, the devastating disasters everywhere happening. That situation today is actually so bad, that members of an UN organization for freedom of women are members, who are the actual suppressors.

And it gets worse; America is singled out at the UN to be insulted, vilified and attacked by the member states of the UN, while America’s ‘friends’ are saying nothing.

The UN and the NATO seem to forget that the USA is the biggest provider of funds for those organizations and they are talking about President Trump, who’ll not hesitate to stop the money streams to those defunct organizations. And the President has warned them already many times, the moment will come that he confronts them directly.

And then there is the question if America needs the UN and the NATO? No. But does the UN and NATO needs America? Yes. Without America, both organizations will collapse.

And we know how that confrontation will occur and what the end result is. There will be no grandstanding, no fights, no battles, no aggression from the USA. No, the USA will simply pull out, stop the funding and wish them good luck.

I think that the UN and NATO have still two years to come up with a solution, before President Trump will pull out of both organizations: the beginning of his second term.

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