Are You Going To Enjoy Your Pension? Not Long Before You’re Murdered!

In the western Europe, the lifespan of everyone is extended with many years. The elderly can look forward to the fact that they can live a life in quiet and pleasure when they reach the age of pension. Or for those, who are physically not be able to work, the only thing left for those people is enjoying what they have. Pay attention here, this is indeed the case for the current generation, but the generations behind us this is not the case!

The horror of some Sci-Fi movies, where elderly are guided into a gentle process, which gives them eternal rest with nice soft music in the background and looking at amazing scenes from nature is coming the reality.

In the Netherlands, were there is a huge problem of the increased number of elderly and the money to pay for it all, came up with a scheme to get rid of them. They extend assisted death to all those over 70 who are ‘tired of life’.

As of March 2018, human euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, Canada and India. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and in the US states of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, Montana, Washington DC, and California (source)

In the UK we have the infamous Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Hampshire. What happens there?

  • Any ‘patient’, who wants to die, receives lethal dose of painkillers, music and the movie and dies ‘peacefully’.
  • Any ‘patient’, who seems to be a pain in the behind for the staff (asking too many questions, an annoyance, or simply being an ‘inconvenient’), receives lethal dose of painkillers, optionally music and the movie and dies ‘peacefully’.
  • 55% of those who were given lethal doses of diamorphine were not in pain. In 29% of all cases, there is or was NO justification at all for the lethal dose.

The issue is not the assisted suicide by itself, but it’s the cultural engineering of the assisted suicides. This fact that the cultural engineering – in countries of Europe and  the USA as well – is becoming part of the new normalcy of life, culturally engineered and manipulated by the people in power to reduce the (medical) costs, pensions and the resources dedicated for the elderly. And there is a real reason for this devastating trend: the lower birthrate of the population means more elderly and less children and less able bodies to work to pay for the pensions for the huge amount of elderly. For the elites it’s a win-win situation and the only thing what’s still ongoing is the cultural engineering to reach the general mainstream of the populations everywhere in western world.

Can you imagine that when you talk to your grandchildren, and they announce their plans for you (and themselves) that you will go to an institute, which allows you to die painless and at any moment of your (and their) choice? Great, huh? Something to look forward to, I suppose.

Or what about this. In the UK, there is the social medical care, and if they decide that you need an ‘assisted suicide’, you die, if you like it or not. And why? Not because you’re incurable sick, or suffer from terrible pains, no, your only ‘crime’ or the only reason is your advanced age of … well, beyond the age to work. Don’t believe me? Look at the last reports of the ‘incurable infant’, where they and the British state decided to end the life of the infant, overruling the opinion and decision of the parents and International community.

Do you understand those people now, who decide not to have anything to do with society? Those who try to leave such dangerous regime, which dedicates itself to be the one deciding if you live or not? Do you understand why so many people are now investing in pension plans, so that they are independent of the will of their children and grandchildren? Do you understand now why so many people don’t trust their children? The bad news is for those living in the UK, the children might or might not decide, but the state will decide.

My father never wanted to be in a hospital when he was older. He was so much afraid he never would leave the hospital alive (in the Netherlands). And he was right. My grandmother died, because a junior doctor decided to pressure one family member that it was better like this.

Assisted death is something for those, who really have no reason to continue to live. Meaning, for those under extreme pain and clearly not have any prospect to survive.

For those, who are walking around with plans to suicide, those are in the need of mental help and assistance, not assisted death.

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