UPDATED: What’s Going On There at the UK?


Crime is up, rape is up, robbery is up, killings and murders are up, grooming is up, knife attacks are up, gun attacks are up, domestic abuse is up, acid attacks are up, burglaries are up, assassinations and child killings are up, human trafficking is up, human slavery is up, kidnappings are up and the list goes on and on. That’s not the worst. The police fails also to report 20% of all crimes in cases (we’re talking about tens of thousands of crimes), it also claims that data crimes are very important and the police invest loads of resources on that (instead of real crimes).

And if that’s not enough, we see the coming together of the buttock-clenching spasm moral posturing and garish self-love serving pigs of assorted morons, misfits, and malcontents, pink-haired and nose-ringed twats, representing the British people with the ‘unseen’ silent, but approving authorities. Those hordes of animals are stirred up by left-wing politicians and their prime minister, to ‘protest’ the coming visit for President Trump, the democratically voted President of the United States, the most powerful country in earth, having the ability to increase prosperity for the UK, who has in his power the defense of the UK against aggressors and where the UK so much depends on. It’s a carnival of hatred and abuse. It was a direct insult to the President and the American people (edit at 7/19/18).

Moped related crimes are staggering in the UK, unopposed, unhindered and unstoppable crime waves straight on the streets of the UK. Masked thugs are using scooters and motorbikes to carry out acid attacks, muggings and jewellery raids. The violent crimes are bringing terror to the streets of the UK. Only in London itself, 60 violent attacks are performed by the moped related crimes, and that’s not included the ‘normal’ crimes exploding on the streets.

The anarchy in British society is becoming more clear by the day; thugs and gangs are free to do what they want. Muslim gangs are free to groom (or simply pick) preteens from the streets and even from their family’s homes to do what they want with them. Human slavery is the thing of the day,  and guess what? The authorities try to keep up by counting and not very successful at that. The criminals can roam the streets to look for more victims and the British police is busy doing something else.

And how is the UK reacting to all that crime, the expanding anarchy, the death, the many victims? Answer: No idea.

The taxpayer-funded BBC, which presents itself as politically neutral, told its readers to get ready to protest President Trump, further ignoring the situation, which is becoming critical very soon for the UK. Most, if not all newspapers and other publications in the UK report about the huge crime waves, just like what you can read here, and in full details, complete with images and photos. And that’s the problem there with the press and media.

The media is reporting about the crimes and that’s it. They also report about the authorities and their incompetence to act, and that’s it. There is further no reaction, neither a fallout, no consequences, no followup, no uprising, no political pressure, nothing. The Brits are notified and that’s it. No followup, and the crime waves are continuing and getting worse and the anarchy on the streets become more obvious then it was before.

Anarchy and huge crime waves are the new normality in the British society




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