It’s Going Bad to Worse for America

In Breitbart today, they published an article with the title “WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: ‘Loyal and Honorable Deep State Has a Higher Duty,’ ‘God Bless Them’“. Briefly, the article is about Eugene Robinson, who wrote an editorial defending the US intelligence community and praising the deep state as patriots, who oppose President Trump’s agenda.

Let me translate the above in other words.

Official American intelligent agencies, which oppose the commander of the United States in any way is betrayal or treachery. It’s further disloyalty, bad faith, faithlessness, falseness, duplicity and deception.

The enormous damage such actions of betrayal and treachery brings is devastating for the American government and its security. The President has no choice then to fire those people or forbid them to speak publicly. He is the boss and those people are working for him, if they like it or not.

But what’s happening right now is that he ignores what’s going on, and that is more damaging then anything he could do. He might ignore the harassment and the curses and the threats, but not the betrayal of his intelligent agencies.

What’s next? We are going to hear the American armed forces working against the President in public with all kind of bizarre political statements?

A President, who can’t trust his secret agencies, is a President, who must work blindly. It’s an enormous weakness, which makes America vulnerable for attacks.

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