Republicans and Trump Deserve What They Get

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Buttock-clenching spasm, morally posturing, corrupted and garish self-love serving extremists of assorted morons, misfits, and malcontents, pink-haired and nose-ringed twats, stirred up by unknowns. Be it the extremists out there on the street, be it those who are writing in the mainstream media, those broadcasting propaganda, the corrupt judges, the security agencies, the FBI, CIA, the corrupt and morally posturing politicians in the Senate, the States and the local city governments, they are doing all they can to destroy President Trump, the Trump administration, the Republicans and America. They go so far to threaten the sitting American President with death, political or physical. And they continue doing that, because nobody stops them.

It’s like the GOP the last years complaining that they didn’t have enough power to make changes:


And what’s the problem now? Let’s tell the story in pictures:

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Violence is now very common. The cursing of people in public is now very common as well.


In 1964, the Democrats stood for segregation, and today in 2018 that has no changed, except the list is longer.

My point is how is it possible that all of this is happening unopposed? How is it possible to be violent, politically or physically, without any consequences? How is it possible to announce threats to the President of the United States with death or torture in public, including his family and everyone in his administration and get away with it? How is it possible to threaten rednecks, and they don’t respond then maybe some whining. How is that all possible?

How is it possible that the coming elections are being rigged on a massive scale of millions of illegal votes right before the eyes of the whole, wide world, and the President and the authorities are watching. How is it possible to allow that?

And when the Democrats and their extremist violent groups of thugs are starting to beat up citizens, like Republicans, attempting to kill Trump or his family, or trying to blow up federal buildings? I bet they moan and whine, but still do nothing.

Is America virtually dead? Is it a beaten people, passive to a fault, being slowly overrun by extremists, just like in the UK? If so, I wish them luck, because everyone there really needs it. It will be the end of the once great and powerful USA and they deserve the defeat. Where is the fighting spirit of the Americans?


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