The Real Threat to America – Being Dump

Antifada is the violent arm of the Democrats, activist Judges are those with only Democratic preferences, mainstream media are only focused on the Democrats and the destruction of the Trump administration and the Republicans by any means, the corrupt FBI and DOJ, the corrupt Intelligence Community, massive election fraud, silencing, reducing and suppressing of alternative news media and the violent harassment campaigns against anyone not Democrat.

Political awards of the Elections 2016 from media

There, I said it in one paragraph. I’m sure that some of the items I’ve mentioned in the above paragraph are unknown or maybe unclear to you.

I’m talking about the election fraud and here is a nice example of it. In Illinois, the House speaker is Michael Madigan. He is of course a Democrat and has a majority in the Illinois House.  But as these rules indicate, it doesn’t matter how many representatives the Republicans get in the Illinois House as long as the speaker stays in power and controls how many Democrats are on committees and who the committee chairs are.  Illinois is the only state in the U.S. that allows its House speaker to completely control the state Legislature through rules like these.

Voting rigged

The other ways of election fraud are registering (Democratic) voters with a cemetery address, registering the homeless (as Democratic), and allowing people to vote more times (Democratic of course). And the manipulating of the voting machines is the actual biggest fraud of them all.

And the Trump administration and the Republicans are looking at the whole think like a dump bag of potatoes, not doing a single thing against the fraud being performed right under their noses.

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