The Red Wave

30% of the black vote is for Trump. And Trump only needs 20-30% of the black votes and the Democrats are toast. And from the Latinos, Trump needs also about 30% of their votes and guess what? He has them already. Why? Think about the economy growth of 4.1%, which is more then excellent for the blacks and the Latinos. And then we have the EU deal, the expected deal with Mexico and probably soon after that Canada and that brings more economical growth. And it’s expected that the Republicans are showing up by mass for the midterm elections, all of them voting for the Republicans. In the Senate, the Republicans are more then likely to grow with eight seats; meaning a filibuster-proof majority, retain control of the House. And then the demographic factors of the Midterms. Elderly and conservatives vote more often, and young people, blacks, and Latino do not and here you have a red wave.

President Trump shows the courage to take on the whole world to correct unjust trade agreements, and he’s doing it without firing one single shot, not one American life has ended or wounded while doing that. He responded to the trade war (which has already started years ago by the EU, Canada, Mexico and China) and until now America seems to win.

EU proposed a deal with America, which is really fair; he’s at this moment of writing busy with trade negotiations between America and Mexico and the reactions during these negotiations are positive. It’s expected that the trade negotiations with Canada will also be quick and satisfying and then we have China. And Iran. The trade weapon is directed to Iran and the Iran regime shows cracks all over the place. With the Iran regime out of the way and/or de-fanged, real peace in the Middle East might be really possible. And then there Turkey, which is cracking at its seams, and there is not even a real trade war happening. And all of that to free an American, who is held as a hostage.

The announced blue wave, which is claimed by the left and Democrats is a farce. And why is it a farce? They claim that in every midterm elections, the ruling party (of the President) will lose the midterm elections. Well, not true of course. It’s true, except for 2002 when George Bush gained seats, and 1998 when Bill Clinton gained seats.

Black people didn’t turn out to vote for Democrats in 2010, 2014 and 2016. Trump has the support of 30% of the blacks, 30% of the Latinos.

  • In Arizona, Martha McSally is winning over McCain/Flake.
  • In Florida Rick Scottis is winning over Bill Nelson.
  • In Missouri Josh Hawley is winning over Claire McCaskill.
  • Jon Tester and Heidi Heidkamp are in trouble, because they voted against the tax bill.
  • In Michigan John James is the most exciting Republican of America. He’s an African American combat veteran who runs a $120 million a year business and a perfect fit for a Republican Senator.
  • In New Jersey Bob Hugin is winning over Bob Menendez.
  • In Nevada, Dean Heller is almost certain to win a close election.
  • In Indiana, Mike Brown looks to pick up a Republican seat from a weak incumbent Joe Donnely.

For the midterm elections, Florida, New Jersey, Missouri, South Dakota, West Virginia, Montana, Michigan, and Indiana all have great potential to flip from blue to red. Republicans can expect to pick up at least 3, more than likely 8 additional Senate seats.

One thing is certain. Donald Trump will almost certainly be much stronger after the midterms.

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