The Destruction of America by the Democrats, the Left, Liberals, Fascists and Socialists


All politicians want to do is get the power, then they can just steal anything they want. Money is the reason behind all the problems in America. Drive through (one of) the cities along the Connecticut coast, and what do you see? Urban devastation inflicted by the Democratic Party. There is not a lack of money in Democrat-controlled cities; there is a lack of responsibility, and simply a problem of theft. Destroyed roads, rusted buildings, homeless, lack of economic opportunity … these are the things that are brought with ‘progressive’ policies, along with the highest taxes in the country. Where does all that money go? It sure doesn’t go into infrastructure. It goes into the pockets of politicians and their supporters.

Think about Obama’s ‘stimulus’ package after his election, where he planned to spend one trillion dollars on infrastructure. Only 30 billion went to the infrastructure and the rest went to the unions. He stole that money.


And now we have the newest thing for the Democrats, socialism. They don’t tell the American people that it has been tried before multiple times and that there are countries at this given moment who are trying their taste of socialism as well, and as a person who went to a real school learning history, that person knows that the effort will end up in gigantic existence-threatening failure with millions of people killed. Look at Venezuela. Look at what is happening at South Africa and what happened in Zimbabwe and Namibia and the old USSR! All of those countries, Cuba too, are committing ritual economic suicide by adopting policies that will bring misery, hunger, social despair, economic chaos, hyperinflation, collapsing standards of living and, finally and tragically, mass death.

South Africa’s economy, once the mightiest and most industrialized in Africa, is already in a tailspin. In the first quarter of this year, GDP shrank at a 2.2% rate, the sharpest decline in nine years. Its major industries of mining, manufacturing and farming all reported major weakness. Unemployment is above 25%, and national elections loom next year. Inevitably, socialist promises will be used to buy votes.

And then we have the state California. What is happening there is a disaster to come and sooner then later. I’m not talking about the earthquake risk, but the takeover of the state by socialism. Venezuela had a top tier of wealth and entrepreneurship, plus a bustling, growing middle class and massive natural resources, such as oil — along with the ocean and mountains. And guess what? California too.

But through overbearing government control of private businesses, ever increasing taxes, transfers from the working classes to the not-working class, and ultimately nationalization of industry, the socialist leaders of that South American country managed to crush and eliminate its thriving middle class. And that was the final straw that began the chaotic and rapid spiral into the horrific desperation the country is experiencing now. And guess what? California too … or at least is in the process to do exactly that.

In Venezuela people started to leave the country by the millions. And guess what? In California too! Between 2007 and 2016, California lost 1 million more domestic residents than have come into the state, according to the IRS. Many are moving to Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. And it’s not only the people, but companies too. Toyota, Occidental Petroleum, Nissan and others are leaving the state posthaste because of the enormous taxes and the lack of workers. They pay $80,000 and $120,000 salaries to their people, but in order to live in California, that’s not enough.

In California, you have a very rich (the richest of the world even) at the top and a very large lower class of citizens, who barely can survive or live on the streets, but no middle class; and according the simple economy-1-2-3, no middle class, no country or state.

You don’t believe that California is on its way to what happens now in Venezuela? Well, let’s start to state that California is America’s first failed state at this moment. California is be the first “failed state” in America, but for many, that’s already the case, with more than 1 million Californians fleeing the state in the last 10 years. It is $1.3 trillion in debt. It has a terrible teacher shortage and a dreadful lawyer surplus. Gang-ridden, polluted Los Angeles is so bad it keeps getting called a “third-world country, (and here)” even by The New York Times!

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