Coming of the Global Disaster because of Overpopulation? No, the Opposite

In the US, there is a problem with pensions. Why? Because there is a gap of $7 trillion dollars to pay the pensions. And there is also the $49 trillion in unfunded Social Security problems. But that’s only the US. Globally speaking, we are talking about $70 trillion dollars gap in paying only the pensions. And that number was only in the year 2015, three years ago. In the year 2050, we are talking about a gap of $400 trillion dollars. What does that mean for everyone? Well, that’s simple, not? It means that your pension plans are faulty and you don’t get your pension when your time comes, it also means that many countries will not survive this ordeal, and it’s the biggest crisis … it’s a crisis for your and your countries existence. And it’s not being an alarmist, it’s common sense. here follows your horror story soon to be experienced by you and anyone else.

Overpopulation everyone?

October 31, 2011

Ah. The biggest joke ever played over the global population and the funniest part is that everyone seems to repeat the joke and act like a parrot. Overpopulation. Meaning that the number of people are growing at a high rate and they must share the existing resources, meaning at the end lack or not enough of resources, resulting in hunger, disaster, etc.

And what does actually happen? It’s the opposite of overpopulation, but the results will not be any less! Currently, the global trend almost everywhere is that the number of children born is reducing and the number of elderly are growing (they become older then ever). That means that the growth of the global population is stagnating and after that reducing. But that brings pain for the global population as it is now and you will feel the hurt very much, if you survive it. For many countries, it’s an existential threat, worse then both world wars together.

The overpopulation heist is not happening because of several factors.

  1. It’s a heist, a robbery, a scheme and like each heist, it works only short term until they are discovered for what it actually is.
  2. The collapse of the religious structures (which by default always supported big families)
  3. The growth of the population still happens, but it doesn’t cause the lack of resources, because the technologies allows to improve the usage of the existing resources and there are much more resources available then anyone would have known
  4. Statistics shows that the global population growth is actually is decreasing somewhat (at the moment) and the forecast is that the global population growth will decrease in twenty or thirty years.

And no, the decrease of the populations has absolutely nothing to do with the demography or to say it in plain English: the composition of the global human population.

Collapse of nations – Domino-effect in action

Arab immigrants

The gap in the pensions of $400 trillion dollars is not the worse problem; it’s the least. It’s the collapse of countries, which are simply going bankrupt. Small countries like the Netherlands (in and about 20 years from now), Belgium will be the first ones to go, and this happens in the lifetime of those who are younger then 60-70 years of age! Bigger countries with robust economies are the last of that list.

The nightmarish scenarios are countered by some countries with mass immigration, but this is only a plaster on a bullet wound, because they might theoretically push the burning problem away for some years, but it doesn’t. In practice, the mass immigration is causing more unnecessary social problems, and more financial strain on the countries in question, look at the EU, and it only hasten the process.

  • Small countries like the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and the like have the least reserves and volumes and they are also the first ones to go. For example the Netherlands have about 20 years to go before the problems there become critical.
  • Countries, which maintain an advanced system of social welfare are the first ones, which are not able to pay for the pensions (and welfare). This is called common sense; most of the tax income go to the social spending of their populations.
  • Countries, which are socialistic in nature are the next to go. Look at what happens with the social paradise Venezuela, which is almost bankrupt (at the moment of this writing). That’s the way those countries will go too, except it might become worse then Venezuela.
  • Countries, which have a weak economy will go also to hell, without reserves, without an advanced economy, the future for the elderly is dying of hunger and other resources, which they have now.
  • Countries with a strong economy, but isolated population, are the next to collapse. An example is Japan, which didn’t allow any integration, kept their country ‘clean’, but which become extreme before it collapses. Another example of this one is China. In 2040, China will reach the point of no return and goes into a decreasing population-‘mode’, with a huge elderly population and strongly reduced working population and a reduced number of children. We will see extreme measures applied on that country before it collapses.

When the first countries start to collapse, the rest will follow like a domino stones collapsing. It’s an existential threat.

Fertility rates

The only continent, which still has high fertility rates is Africa. As a golden rule, as long as a national population produces an average of three children per family, they are alright. Everything less then three children, they are in deep trouble when the existing children enters the labor market and the existing workers go on pension. For a complete list of the fertility rates for each country on earth, click here.

Percentage of the population over 65 in Europe in 2010

In Europe, the situation is even worse then anywhere.

At what level shall the word population stabilize?

To give a straight answer: Globally roughly around 1.5 billion to 2 billion people. That means that we have 5.5 till 6 billion people too much, or with other words, 5.5 till 6 billion people die. Or, that the decrease of the population stabilize at 1.5 till 2 billion people worldwide. What does that give everyone (globally)? Decent wealth and resources, basic human rights, preservation of cultural diversity, allowance of intellectual, artistic, and technological creativity and preservation of variability of life on Earth.

Be aware, that number (1.5-2 billion people) are numbers from the same sources, which predicted the overpopulation of the earth!

What to do about the problem?

  1. Forbid abortion, same sex marriages, support conventional family structures (wife-husband and children), strongly discourage any other form of family structures
  2. ‘Encourage’ (=force) women to give birth to a minimum of 3-4 babies, preferable more
  3. Increase the pension-rates for those who are working for the first 20-30 years
  4. Move the age of pension to 70 or even older as the mortality rate increases

Those are only four major points for a country to avoid the coming disaster and those are also the points, which will be applied in countries like Japan and China in the years to come. For the rest of the world, they have the choice to continue as they are now and will be dissolved, or to adapt.

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