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Social Media purge

Like in my article about Gigantic Social Media hard to Stop and the Powerful Social Media and Internet, the role of Social Media globally is huge and unprecedented. The role of social media in the United States is also immense and impressive, but it pictures a different role then the global role the social media are playing. In the United States the social media are (shadow) banning specific political websites and individuals … and politicians. But that’s not all. It actively and publicly gives preference to one political party (the Democrats) and works against and suppresses anything from the other political party, the Republicans. And it’s not only the social media, but also the mainstream media. And you know what? They are stupid to put all of their effort in one place, because the reckoning will come and will dismantle the social media as it is now, and the mainstream media as well.

Also this website is shadow banned. How do I know? The website reported web traffic was dramatically reduced when social media were applying shadow banning conservative websites. For me that’s okay, because for me personally it’s like therapy and not a commercial enterprise and I really don’t make any effort to attract website traffic and page views.

Another issue is that right before the major midterm elections, the social media are increasing the efforts to banning one political party and all its sympathizers. They openly try to interfere with the elections in the United States. It’s not that they didn’t do that before like this, I remember several elections they tried to influence in Europe too.

What happens now?

Let me tell you honestly that I’m not worried about what’s going to happen with the social media. Why?

  • Do they really think that this can continue as they are doing now? No.
  • Do you really think that they can stop one political party from winning the elections? No.
  • Do you really think that the social media are getting away with it? No. They get dismantled.

Within a year the people who are working at the social media companies will be looking for new jobs. Within that year, the social media as we know will be something else, are broken down into regulated parts and not so excited as they are now.

But it’s not only the social media, who will suffer this. Also the so called mainstream media will suffer the consequences.

Mainstream Media

Newspapers and magazines don’t have a bright future in the media world. The sales of physically published media like newspapers and magazines went down dramatically over the years and many newspapers were bankrupted and stopped publishing. Why? With the dramatic rise of the Internet of course. But the mainstream media have a solution for that and invested massively in their Internet presence. And mainstream media are just like the social media, political tainted and prefer only to report news about Democrats and socialism, and only publishes negative propaganda-like articles about Republicans and conservatives. It’s now so bad, that the mainstream media and the journalists are the least popular and trusted source of news ever.

And there is another thing what the mainstream media and social media are not considering. Before they were separate entities, now they are all the same.

When the purge will start against the social media and the dismantling and regulation starts, the mainstream media will be dismantled and regulated as well.

Now again, the question, what now?

It’s about time that the conservative media hits back, before it can be silenced permanently. It’s about time to think and to apply what I always call risk management.

Meaning the identification, evaluation and prioritization of risks. That needs to be followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities.

Before that, what are the risks normal websites are taking being conservative?

  • Banned from advertising on social media and even the Internet
  • Banned on social media.
  • Any financial service (like credit card processing and the like) will refuse them.
  • Blacklisted on major ‘public’ websites.
  • Removed from all major search engines.
  • Their website provider will remove their accounts and physical presence from their web server.
  • The risk that their domain names will be removed or refused.

Except the last point, the removal of the domain names, everything else is manageable. The right to use a domain name is the organization charged with overseeing the name and number systems of the Internet. The name of that organization is ICANN. Only ICANN can take a domain name away, when the domain owner is acting in “bad faith”. What it actually means with that is that the owner of the domain name is not using it, but can this rule be ‘expanded’?

How can the conservatives protect themselves from the purge of the social media and mainstream media?

This question is actually really simple to answer:

To invest in a technical infrastructure for conservative media.

That’s it.

Practically it means the following:

  1. Money. Meaning an investment (not a gift). And not even so much money for that. But it’s essential that the organization, who’s managing such initiative is and stays independent, so no financial or political or oher connections to anything.
  2. A dedicated powerful web server, which must be physically located out of reach of the American (and European) authorities (in case the Democrats and the left take power in the US).
  3. Offering any conservative website website provider services.
  4. Offer financial services (like credit card processing and the like) for any conservative website owner, independent from the existing ones.
  5. Offer marketing services to all the conservative websites being hosted.
  6. Guaranteed freedom of speech.
  7. Alternative independent comments services, similar like the Disqus, only truly independent and free of the so called PC (Political Correct) – restrictions.
  8. Alternatives for the social media, like alternatives for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr and the like

If organized correctly, it means that the financier will earn his or her money back in a record time. It also means that the existing conservative sites pay for their hosting a fraction of what they pay now. It also means that additional services can be provided to the websites and to the people visiting such sites. It also means that conservative websites can make a living without living in fear to be blocked.

It also means that the current social media, neither the American authorities, neither anything or anyone else can do something about the conservative websites being hosted by this initiative.

The technical people under us will argue that internet providers can block the IPs of the conservative websites easily. The answer is that equally the initiative takers of such undertaken can easily change the IPs of those blocked as well and alternative domain names can be created on the fly as well. When such thing happens, then it’s relative easy to use tools to circumvent such undertakings, just like he Chinese Internet users doing it with the Internet blocks from their authorities.

And a nice payback

I still remember the statement of a movie several years ago, which said “Burn Baby, Buuuuuurn!

Well, if the conservative media indeed can move to such undertaken in a safe way, and remove themselves collectively from the mainstream Internet presence as it is now, the current social media and the mainstream media will be in for a very bad awakening.



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