End of Socialism and Communism

In this article we are talking about common sense, logic, without going into the technical details. But first some basics. Our population (national and worldwide) is divided into three parts:

  1. Children
  2. Workers
  3. Pensioners

Children and pensioners aren’t paying taxes or pensions or social security. Children are too young to work and older children (suppose to) study. Pensioners are receiving their pension, and in principle, they don’t work, so they don’t pay taxes, just like our kids. The workers though are (suppose to be) working and when they do, they pay taxes. It’s the only group in our population who pays for the children and pensioners and themselves … and the medical care for all, and the social securities, social welfare, infrastructure, army, the government, etc. etc.

And thank God on our knees that those who are working are also the biggest group in our population. The people above 65 years old is 14.5% of the total American population (or 46.2 million). There are 74 million minors (or 23% of the American population). That means that 62.5% of the Americans are able to work.

But there is a clear trend going on worldwide. In the EU, the average birthrate is with the average woman 1.6 children and in America this is 1.8. That’s low. And it becomes lower. The number of births in the US dropped by 2 percent between 2016 and 2017, to 60.2 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44, continuing a general downturn that started with the Great Recession of 2008. It’s the lowest the fertility rate has been in 30 years. This trend is also actual all over the so called developed world, especially in Europe.

I need to stop here with giving you again numbers and percentages and the like and that makes this article longer and … well, more boring. Let me explain it in plain language:

We are all in serious troubles. For many of us, we are already dead, except we don’t know it yet.

Let me spell it out for you.

  1. Too less children is great, but that means when they will or suppose to take over from the workers, there will be too less workers to pay for the bills, children and pensioners
  2. Too less workers means too less taxes for the country, and that means that the country can’t pay the bills anymore and it means that country goes bankrupt (goes default)
  3. Too many pensioners because of better (medical) care is great, but it cost much more then ever and requires more taxes

So we will have a serious problem. And with common sense, we all can predict what that will mean in the future:

  • Abortion? Forbidden. A child is more worth then its weight in gold and now a precious national resource. It will also be a very bad time to be a woman, because she will, when above the 16 years of age be forced to get babies (4 or 5 each).
  • Medical insurance? Gone, only private insurance if you can pay or bad luck. But there will be medical insurance for children and elderly (in pension).
  • Want to go on pension? Ah. Sure, but only when you’re 80+ or 90+. And when you do, don’t count on your having a good time in your Golden Age.
  • Heavy criminal? No jail for the sucker anymore, death penalty. No money for jails any more.
  • Social welfare? Sure, it’s still there, but strongly reformed. The old European ‘Poor Houses’ will make a very strong appearance again. When you can’t fin a job or can’t keep one, or you’re asocial, or you have problematic behavior problems, there will always be the “Reeducation and Care camps”.
  • Education? Still there, but if you don’t produce a high enough grade, you’re going to work. And if you think to study social studies, they will not be there anymore. But you can plenty study subjects, which are productive for society when you’re finished.
  • Child-labor? Yep, that’s coming back. For any child NOT going to school, they will work. So everyone between the 16 and 80 or 90 years of age works, the rest is a child or on pension.
  • Unemployed? Okay, tragic and you will be put to work, if you like it or not
  • Borders? For sure there will be and they will contain those beautiful walls to keep everyone illegal out … and everyone in (especially those who are working).
  • Immigrants? Where? Buy them if needed, but those will be a rare commodity. And when they are finally in the country, they are not coming out anymore and will work for the glory of their new homeland. Yeah!
  • Taxes? Be prepared to pay 80%+ when you work and you will work when you’re healthy and between the age of 16 (when you don’t want to or can’t study) till your 80 or 90 years of age or older.
  • Robots? Yes. Be prepared that many jobs will be taken over by our artificial bothers. Why? They are cheaper, they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and don’t require pension, medical insurance and don’t drink coffee and complain.

Finally, what does have all of this alarmist stuff to do with socialism? Everything and nothing.

Socialism stands for production, distribution, and exchange owned or regulated by the community. Or someone also labeled it like “spending someone else’s money”. That doesn’t match with the things mentioned above (like women become baby machines again, forbidden abortions, etc.), but socialism stands for big government and high taxes  Welfare and education will not be a right, but more of a duty; any failure means extreme measures and even expulsions.

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