Why is America Playing the World’s Policeman?

War it’s not a movie, but actually much worse then Hollywood ever can come up with.

Over time, many people wonder and complaining what the USA is doing in Syria. The same for any other hotspot somewhere on earth, which is not America. They complain bitterly why this all is needed and why the Americans need to play the world’s policeman. Here comes an example of what started in the Middle East resulted in the caravans and increased illegals coming into the US from its southern border.

  1. The Islamic spring happened
  2. Resulted in the civil uprising in Syrian (and many other countries like in Egypt, but ignore it for the sake of this demonstration)
  3. The civil uprising was taken over by extremist Islamic forces
  4. ISIS was born during the so called ‘civil uprising’, spreading its influence in the Middle East and an increase of terror attacks worldwide
  5. Russia interferes in Syria and has a partnership with the besieged Assad.
  6. Assad starts to bomb and kill its own population until they (those who survived) formed huge streams of refugees (millions of Syrians), who were driven straight over the borders to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. After that mass exodus of the refugees, he stopped the bombing on that scale. It’s an old effective strategy to keep your enemies at bay or overwhelm them
  7. The refugees went straight for Europe and managed to overwhelm it.
  8. That ‘triggered’ (or someone did) the massive refugee streams coming from Africa. Those streams went to Europe as well, further helping overwhelming and destabilize Europe.
  9. In South America, the stream of illegals entering the USA in slowly increasing numbers
  10. Currently we see the first caravans launched with thousands of South Americans heading towards the USA

There were American forces in the Middle East. But on top level, they (the Military Commander of the American Armed Forces Obama) made several blunders. If those blunders were not made, those weaponized refugee streams would not have happened.

  • President Obama made a crucial error (between point 5 and 6) by not acting on the violation of his ‘red line’.
  • President Obama and the Senate refused to fortify the southern border of America, with as results that America is wide open for the weaponized refugee streams (from point 9)

This is an example of the usage of the presence of US troops all over the world. They are there to protect America against threats, directly or indirectly.

  • For example the US military presence in Afghanistan. Everyone knows what will happen when the US will pull out its military presence there. The country will be overwhelmed by extremists. And that means a situation exactly the same as right before 9/11 and logically wise you can expect multiple 9/11 type of attacks on US soil.
  • The NATO. If the US will pull back its troops out of Europe (and even the NATO), it is very likely that multiple wars will break out. The power vacuum will be too much for the Russians (just like what happened in Iraq when the US troops were pulled out), and it’s very likely that the US gets dragged into those multiple wars, if they like it or not. Just like the situation during WW1 and WW2.
  • The Middle East. Pulling US troops from the Middle East means for sure multiple wars raging throughout the Middle East. A nuclear power Israel will be attacked for sure as well and the likelihood for the development and production of Iranian nuclear weapons is much more likely. Iran is a terror(-supporting) state. The chance that Iran will use its nuclear weapons is more then likely. And for sure the US will get attacked with nuclear weapons as well.
  • Africa. There are multiple US military forces in Africa, mainly in the form of special forces. They are there to confront ISIS related terrorist organizations. If the US will pull out its forces there, we will all see several African nations taken over by the ISIS, starting mass killings and genocides on large scales (in the scale of millions of people slaughtered) and a strong increase of worldwide terror attacks on massive scales, just what happened when the ISIS got their Islamic State, but very likely on a bigger scale.

It’s actually a simple chain reaction. When somewhere something happens, and it has to do with advanced terror (ISIS), with imperialistic tendencies of a nation (like Russia and China), use of forbidden weapons (like chemical) (Syria), the development of nuclear weapons (like North Korea and Iran), it will lead to serious global problems. It’s also the work of American troops to keep America safe.

America can do two things (in the extreme):

  1. Do nothing. Wait until its violence reaches the American shores because of the targeted attacks on the US (like the ‘refugees’ on the US southern border or watching the out of control local and global wars raging everywhere in the world).
  2. Act and stop it before it it becomes worse. That means fighting on foreign soil.

Think about the American role in world’s affairs as saving billions of people’s lives and stopping bad actors to perform its evil. It’s the extension of the promise made by the allies right after WW2: “Never again.”

I always wondered why Presidents age so fast at the moment they are sworn in office. For sure I would not be able to sleep as well with that responsibility. With that extreme workload, people like the American Presidents and their teams are heroes, not villains and criminals (as the bad actors like us to believe).

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