Midterm Elections: What Is Coming

Death to America Slogan
Death to America Slogan
Death to America Slogan

The Republicans just lost the House of Representatives. Now that the Democrats control it, not one piece of legislation will pass that is on the President’s agenda. The Democrats intend to mount a non-stopping offensive against the President. First, they are going to demand that Mueller go on the attack again. They are already demanding the President’s tax returns. Their plan should be obvious: to keep the President “backpedaling” and the economy faltering, in order to set the stage for the 2020 election. The three-party system of checks and balances are with this abolished. The democrats obviously don’t want to govern at all.

That’s the obvious plan of the Democrats. Do they have a point? Can they actually block or work against the three-party system of checks and balances (both houses of Congress and the President)? Can they take the American government hostage?

No, of course not. Anyone thinking like that is an ignorant.

First of all, we’re talking about a highly effective combatant Donald Trump. He has multiple options available to him, which easily bypass the Democrats if they are acting like a bunch of spoiled children or attempting to hijack the government.

If the Democrats are blocking the legislative process, that’ll mean that anything the Democrats want will be blocked too. And that means only one possible outcome: bypassing the Democrats and the House of Representatives.

The intentions of the Democrats to block any legislation supporting the President’s agenda passed for the two years is simply a wet dream. Loads of legislation will be passed and there is no need for the House of Representatives or the Democrats. You’ve ever heard about executive orders? You’ve ever heard about the ex-President Obama, who did exactly that. And his predecessors as well. That trend of massive amounts of executive orders started actually with the Democrat Bill Clinton and that trend continued since then.

So what’s left for the Democrats using the House of Representatives? Ah. They can start investigations about … let’s say anything, from the color of Trump’s hair till his shoes and they can start hundreds, maybe thousands or millions of them each day, week or month. That will never go anywhere, because they need to go through the Senate, where the Republicans have the majority, where the bogus ones will all be blocked. And not only that, the Republicans and the President have the same powers without those restrictions.

What would be the response of Trump and the Senate?

  1. A Senate investigation of the Clinton Foundation.
  2. A Senate investigation of Hillary, the bathroom server.
  3. Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner and their shared computer.
  4. Subpoenas for every email.
  5. Prosecution of every FBI and DOJ official who played fast and furious with the rules.
  6. Subpoena Maxine Waters’s tax returns.
  7. Subpoena those of her husband.
  8. Subpoena Obama’s college transcripts.
  9. Subpoena Richard Blumenthal’s military records.
  10. Subpoena the financial records of Dianne Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum.
  11. Subpoena records in California regarding the intimate relationship between Kamala Harris and former California political boss Willie Brown, who elevated her as she moved from the bottom to the top.
  12. Subpoena records and investigate how Loretta Lynch ended up on the same tarmac at the same time as Bill Clinton.
  13. Bring back Lois Lerner and investigate the Obama IRS.
  14. Investigate Fast and Furious.

The differences between the investigations of the Democrats and the President and/or Republicans is that those from the Democrats will go nowhere, but from the President and/or Republicans will go all the way. And why is that? Simple, those launched by the Democrats are only politically motivated, not based on any fact, but those from the President and his party are in fact serious accusations.

Meltdown democrats

So, what’s left for the Democrats? Anarchy. Lawlessness. Violence. Cheating and manipulations. Lying. Revolting. Trying to setup states against states. Damage America internationally. Assault the financial institutes, businesses, trade. Radicalize anything where they have power. Expand their power structures everywhere in America. Attempt to destroy the economy. Radicalize education and stir students to revolt. Radicalize blue states and cities under Democratic control and the list goes on and on. It’s the only thing what the Democrats can do and that they will do.

1 thought on “Midterm Elections: What Is Coming”

  1. I guess it is a matter of simple debate. Right now it looks like you are the true enemy of the United States of America and it’s Constitution. hmmm. Sticks and stones and all. How stupid can you be to think that Liberals who created this great nation, who caused the revolution against England would be the enemy. Right now our Country mistakingly has a lying, cheating, womanizing, draft dodging pos in the White House. That should be fixed in 2020, but even if it isn’t, the people who are suffering most are those who are trump’s base. I for one make way too much money to be hurt by trump. Crap he would more likely invite me to Mara Lago then some idiot that loves him. trump’s legacy will single him out. He will be recognized as the one, the one who most disgraced the Presidency.

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