Are we under a biological attack?

There are two main problems with the current global problem about the coronavirus. First, it’s the creation of the coronavirus itself and second it’s the transformation of an aggressive epidemic into a global devastating pandemic. Whoever or whatever is responsible for the birth of the coronavirus, is inflicting serious physical, psychological, economic and social harm on the world. The economic activity of the world is put on hold, in turn causing a huge dent on the local economy of many countries as well as in general, the global economy.

Biological warfare
Biological warfare

The virus was developed in the Wuhan Virology Lab from where it was carefully deployed or it came from the so called wet markets near that Wuhan Virology Lab and started to infect the Chinese population targeting 0.001% of the Chinese population. The Chinese government had deliberately censored information and hid the early warnings given by Dr. Li Wenliang, who was, in fact, reprimanded and initially punished by local authorities in China.

With other words, was the Coronavirus being manufactured as a biological weapon?

Strategically, the use of the Coronavirus as biological weapon is perfect. If a country like China, who showed strong imperialistic urges, is looking for a way to enforce dominance, a biological weapon is the best choice. Conventional warfare is messy and a country like China is not strong enough to do that and win. Chemical warfare is too much localized and not effective. Nuclear warfare works, but it’s very likely that everyone gets destroyed. No, a careful applied ‘scheme’ to apply such strategy using a biological agent is the best.

Bio- and chemical warfare
Bio- and chemical warfare

China deployed the virus in China itself to shift any possible suspicion, swallowed the virus impact, and arranged the spread outside its borders.

You think it’s a strange, outlandish theory? Maybe fear mongering? Well, FYI, that’s why India sues China for many trillions causing this. They claim that they have proof. In a Texas Federal Court a $20 trillion lawsuit has also been filed against China for waging a Biological war, alleging that it unleashed the coronavirus as a bio-weapon upon the world. And here is another very interesting article, where a Chinese defense minister had his secret speeches, stating that China must weaponize viruses.

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