Coronavirus Updates for April 10,2020

Growth rate of infections last 10 days, April 10 2020

Updated statistical data (April 10, 2020)) about the coronavirus for 21 countries: Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, Spain, UK, USA, Russia, Belgium, Iran, Brazil, Australia, India, Egypt and worldwide. What you see here in red is not good, in green is great!

I update this page each day up to! You can download the data at the bottom of the page.

Tomorrow this page will change and include countries with medium till large virus infections. That means that the time of update tomorrow will move up, because it takes a whole to process all those countries!

Corona status
Corona Status
Corona Status Details
Corona Status Details
Growth rate of infections last 10 days, April 10 2020
Growth rate of infections last 10 days, April 10 2020
Highest increase infections the last 10 days, April 10 2020
Highest increase infections the last 10 days, April 10 2020
Lowest increase infections the last 10 days, April 10 2020
Lowest increase infections the last 10 days, April 10 2020
  • If a percentage is lower as 100%, this means that there are fewer new infections reported compared with the day before.
  • If the percentage is equal to 100%, the same infections are reported with the day before.
  • If the percentage is greater then 100%, this means that there are more new infections reported compared with the day before.
  • The last numbers are inserted to the spreadsheet (see below page) at 04:00 GMT.

Monitor Mortality or infection rate

Monitoring the number of newly reported infections (per day or time period) is a better method then monitoring the new reported death (per day or time period).

The mortality-rate in a (local) area is much (extremely so) higher when a big part of the population is part of the high-risk group (low-immune system, elderly, weak, etc).
The infection-rate is independent of the composition of the population; everyone gets infected, sick or not, healthy or not, old or not.
Monitoring the newly reported death offers a distorted picture and does not indicate the true increase or decrease of the pandemic. It’s simply common sense.

Here is an example of a high number of death. Italy. At the 8th of April, Italy counts 17,669 death, 139,422 cases, 95,262 infected people and 26,491 people who are recovered. The mortality rate for Italy is 12.67%. The recovery rate is 19%. Italy is behind the projected recoveries with -64%! They managed to test 807,125 people, which counts as 1.33% of their national population.
But Italy is full in recovery mode! Why? 18 Days ago, Italy reported their record number of newly reported infected people. From that time, that number decreased.

Taiwan counts 5 death and a mortality rate of 1.32%. It’s also in recovery (since 14 days).
Russia counts 63 death and a mortality rate of 0.73%. It’s absolutely not in recovery (yesterday the highest number of reported infections)!

To link the number of death to any statistical model to determine the true state of the virus infection is utterly foolish.

Graphical history of infections

Who is responsible for the pandemic?

China. Without any doubt, the finger can be firmly pointed at China only.

Read this article for more information about the legal challenges China will be facing very soon.

The virus originated from China, beginning in November 2019. From there it spread throughout the country and the world. China falsificated and manipulated the vital data, which is normally used to determine the thread level for any country and region in the world. For that reason only, China is responsible to allow this pandemic go out of control, causing directly worldwide destruction of lives, health, communities, economies and the social communities. This pandemic threaten the existence of countries and communities all over the world.

There are many rumors about the actual role of China and its role about the creation of the virus. One set of rumors is about the origin of the coronavirus as natural, the other set of rumors is about the origin as artificial.

The part of the last set of rumors claim that the Chinese authorities decided to unleash the coronavirus as a biological virus, targeting the world. To avoid suspicion, they started to unleashed the biological weapon on themselves. That’s an act of war.

If the first set of the rumors seem to be truthful, or the second set can’t be proven, the fact that China profits from the pandemic is obvious and points very strongly to an act of war against all countries.

Infection-, cure- and mortality-rates

The rates, which are provided by the various authorities are … nonsense. Why?

Next to China, North Korea, Russia, Iran and probably other countries, the actual numbers of newly infected people, people who are cured and people who died are probably accurate. Organizations like the WHO and others, filled till the brim with money and scientists are producing beautiful (and political correct) rates for those infected, cured and death people. One percentage for all. One ring who rules them all. One percentage, which say it all.

The only thing what they do is telling and showing the world how far they are from reality.

In Italy, the number of elderly are so much more compared with countries like Israel. In Israel, there are many children, but their medical facilities are not that what the Israeli authorities claim (look at the low recovery rate (4.93%) compared with other countries (world average is 20.49%) and they have a problem with the infections raging through their religious population. In the Netherlands they were simply too slow to take serious measures against the infections and they also have a large part of their population, which is above the 60 years old. In the US, their concentrated areas of infections are by default mismanaged for years. The common thing they have is that those areas are administered by Democrats. In China the situation is totally different. That country is ruled in a pyramid structure, where fear and oppression rules, also for them the ‘saving their face’ is very important.

In all of those countries we will see different mortality and recovery rates. And all of them because for different reasons, because each country is different.

There is a strong connection between a higher recovery rate and lower infections for many countries (not all of them, like with Spain).

Virtual media and Coronavirus

Here follows a short list of websites, which report the statistics about the current pandemic.

  1. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research – Our World in Data
  2. Coronavirus Update (Live): 81,000 Cases and 2,764 Deaths from COVID-19 Wuhan China Virus Outbreak – Worldometer
  3. Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV)
  4. GitHub – CSSEGISandData/COVID-19: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases, provided by JHU CSSE
  5. Dashboard Coronavirus COVID-19 (Mobile)

Further you can statistics from sources like CDC, NCBI and WHO.
Get the latest public health information from CDC: .
Get the latest research from NIH:

Furthermore, those – so called – professional websites with statistical data and statistics from organizations like the CDC, NCBI and WHO give wrong and misplaced interpretations.

  • For example the transfer rate of the coronavirus is not represented with only one percentage, but it’s locally bound, and differs from country to country, city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood, community to community, family to family and even house to house. The transfer rate in Italy is so much higher than that in Taiwan. Their information published on the internet is misleading.
  • The mortality rate is also not correct. The CDC, NCBI and WHO come up with a range for the mortality rate between the percentage and three percent. This is also wrong, because the mortality rate is locally based. For example, the mortality rate in Italy is 11.90% and the rate in Israel is 0.43%.
    • If the coronavirus hits a retirements home, the mortality- and infection rates will be very high.
  • The incubation rate is not 14 days, but it ranges between the 2 and 24 days, again, depending on the location, climate, population density, health and age of the host bodies, etc..
  • Coronavirus statistical websites regularly publishing incorrect and inconsistent data on their websites (human error or not). Also their historical data is multiple times changed!!!!
  • Coronavirus statistical websites like to put the focus on the “Total cases” and “Deaths” with many cases “Recovered” as afterthought.
    • For the sake for the normal common sense user looking for relevant information, those websites publishes misleading information. “Total cases” represents an interesting number for scientists, statisticians and medical researchers, because they represent historical data, not relevant data at all.
    • For the perspective visitor, they are in the need to know what the actual situation is.
      • For example, how many people are infected (Active cases). Or how many people are cured (Recovered).
      • How many people died (Death).
      • When does it stop?
      • What is the status of the pandemic: still getting more sick or getting better?
      • How well does their local government perform during this pandemic?

A pandemic like the corona-virus pandemic, has the following:

  1. Start – The date that the first cases (infections) appeared
  2. Peak – The date that the highest number of cases (infections) appeared
  3. End – The date, that the last case (infection) appeared.

For example, country X saw its first infection at February 1, highest number of (daily) infections (100) was March 1 and at the first of April the last infection appeared.

The above is an example.

  • The label “Cases” (infections with many websites reporting Coronavirus statistics) is not interesting, because it contains all infections, death and cured people. This number is interesting for people studying pandemics and/or statistics.
  • There are three modes for a country during the corona pandemic:
    • Growing infections – Each day you see the highest newly reported infections.
    • Peak – The day with the highest number of newly reported infections.
    • In recovery – Each day there are less newly created infections reported, and the peak has occurred at least 10 days previous.

All this data is collected and calculated with the help of an Excel spreadsheet, which you can download below here. I try to update this page as long as the coronavirus pandemic runs around the world, including the spreadsheet.

If someone wants to have the spreadsheet in another language (like German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic or Dutch, let me know).

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