Corona and America – Recovery kicks in

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Eight days ago, the US had its highest number of newly infected people recorded (38,432 people). Since then he number of newly reported infections went down. Also the “days to double no. of infections’ went up from 5 to 9. Also the US leads the world by far with astonishing 2,832,539 tests, an average 149,948 tests per day. The expected exit date is 22nd of May 2020.

Measuring the number of death for statistical comparisons is not suitable, because the numbers related to death is locally related. The number of infections are not locally related at all.

Daily statistics for the US
Daily statistics for the US
As you can see, the number of death peaked at April 10 with 18,747 (increase with 2,063) and from that date it went downward with less increased numbers (2,063 – 1,830 – 1,538).
The number of newly reported infections peaked at April 4, 2020 and from that day on that number went down.

After the Democrats in America were complaining about everything (what has to do with what President Trump is doing, no matter what) and specifically testing, America is testing until now 2,832,539 people, or 0.86% from the American population. That number is enormous, but compared with the number of people living in America, it only covers 0.86% of its population. It also indicates that the American authorities are very active in fighting the coronavirus.

The medical facilities and resources do not match the number of people who are recovered.

  • In the US, the recovery rate is 5.82%.
  • 32,634 people are recovered (April 12, 2020). But this number suppose to be 142,344 (according projected numbers).
  • The American medical resources and efforts must be rated as -77%. The world average stands on -40%.

A pandemic has two stages:

  1. From the first case till the peak (of new infections). I call it stage I.
  2. From peak till the end (no new infections). I call it stage II.

At this moment, America passed the peak (and hopefully there is no other peak) eight days ago. According my system, when this continues for 10 days, then the country is in my eyes officially in recovery. Reason for the ten days ‘trial’ is because some countries might get a setback within this period.

It took America 74 days till it reached its peak (world average is 46 days). And looking at the above image, we still have 41 days to go until the coronavirus is firmly under control.

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