Looming personal disasters are waiting for us …

Microscopic magnification of coronavirus that causes flu and chronic pneumonia leading to death. 3D rendering

From January 2020 the coronavirus was raging through China and from there taking shape throughout the world. After a very long time of ignoring the approaching disaster, the various governments took finally charge to fight against the coronavirus pandemic by means of isolation of their citizens (sick or not) and by bringing the economies to a halt.

So far, so good. Millions of people are now sitting at home, following the instructions of their governments and hope for the best. Many of the people are home for a month, some of them even longer! Most of the people still have money to buy to necessary things like food, but there is a fast growing group of people all over the world, which resources are running out. Hunger is waiting next!

The end of the pandemic?

The economy and corona
The economy and corona

The pandemic is slowly reducing its exploding growth throughout the world, we can state that the pandemic is now in the process of being reduced to … something, which can be controlled (whatever that means).

We can expect that if things continue like this, we’re talking about half May, begin of June 2020 that the pandemic can be controlled.

And there is a danger of the second wave of infections! I mean only one person needs to carry the virus and the whole corona-virus-thingie will restart again. Governments know and fear that, and that will be the reason why the governments will open the economies gradually; that’s the reason why the governments will still enforce restrictions on us (like what they call social distancing) and that might take many months!

The looming disaster

We have the governments and we have the ‘normal’ people, the citizens. Those are the people who are funding the governments. Those are the people who are paying for their salaries, their cars, houses, clothing, families, and much more. Without the citizens, there will be no governments, no country … and yes, not even the coronavirus.

Many governments run unemployment schemes and that’s great. Except that the unemployment only pays a fraction of the citizens’ original salary! And the bills, like mortgages are not stopping, neither the bills for paying of old loans, payments of credit cards, financing the cars and TVs and mobile phones and old vacations, furniture, schools, internet, telephone, utility bills, and the list will go on and on. And be reasonable, you can’t demand the government will pay for those expenses. No, you can easily pay them yourself by working.

Poverty – Photo by James Frid on Pexels.com

But they (governments) don’t allow most of the normal people to work. No, the governments like to lock their citizens up in their homes. And in May or June, the governments will come with some master plan, which they will allow their citizens back to work, gradually. The first wave may go to work in June, the second wave in July, the third a month later and you get the picture.

In the mean time the money runs out for many people, the banks and creditors are taking what’s left and hunger kicks in.

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