Wrong approach of fighting Corona-pandemic; trillions of damages for nothing!

The scientific models from our scientific community proves to be wrong; totally overblown! The detection-isolation model of fighting the pandemic proofs to be wrong too! Three countries proves to do it much better with their way to fight the pandemic without shutting down schools and the economy! Read here to see the proof.

How I collect data

I collect raw data about the coronavirus, which are published by the various sources, which are also being used by the scientific institutions and the various websites, which produce the daily coronavirus updates for everyone to see, like the worldometers, gisanddata, azurewebsites, ourworldindata, World Health Organization and CDC, ECDC. Look for the download page to download the data and spreadsheets.

Many scientific institutions and organizations are using that data to feed their scientific models. I use that data to display it in different ways.
The difference is that there are many overblown and contradicting scientific models and I produce simply the raw data organized in days, weeks and months.
It seems that the United States have adapted this method of monitoring the pandemic as well.

Methods to fight the pandemic

The WHO and many scientific institutions and organizations have published and strongly advised that the only way to handle the pandemic is by detection (testing) and isolation. Preemptively, they also advised to shut down the economies to avoid additional infections and wait until a vaccine is developed.

Most of the countries did so, some of them to the extreme, others less so. A few countries refused to do so. Those countries are Sweden, Taiwan and South-Korea. The UK also refused to follow the advise of the WHO, but they gave in to enormous pressure.

Bad advise

And now we come to the moment in time to present you the report of the results to far:

  • In Taiwan, the last 16 days they reported one person died because of complication caused by the coronavirus. Taiwan is in full recovery mode. The mortality rate is 1.51% and the recovery rate is 34.68%.
  • In South-Korea, the last 9 days they reported a few death (3-8 death). South Korea is in full recovery mode. The mortality rate is 2.12% and the recovery rate is 72%.
  • In Sweden, many cases of death caused by the coronavirus. Sweden is in recovery mode. The mortality rate is high: 11% and the recovery mode is 3.19%. It must be noted here that the Swedes do not update their numbers about recovery anymore for some time.

If you compare the numbers (the data) with the rest of the world, there is no difference between them and the rest of the countries worldwide. Maybe in the cases of Taiwan and South-Korea it’s different, because they are already reaching the end of the infections, while the rest of the world not yet.

The global trend all over the world is that we are slowly go into recovery mode. With other words, there are now globally (except a few exceptions) fewer newly reported infections then before.

There are no differences between those three countries, which refused the methods of the WHO and the scientists, and the rest of the countries doing what the WHO told them to do. Except one thing:

Those three countries have still their economies. The rest of the world not!

Talking about getting bad advise!

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