I never saw such incompetence in my life

Listening, watching and reading news about the coronavirus makes me sick. Not about the virus and the pandemic, not about the infected people, not about the death, no, the incompetence of the governments and the people who are working for them. And not to forget the vicious and destructive media and those who are making quick dollars from the coronavirus and the dark, dirty and disgusting politics and the politicians.

This 2020-pandemic does one thing for sure. It displays for the whole world to see the incompetence and ignorance of those who are in charge. Those people in charge don’t know a thing about what they are doing. The (too) many political appointees in key-functions have no idea what they are fighting against. They also have no idea where they get the right people to tell them what to do. The only thing they know is how to cash their salaries and any kind of money they can get their hands on. If you would replace them with a goat, it would instantly improve the situation.

It’s unique in the history of humankind the display of stupidity, ignorance and incompetence on a global scale, causing the world tens, maybe hundreds of trillions of dollars in damages, which could easily be avoided by proper management and leadership. That’s the monetary damage, but the damage in the form of unnecessary deaths, economical hardship, economical downfall is beyond believe.

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