Russia, the corona love-child

Putin tired of winning, until ...

For 12 days we saw record number of infections appear in Russia. You see, making fun and producing a fake picture of their fight against corona will come to bite you in the behind, and that’s what exactly happened with Russia. Words will take you so far, but the coronavirus doesn’t care about words, only simple truth and infections.

One thing is good. After President Putin woke up and came back to reality, he started to take charge and indeed Russia is fighting the virus with everything they have. You can see that on the tests.

Also for 6 days a record number of deaths were reported.

In Russia, we saw 27,938 people die caused by the coronavirus. FYI, flu caused 52,147 to die in 2017.

Russia has a 8.2% recovery rate and a 0.8% mortality rate and their double-infection days is five. Compared with other countries, There are many other countries doing it much worse, except that today (the numbers are from yesterday) Russia is one of the five who is in phase 1 (from the 50).

The reason for this increase of infections and death varies from country to country. In the case of Russia is because the Russian authorities allowed the virus to fester; they underestimated the number of infections.

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