Why does Africa, South America and Oceania have so few coronavirus infections?

From all current infections, Europe carries 43.5% of them, Northern America 41.5%, Asia 11.3%, South America 2.6%, Africa 0.9% and Oceania 0.2%!! From the number of death, Europe carries the ‘honor’ of 63.4% of all death worldwide, Northern America 25.2%, Asia 8.5%, South America 2.1%, Africa 0.7% and Oceania 0.05%. The recovery is he best in Europe (50.4%), Asia (30.3%), Northern America (12.9%), South America (4.8%), Africa (0.84%) and Oceania with 0.83%.

Africa, with a population of 1.2 billion people and 16% of the world population, only carries 0.9% of all worldwide corona infections. Isn’t that strange? South America, with a population of 422.5 million people and 6% of the world population, carries 2.6% of all worldwide corona infections. Isn’t that strange too? Let me put all the data in a list:

  1. Europe, 44% of all infections, 63% of all death, 50% of all recovered, 47% of all tested.
  2. North America, 41% of all infections, 25% of all death, 13% of all recovered, 22% of all tested.
  3. Asia, 11% of all infections, 9% of all death, 30% of all recovered, 24% of all tested.
  4. South America, 3% of all infections, 2% of all death, 5% of all recovered, 4% of all tested.
  5. Africa, 1% of all infections, 1% of all death, 1% of all recovered, 1% of all tested.
  6. Oceania, 0.23% of all infections, 0.05% of all death, 0.83% of all recovered, 2.49% of all tested.


Maybe because Africa doesn’t have the medical infrastructure like you see in Europe to detect infections? Maybe. But what about Asia, South America and Oceania? Their medical infrastructure is much better then that in Africa, not?

What about Asia? A continent where 60% of the world population lives with 4.46 billion people, and they carry 11.27% of all worldwide infections, while Europe only carries 10% of the world population carries 43.53% of all infections at the time of writing. And don’t tell me that the medical infrastructure is superior in Europe then in Asia! That’s absolutely not true, maybe the opposite in big areas in Asia.

No, the likely reason for such high number of infections and deaths is the way how Sweden, Taiwan and South Korea are handling the virus. It might be true that Africa doesn’t have an advanced medical infrastructure to detect the infected people, and so they don’t/can’t treat them.

And what does that say?

It says that the coronavirus is destroying itself without any help.

And don’t tell me that the coronavirus can’t find any new hosts, because that’s not true as well. In Africa live about 1.2 billion people, from whom 13,440 people are infected. There are so many more people living there. In even the huge availability of so many potential hosts in Africa, the virus is slowly infecting less and less people in Africa.

This is another indication that the WHO gave the wrong advice to treat this pandemic the way they do. Or with other words, the Europeans and North Americans gave up their economies for nothing. What a joke.



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