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I discuss those countries, which have corona-problems. From the 50 countries I monitor, seven countries have problems with record number of infections yesterday. And then there are countries, which will likely have new explosions of infections very soon (today, tomorrow).


Brazil counts 20,366 infections (not cases), mortality rate is 6.44%recovery rate is 38.16%.

There is a reluctant recovery, but the number of new infections are not stable.

In the second line (increase of new infections), the cell with the red background displays the highest record number of new infections so far. The cells with the light-red and dark red numbers indicate the second and third highest record number of infections in Brazil. The cell in black with the red numbers indicate the record number of new death reported.

It’s likely that we see a new peak in the common days.


Egypt has a problem with testing. They don’t invest enough to find out where the infections are. They tested 55,000 people (they claim), which is about 0.05% of their population. The default is 1.38% (Iceland has 12% of its population tested). Also they are behind in recoveries, which indicates problems with the medical infrastructure. But even with the problems, they managed to have a 23.12% (which is below the average 29%) recovery rate. Their mortality rate is 7.39% (which is above the 5% average).

You see that the reports for testing is random and the numbers specifically suspiciously rounded perfect. Also in the last five days you see four peaks (of newly reported infections.


In the last three days, there were two peaks of newly infections and two peaks of death. Several days ago, Canada was nicely in the recovery phase, but the peak at April 17th broke that trend and now they are back to the beginning. Now it’s day 1 of the shaky recovery and we must wait if this trend continues.

Even with the unexpected peaks, its performance numbers in this pandemic are not bad:


The numbers in Finland do not display instability with extreme ups and down of the newly reported infections (line 2), but a reasonable study rise. It went up with 90, 97, 76, 132, 120, 192. Also the last nine days we saw three peaks of new infections and three peaks in the number of death.


India is a huge country with a population almost the same as China (India has 1.38 billion citizens and China has 1.4 billion citizens). And India is not ‘doctoring’ its numbers. With such enormous population, it’s a miracle that India has so less infections and death reported. It proofs that they really work well to battle the pandemic, better then most of the countries.

The mortality rate is 3.31%, lower then the average, but still not critical. The number of tests are too low (only covering 0.03% of the population). The average is 1.38%!


The last nine days, Mexico got four peaks in new infections and three peaks in the number of death.

That might have to do with the efforts the Mexican authorities invest to fight the pandemic.

They tested 0.04% of their population. But on the positive side, they have a recovery rate of 30.04% (compared with the average of 29%, this is really good). The mortality rate is high though with 8.67% compared with the average rate of 5%!


Russia is or turns out to be a special case; the corona-love-child. Anyway, the problem with corona-Russia as easily to see here:

Such increase we saw in other large countries at the beginning of the infections. Now it’s happening in Russia when most of the countries in the world have their number of infections decreased and is in stage 2 (recovery).

And then we have the extra bad luck for Russia.

The last four days, there were four peaks for the new infections and three peaks in the umber of death.

There is a backlog in the number of recovered people. Russia suppose to have a recovery rate of 29%, but it has instead a 8.31%. The mortality rate though is surprisingly low with 0.85%. A very positive development is the testing, which covered actually 1.26% of the total (large) population.

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