Did the scientists again advised everyone wrong?

Staying home during pandemic

Weather prediction is nice, but actually it’s hardly science. The same with the prediction of the pandemic, also nonsense. And why? Science is the intellectual and practical activity about the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiments. That’s what is science. But predictions you leave at the tarot readers or the occult or magical believes.

The same with weather. How many times did you try to make an experiment with the weather prediction to see if they have it right. A simple comparison between predicting sunshine, while it’s raining or opposite. I did that as fun, but after a while it gets boring for me, because many times they got it wrong. Under the burning sun it was stated by the weather forecast that it was raining and cold. In Holland they predict rain with the words “hier and daar”, meaning “here and there”.

And it looks like that we have the same problem with the pandemics. Of course we have. The governments asked the scientific community or those scientists working for the government how many beds, buildings, materials, doctors, nurses, medicines, etc. they need for the first time frame, let’s say a month and how many for longer term, let’s say three till six months. Also they asked how long the pandemic will take and how many people infected and the expected mortality numbers.

And promptly they got their answer. With loads of drama and theater, their answer was hundreds of thousands of beds, 5 times more hospitals than there were, tens of millions of masks, doctors, nurses, it will take at least a year, no, it will take forever, no, it will take six months, three months, no, idiots, six years. And how many people get infected and die? Well, that’s easy! Millions! No, billions! No, hundred million, no, 80% of the world population, no, we’ll be wiped out, we all die, etc.

Now we’re in the fourth months of the pandemic (we started counting in January, but the coronavirus actually started in six months ago), and globally we see that we have less infections, and that we slowly glide into a strong recovery.

All those scientific predictions didn’t come true, not a single one.

And that’s a problem, a very serious, costly problem. It cost he world trillions of dollars, millions infected and hundreds of thousands of death. The policies created by the politicians and leaders of countries were/are based on those scientific statements and advice. Must I need to say, WRONG advice!!!!!?????

How to do different?

That’s easy and don’t need to have many words. Simple, do nothing. Let the virus burn out.

Voila! There you have it. No prediction, not some mad scientists bugging everyone on national TV, no presidents or political parties. Great. And the great thing is that it works too.

Oh, by the way, I’m afraid no vacation at home because of the corona, everyone keeps working and the kids go normally to school.

Work from home because of corona
Work from home because of corona

Then you might ask where does it work?

All over Africa, Oceania, big parts in Asia and South America and further it works just fine with all those people infected with the coronavirus, and those do not show any symptoms and have also anti-bodies against the virus and so immune.

You’ll see that this statement is true over time if you don’t believe the current signs all over the world.

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