How many pandemics we all suffering from right now?


Well, we have the Chinese virus (or corona) pandemic, and we’ve the constant running (bacterial) pneumonia pandemic. What exactly are we talking about? With the coronavirus, we have about 1,200 people dying … worldwide and daily. With the pneumonia we have about 7,000 people dying … worldwide and daily. Something wrong with our perspective, or is it only me?

Before the coronavirus came in the open, we had for many years pneumonia and influenza between us, each year. In 2017, there were 2.56 million people dying because of pneumonia, 30% of the death were children (about 800,000 children)!

Each year, 35.5 million people get sick of influenza. That’s 97,260 people sick of influenza per day.

That’s a lot of people dying. And they say that the coronavirus pandemic is worse! How is that worse? Because they are saying it? Or maybe they get more government funding if hey can run the show? That’s more likely.

Let’s put those numbers in perspective, shall we?

At April three and four, the number of new cases and especially new infections were dreadfully high (247,262 new infections that day, followed by 10,457 new infections. You need to realize that in average, each single day means 97,260 new influenza infections! And we’re not talking about pneumonia and other infectious diseases!

And please answer my question I have. Do we close down our economies because of pneumonia and/or influenza? Do we force people in their houses and lock them up because of the pneumonia? And why do we hear every second of the day the name corona, but rarely we hear about pneumonia, but more people get infected by pneumonia and not to forget the 2.56 million people die from it?

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